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August 01, 2019 07:02 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Without losers, where would the winners be?”

–Casey Stengel


37 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Last night I watched in a room of people under age 30.
    I was not the only older voter there, but I'm pretty sure I was the only one who voted in a presidential election in the 70's. Or 80's.

    No one cares that Joe Biden did something somewhere before they were born.
    They like Senator Harris and don't understand why anyone would question a prosecutor and AG who prosecuted people for committing crimes.
    They don't understand what Senator Bennet is saying.
    They take Andrew Yang seriously and like the way he thinks, no matter the robot jokes.
    No one knows Secretary Castro.
    Deblasio, Inslee, Gillibrand, Booker, Gabbard – there should be fewer candidates in the debate.
    They like Mayor Pete. A lot.

    They think campaigns – and the debates – should be more about ideas and policy and less about 'zingers' and debate bs.  (This is what everyone says, but no one watches ideas and policy.)

    They all claimed to be registered and definite voters. I sensed they might believe GOTV should be an app. They know it could.

    They were phone-ing or laptopping, but not here and not in a disruptive way.

    They were serious and engaged. Not drunk or high.



    1. There is a lot to like about Mayor Pete but he wasn't in the Wednesday lineup.

      Why would anyone take Yang — I'll pay you $1,000 a month for your vote — seriously?

      Inslee, on the other hand, is the only one seriously trying to head off environmental catastrophe.

      Otherwise I pretty much agree with your assessments.   Most of this crowd will miss the cut for the next round of debates.  

      Biden, Harris, maybe Booker will move on.  The rest will get a participation trophy good for free french fries if you buy a quarter pounder with cheese at mcDonalds.

    2. Gail Collins’ summary of the two nights debates:

      On the other hand, you had 20 candidates, and at least a dozen or so seemed as if they’d be pretty good chief executives. And 20 of whom would be a huge improvement on the status quo.

      . . . Let’s keep in mind what’s really most important here people, huh?

    3. I'm donating a whopping $10 to Michael Bennet because we need a moderate voice supporting expanding and improving ACA along with a public option rather than Medicare for All. 

      He's not inspirational.  He blew his chance to tout  E Verify which was a critical component of the Gang of Eight's comprehensive immigration reform.  He won't be president or vice-president, but he deserves more time to deliver a moderate message that will be supported by moderate Dems, independents and Never Trump Republicans.

      1. Likewise, I want his voice on the public option as an enhancement to ACA (which is where I think we’ll end up in spite of the valiant efforts of our junior senator to destroy the ACA)

    4. GOTV is an ap. The Democratic voter database, VAN, has a smartphone /android ap called “miniVAN”. It replaces the wad of papers and clipboards canvassers used to have to lug around, and also replaces hours of data entry, since canvassers update it after each door. 

      The desktop version can also be set up to make robo- calls, do phone banks, and track in more or less real time who has turned in a ballot (though not how they voted, ct fans).

      none of this replaces the impact of a real live person on the doorstep, or the phone, or registering voters at the mall.

      1. no one wants anyone on their doorstep or calling them on their phone – unless they are in sales , and even then

        VotReg still works ok. But in CO- most people don't want the form – they're happy to go online

        Under 40 the world is not what most people think it is.


  2. Very well written article about the Democratic Race so far by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone. The Iowa Circus. His take is, "They’re gonna blow this again."

    The top Democrats’ best arguments for office are that they are not each other. Harris is rising in part because she’s not Biden; Warren, because she isn’t Bernie. Bernie’s best argument is the disfavor of the hated Democratic establishment. The Democratic establishment chose Biden because he was the Plan B last time and the party apparently hasn’t come up with anything better since. Nothing says “We’re out of ideas” quite like pulling a pushing-eighty ex-vice president off the bench to lead the most important race in the party’s history.

    1. I'm still baffled as to why the youngest voters are so smitten with Ol' Bernie. He's old enough to be at least their grandfather. He's light-years behind the high-tech world they live in. He reminds me of George Bush the Elder marveling at the grocery scanner.

  3. So, unless something changes quickly, neither Hick nor Bennet are going to make the next debate.  If that proves to be the case, do they stay in or get out….and if he gets out, does Hick jump to the senate race?

    1. Good question.  It doesn't matter what Bennet does.  But Hick will probably miss the second debate because of low polling and poor fund raising.  Yeah, still plenty of time to switch to Senate.  I'd prefer Alice Madden if I appointed the Senator.  But Madden lost last outing, Romanoff struck out his last two times at bat and Johnston finished a poor third in a three way race.  So, drink a toast in Fracking fluid to the guy most likely to beat Cory.

      1. I agree that Hick has the easier path to the Senate.

        In Romo's defense, he always seemed to pick the wrong race to run. In 2010, he ran a primary against a nominal incumbent whom the White House made clear it supported. While Andrew may have had the support of Bill and Hillary, that did not carry much weight in Colorado. No big surprise – Thurston won the primary.

        Fast forward an Andrew decides that 2014 is the year a Dem is going to displace a long-time incumbent pseudo-moderate GOP representative. 2014 was not a good year for Dems in Colorado – you can ask Mark Udall. No big surprise – Romo was not able to close the deal in CD 6.

        2020 may be his best opportunity but he does have the history losing races.

        While I like Madden, I cannot understand how the hell she managed to lose in 2018 as the only statewide Dem candidate to go down to defeat.


    2. No…no…a thousand times no.

      Do you seriously think our favorite Frackenlooper will ACTUALLY DO anything to combat global warming?

      He is as oily as they come and not to be trusted.

        1. I don't read your comment as saying no one but Hick can beat Cory…amirite?

          So you would rather have an old Fossilonian with a habit of mendacity? C'mon, V., it is really his vociferous denial of socialism that trips your trigger, isn’t it? I believe there is more than one Democrat who can unseat the sniveling Kochworm

          I am just curious how he dances with The Orange Destruction and the Chuck and Dave Big Money Social Engineering Project at the same time. He has always had ethical distortion as a skill, but this situation must challenge even a consummate liar like our junior senator.

          1. Hick would beat Cory like a drum.  Anyone else is problematic.  I think your choice is Romanoff, who has never won outside of his heavily Democratic legislative district.  He lost a Senate primary to Bennet and a Congressional race to Mike Coffman. 

            Ideally, I'd like the brilliant Alice Madden.  She just lost a statewide race for CU Regent.

            Mike Johnston just finished third in a three way primary.

            See why I like the Never beaten hickenlooper?  A good man who will beat Cory is better than your heart throb who would probably lose.  

    3. I think he does not because he does not want to be Senator. He recognizes his own abilities and strengths and will avoid getting drafted to a position he would not be particularly great at filling other than as a seat warmer.

      If he does run he'd win, though with a bigger fight than he faced from the Republicans when he ran for Governor. Both times the Republicans managed to put someone up against him who was much less competent than Corey.

  4. NEW: Backers of John Hickenlooper formed a previously unreported super PAC in April.

    That makes him 3rd 2020 Dem with a super PAC (Booker & Inslee, too)

    More curious tidbit: ME Smith, Hickenlooper's campaign manger post shake-up, had been involved with super PAC, per sources.

    — Shane Goldmacher (@ShaneGoldmacher) July 31, 2019

    Shared Purpose PAC

      1. Not difficult at all.
        Liberty is a giant cable company.
        Christy Walton inherited a lot from her father: Sam Walton (you know, Wal-mart).
        Michael Smith is an oil and gas mogul, the Chairman and CEO of Freeport LNG.

  5. I've sent $100 to Amy, $50 each to Elizabeth and Kamala.

    My theory is that male politicians have screwed up this country for 400 years. 

    Let the women screw it up for a while.  Even if they don't do any better, we'll at least get a little variety.

    1. I just matched your $100 to Amy. I'm going to pass on Elizabeth and Kamala – for the time being. Mayor Pete will probably get his $100 tomorrow.

    1. We can sequester 4x the amount of carbon dioxide/per acre/per crop cycle compared to a mature forest. It's like a CO2 sponge (which is what gives it its long-chain fibers) 

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