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June 02, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Friday Poll

  • by: Colorado Pols


24 thoughts on “Friday Poll

  1. Is it too late to add Bob Schaffer’s name to the list?
    I know, I know, I just need to go and work it out of my system. It’s just that I’m having a tough time with BB as THE ONE. I’ll probably get over it.

  2. Given the pretty record of polls that attempted to predict election outcomes on this board, things don’t look good for BB, and he’s going to have more problems raising money than he expected.

    Being a Tom DeLay protege won’t help anyone this year.

    On the other hand, maybe all this says is that BB has better name recognition and more people know him than know Ritter. Can an aggressive, negative campaign turn this around? Yes, unless the other side has more amo than you do, and I think Ritter has a lot more amo than BB, because Ritter really doesn’t have much of a record to attack. He will be attacked as the candidate of the left, but will that be enough?

  3. Bill Kaufman, among other staunch “traditional” Republicans, is endorsing Bill Ritter.  BWB would be wise not to ‘misunderestimate’ the anger and disgust in the Republican business community at his (non)stance on Ref C.  Look for a sizeable “Republicans for Ritter” campaign as we head toward fall.  And no, this is not just wishful thinking on my part–Kaufman and others of his segment of the Party are increasingly on record as opposing BWB.

  4. Look for a sizeable “Republicans for Ritter” campaign as we head toward fall. And no, this is not just wishful thinking on my part

    I don’t see this as wishful thinking.

    Delusional is more like it.

  5. They must get a written permission slip from Martinez to use the name Republican.  That word is owned by the Colorado State Party.

    Just ask Ryan Call.  He will tell you!

  6. Now wait a minute here. BB is attacked (correctly) as being in the middle. A Republican who is not the candidate farthest right in a primary, and can be attacked from the right as being too liberal on spending issues. And now we really believe Republicans (knowledgeable ones at least) are going to throw their support behind Ritter?? This is not California. We do not have to be thankful and supportive of a liberal GOP Governor, or some kind of moderate Dem Governor if Mr. Ritter can pull that off, just because that is the best (the only possible GOP hope to be elected) of all the bad alternatives. Colorado is not a blue state. While I would like to see Marc Holtzman become Governor, I absolutely cannot, will not and shall not cast a vote for Mr. Ritter. Delusional is definitely more like it.

  7. Hadn’t thought about that issue with the word “Republicans” as we were already forming a Republicans for Lord here in HD21. Have to come up with another name – also, any moderate Republicans in El Paso County looking for a candidate, come talk to us at

  8. I have heard Bill Kaufman speak to the issue of how the Republican Party has been co-opted by a combination of stringent anti-tax crusaders who want to, essentially, do away with virtually all governmental services other than National Security; and religious zealots who, per Kaufman, told him personally that (a) if he didn’t accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, he needed to get out of the Republican Party; and (b) that only persons who accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior should be able to hold public office; and (c) that their first priority if they obtained control of the government would be to make it clear that Christianity is the national religion of the United States.

    When I heard Kaufman discuss this, he was calm, yet angry.  And it sounded as though there was a burgeoning movement among “traditional” Republicans to take their party back. In the interim, Kaufman said that the Republican party as it is presently constituted deserves to lose in both Colorado and Washington.

    These statements don’t come from some kind of closet Democrat.  No one would call Kaufman a progressive.  He’s a pragmatist–one with whom I disagree on a substantial number of issues.  But, he recognizes that our form of government is a republic, not a direct democracy, and he also recognizes that Article VI of the United States Constitution states:  “but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

    So, delusional is a bit strong…

  9. This R is voting for Ritter.  I’ve had it with BB’s anti-Ref. C campaign against Colorado.
    Is it too late for the R’s to get another candidate with a positive message?????

  10. Mark Holtzman here, too.  No doubt ColoradoPols’ tongues are planted firmly in their cheeks on this poll.  It ain’t over ’till it’s over.  Besides, if it weren’t for Gigi and her functionally, selectively illiterate staff – and Lola for a running mate – Holtzman might actually have a shot.  Remember the days when plausible deniability was all about hanging chads?

  11. I’ve joined the ranks of “Republican’s for Ritter” and whole-heartedly agree with Bill Kauffman.  Our party has lost the right to govern for now — it’s time for a “time out”.  I can tell you that this little club isn’t going to be so little…..

  12. Farm Boy, respectfully, how in the world can you support Ritter if you are a Republican? Yes Bill Ritter is a decent man, would probably make a great neighbor, but you have the example of Governor Owen’s vetoes w/the radical Dem’s in control in Denver. Please rethink your position if you are a real conservative!

  13. RkyMtnRep, you have to say more than that. Which veteos did Owens make the stoped the radical Dem’s from having their way? He made about 30 of them, which ones are so radical. Surely you are not suggesting that after school programs and searching for alternative energy sources like ethanol are radical issues.

  14. You may well be right, but I do not believe that a third party has much of a chance in today’s political environment.  I fear it would take some drastic changes in the entire political picture in order to be successful.

  15. How can I still be an (R) and yet support Ritter?  Simple, I vote for the candidate, not for the party.  I am sick morons spouting crap like RINO.  Now you get the chance to win without my vote, chumps.

  16. My name is John.  And I am a “Republican for Ritter”.  I see that there is no twelve step program available for this affliction.  I do not believe Beauprez has a vision for the future, or at least he has not convinced me to share it. 

    Like Xonophon, I also vote for the candidate over the party.  Therefore, I will have to go with my gut.  I have met and worked with Mr. Ritter and found him to be an honest, moral man whose principles combine with his conservative position on abortion to make him a strong choice for the governor’s seat.

    Now if I could only determine Ritter’s position on illegal immigration…  The Ritter website’s issues page doesn’t even mention this as an issue.  Beauprez’s best shot is to expose this missing link early and often.

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