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July 30, 2019 02:01 PM UTC

Who Will Be the Democratic Nominee for President?

  • by: Colorado Pols
Who fills this spot in 2020?

With the second round of Democratic Presidential candidate debates kicking off tonight in Detroit, we thought it would be a good time to ask this question one more time before the field inevitably starts to shrink. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and California Sen. Kamala Harris were running neck-and-neck in our last poll, but do Colorado Pols readers still think these two women are at the top of the list?

As always, we want to know what you think will happen here — not what you want to happen or who you personally might support. If you had to place a bet on the outcome TODAY, who do you predict will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2020?

We don’t want to take up the entire screen with this one poll, so you’ll have to cast your vote after the jump…


Who Will Be the Democratic Nominee for President in 2020?


44 thoughts on “Who Will Be the Democratic Nominee for President?

  1. The results from this week of no holds barred debating will be Harris and possibly Biden.  But, Biden and Sanders will be on the spiral into the ground ending, their generation gliding into Forest Lawn. (Yes it is my generation, but I do not think like they do – give me the "Squad" AOC all the way!

    Warren will be on top, with hopefully Harris following.

  2. Tonight will be the face-off between Left and Lefter.

    Both Warren and Sanders will promises everyone all sorts of nice things. Because his candidacy is now circling the drain, I expect Bernie to go all in with his agenda. Warren will be the more restrained of the two.

    What will be telling is if he will maintain some degree of dignity, or start screaming about the rigged system and Warren’s role in perpetuating it.

      1. Well, since you brought it up…..

        I would not have a problem with Jill Stein if she wanted to run for the Democratic nomination. They could place her snugly between Bernie and Warren on the left side of the stage. All the center/left to left/left candidates should compete for the nomination on one party.

        My complaint about Stein – and Nader – is that they siphoned off enough votes to allow the popular vote loser to win the electoral vote. And it very well may happen again next year. (Maybe not with Stein or Nader but some other Green spoiler.)

        1. Those votes you refer to belong to voters, not the party.

          VP Gore ran a weak campaign and ignored issues that voters wanted to hear about. Nader spoke to those voters (and Florida created a wacky ballot).

          Senator Clinton ran unusual campaigns primary and general and ignored states and voter issues. And the Regan Democrats fell for Trump.
          She lost PA, MI, OH and WI.

          The lesson is painfully obvious – go to the voters and campaign on what voters want to hear about. Jill Stein wasn't the problem.  Bernie supporters were not the problem.

          The Clinton campaign blew it.  And blaming hard working Americans for wanting better jobs and financial security is only going to divide the left again. 
          Like driving in Rome, what's behind us doesn't matter.
          Trump stinks is not a winning campaign strategy. We wouldda, couldda, shouldda won last time except for (wtfe) isn't either.

          You want to beat Trump?
          Stop whining and do the math

    1. So wait to scold and henpeck us about hypothetical third party vagrant voters until we’re closer to the big E2020. As far as I can tell, no regular posters on here ever voted or contemplated voting for Jill Stein. I’m the closest to it, and all I did was hear her speak once. Her allowing herself to be used by Putin to help Trump win was naive at best, and open to darker interpretations. 

      When there actually is a credible Green or 3rd party candidate, when the Russkis gear up on social platforms and start telling young new voters or old disenchanted radicals that nothing matters, all are equally corrupt, might as well vote your conscience, then your reminders about Nader and Stein and whomever might, possibly persuade young voters that they should vote for the boring moderate candidate with all the corporate donors, instead of voting pure or not voting.

      Until then, expect some mild twitting from us about your dire predictions of progressive doom. You certainly twit back plenty, at me anyway, and I expect that you don’t actually need V to come rushing in to defend your honor. He’ll do it anyway, being V, and try to stir the pot. But I’m willing to stop teasing you about your Stein obsession if you’ll hold that thought until there actually is a new 3rd party threat.




      1. "Scold" and "henpeck" are not politically correct. You have already enlightened on that and those words have been added to the Index of Forbidden Words. (I already knew about "henpeck" but thanks for informing about "scold.")

        As for "no regular posters," I suppose that depends on your definition of "regular posters." We have had the posters known as Dusty Puppy and James Dodds admit to voting Green.

        "I'm the closest" to having voted for 3rd party candidate – of course you are. As V. likes to say, "It's always about you, MJ."

        You do raise one valid point, MJ. There currently is no 3rd party threat. Let's hope it stays that way.

        1. So that’s a “No” then, on holding off on dire warnings about 3rd party voters until there actually is a 3rd party candidate to warn about. Oh well. It was worth a shot. Expect pushback on your progressive-bashing – and V rushing in with his weird attacks- as usual, then. 

          Ps. James Dodd, dustpuppy, and several others were bullied and gaslighted off this board, by V.  They don’t even lurk anymore. So if you’re trying to reach them, don’t bother. It’s too late. 

          1.  POLS did not ask a really relevant question ("Who will be the Democratic nominee for President?"). 

            The better question would be: "who can beat Trump and the dark money machine?" I don't see many of the current heart-throbs of the far left, within the list of candidates, being able to do that.

            MADCO said it best: "stop whining and do the math." Who can appeal best to the rust belt voters who went for Obama and then went for Trump in 2016?

          2. For somebody who repeatly whines that she is ignoring me, you are sure firing up the hectoring machine, M.J.  

            i can't really claim credit for blog burnout.  And Dust Puppy's politics and initials suggest Death Pigeon may not be unknown to him.

            but Ride of the Valkyries just plays on and on.  Someone in the world is someone who disagrees with you and must be silenced!

            onward to left-wing glory you go.



            1. I too wondered whether Dust Puppy and Death Pigeon were one in the same. I don't recall ever seeing the two of them in the same place at the same time.

              But Death Pigeon seems to be brighter than Puppy, and IIRC, Puppy did once refer to himself as "himself."

              1. Dust Puppy was quite infrequent.  Death Pigeon, while sporadic, goes Nova when they writes, covering the page with almost mj-vian numbers of posts.  Dust Puppy may well have an earlier manifestation of a person admittedly struggling with a number of mental conditions who is on a voyage of self-discovery.
                They are a bit high maintence but generally have a good heart. I welcome their addition to our merry band. (Okay, MJ is a grouch, so make that our mostly merry band.)

                FYI, dust Puppy once said they were deaf.   I'd love to learn more about that perspective, so if they are the same, I'd invite them to do a diary.  

                Blogs would seem perfect meeting grounds for deaf and hearing people to meet and celebrate our common humanity by pooping on Poddy Dirty Panties in his cubicle at the farm services office.

            2. Dustpuppy and deathpigeon are two different people. I don’t know for sure why dustpuppy left, but it was after a long period of tirades and put downs  from V.

              James Dodd, who is a social media friend, explicitly said that he left Pols because he was sick of Voyageur’s gaslighting. Btw, he probably didn’t vote Green- he was some variety of communist, and said that he was not a Democrat.

              I get that it doesn’t matter what I post or comment- you’ll always attack. It really doesn’t have much to do with me, but with whoever lives in your head- probably the ghost of some mean teacher 60 years gone.So you just keep on nurturing those resentments and I’ll just keep on researching, reading, commenting, and writing diaries.

              My life is good these days, comprised of adorable little babies and flourishing gardens, new and old friends, singing and writing and organizing. I have no time for your weird vindictiveness in all that.

              1. That is malicious and untrue, MJ.  I  barely dealt with Dust Puppy, who mostly dealt in ludicrously optimistic political predictions And I would like to know your "proof"  that they are different people.  Death Pigeon said the initials DP meant something to them, as if a former name had those initials.

                As to Dodd, you defame him as a communist.  He was an actual anarcho-syndicalist, a rara avis indeed.

                Google it.  Or read George Orwell's Homage to Catalan.

                The reason your resentment of me has grown so out of bounds is that I not only stand up to your bullying, I defend some of your other targets, like CHB or R&R or Pear, all of whom stand between your goal of imposing some kind of ideological purity on this board.

                Do they need my help?  Of course not. But their very existence irritates you because it belies your notion that if only you could silence me, then all would kneel before Zod.

                You even scolded Alva for disagreeing with you on the Lakewood anti-growth ordinance, because how.could a master of Jeffco politics dare disagree with an Eastern Colorado resident who has now been back in Lakewood for two whole months!

                And you scolded me for saying you scolded Alva, because that's sexist, even though Wikipedia reports hundreds of men were convicted of the English common law offense of being a common scold.  The usual penalty was just a fine, btw.  

                Anyway, I'm glad your life is good.  So is mine.  Though it would be better if you ever actually kept your promises to ignore me.

                Just FMI, how do you manage to play "Ride of the Valkyries" on those bongo drums of yours?

                1. Ah, sweet projection. Can you hang anything on yours? Oh, wait, you just did. 

                  Ask James Dodd yourself why he left. He isn’t hard to find on FB, or look him up in the phone book. And death pigeon already told us they didn’t know who dustpuppy was. I can’t tell you how I know that they are different people.

                  CHB and R&R seem to be holding up well under my “bullying” ( which I call arguing, refuting, and  political discourse.) They even put up straw men of things they think I’d post or opine on, so they can devastatingly refute them, when I don’t post for a while. It’s touching, really.

                  I don’t have anything against either man, although we obviously have our political differences. They don’t have your same vicious streak, or penchant for character assassination.

                  We are fundamentally on the same side. Even you are, although a stranger reading this blog would figure we are mortal enemies and find all this bizarre and baffling. For the sake of that stranger, we should all abide by “Alva’s” request to stop with the personal attacks already. I will.




                  1. And exactly when will you stop the personal attacks, La Pomposa?  Will the five venomous sallies in your last post do it?  Or do you need a few more scolding points for your hectoring league? And, yes, CHB, R&R and your other victims easily refute your tirades, which are usually mathematically indefensible as well as ill-humored.

                    But tell me, if you really know Dodd that well, how did you call him a communist when he is an anarcho-syndicalist?

                    Do you really not know the difference?  

                    ¡Vaya con nachos!

        2. Sanders won the COlorado primary (more delegates) Clinton won Colorado in the general.

          Colorado third party voters were irrelevant in the last presidential election cycle.
          They were last relevant voting for Don Maze or Tom Tancredo – whoever claimed the ACP nomination

          1. Sanders actually won the Colorado caucuses, not the Colorado primary which did not exist between 2004 and 2016.

            Third party voters in 2010 were irrelevant then too because even if you combine Tancredo's 37% with Maes' 10%, Hick still got between 52% and 53%.

            1. In 500 words or less, can you (or anyone) define the difference between Colorado primary or Caucus?

              Who got more delegates (not counting supers)?
              That person won.

                1. snif

                  So caucus doesn't count.

                  Winning delegates according to the Delegate Seleciton plan is winning. Anything else is …not

                    1. Two states, Washington and Nebraska, chose delegates by caucus — where bernie won a majority.  Then each had a nonbinding primary where real people were allowed to vote.

                      Hillary clobbered Bernie in both!

                      The left has disproportionate weight in caucuses.  Now that Colorado has gone back to a primary, I don't think mr. "Get off my lawn!" Will win many delegates.  

                       Elizabeth Warren might, however.

  3. Just a note on Marianne Williamson. I have heard her speak 3 times now. Each time I grow more and more impressed with her clarity and the areas of her focus.

    It seems she isn't being taken seriously, but I admire her point of view.

    1. Ms. Williamson is a well-meaning naif.  She has no relevant electoral experience, no evidence of running a large and complex organization, and an inability to censor herself (her first act would be call New Zealand?  Really?) She makes some good points — like the election is NOT purely about policies — among her campaigning.  She makes non-answers pretty well:  (from NY Times:  Do you think it’s possible for the next president to stop climate change?  “Climate change is the greatest moral challenge of our generation.”)

      Her top staff do not appear to have any previous experience running a national political or advocacy campaign. 

      Maurice Daniel…Campaign manager… was "Senior director of government relations, Human Rights First

      Eleanor LeCain…Policy director… was President, The Breakthrough Way, 2008-2019

      I'm not convinced she should not have run, nor that she should be the next to leave the race, nor even that she is the least qualified among the now 25 "major candidates."  But she should go back to being an "activist" sometime soon.

      1. …and she most likely will.

        I just find the different perspective refreshing. I am sure she will not be the nominee…for all the reasons you stated.

    1. It turns out my wife has a couple of her books.  She says she likes her writing.  But like he, she was a strong Hillary voter who currently likes, in order, Amy, Kamala and Elizabeth. 

      We've sent money to all three.  Amy just isn't catching fire.

      Let's see if Kamala rocks again tonight.  

      We'd both hate to see Biden nominated — too old, too frail, and he's folded like a cheap accordian in past presidential runs.

      But if he's nominated, we'll vote for him.

      Anybody but the Big Stink!


  4. I’m still Googling “malpractice by public officials” as Hick suggested to conclude that Donald Trump is indeed conducting public malpractice.


  5. And how will tonight's "debate" shift the results above (if there were to be a second vote after tonight)? I predict Harris will take a few more away from Biden.

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