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June 25, 2019 01:28 PM UTC

Buck Goes Cuck? GOP Chair Tries To Shut Down Polis Recall

  • by: Colorado Pols

Rep. Ken Buck (R).

We’re working to get more information about fresh reported infighting between organizers of a highly improbable recall effort against Gov. Jared Polis and Rep. Ken Buck, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. The above message from leader “Official” Recall Polis organizer Shane Donnelley is from late last week, the day after we wrote about a third Polis recall organization starting up with the goal of supplanting the two previous troubled efforts.

But as you can see, Donnelley isn’t saying Buck is merely against his Polis recall campaign. If Donnelley is to be believed, Colorado GOP chairman Ken Buck doesn’t support recalling Gov. Polis at all. That distinction is important, since during Buck’s election campaign for GOP chairman he praised recalls against Democrats in general and promised the state party’s support.

What happened? First and foremost, it’s generally agreed that the state party was badly burned by the ill-fated recall campaign against Rep. Tom Sullivan, which despite a lame attempt to distance the effort from the state party vice chair who started it severely impacted both the Colorado GOP’s reputation as well as the overall enthusiasm for pushing recalls in retaliation for the 2019 legislative session. While Republicans spent a month unsuccessfully defending the Sullivan recall, the passage of time dissipated momentum the recall movement writ large may have had last May.

Again, we’re operating from limited and unconfirmed information–but if it’s true that Ken Buck is working behind the scenes to quash the recall of Gov. Polis, it’s a major development that needs to be reported. What this tells us is that the failure of the Sullivan recall was a much bigger loss than Sullivan’s HD-37 seat would have been worth to the GOP had it succeeded, having effectively tainted the whole idea of recalls in response to the 2019 session. As we said from the outset, making Sullivan the face of the GOP’s recall movement was a stupendous mistake.

So it seems that, after winning his chairmanship pushing recalls, Buck may be backing down.


12 thoughts on “Buck Goes Cuck? GOP Chair Tries To Shut Down Polis Recall

    1. No matter what happens, the answer is Republicans are evil. 


      Thank you for admitting it.  As far as giving Buck credit, what should we give him credit for?  Buckpedaling?

    2. I give Buck credit for finally realizing that he needs to try to appeal to the Democrats and unaffiliated in CD4, not just those as extremely right wing as himself.

      He had to have seen how how those Democratic vote percentages have crept from 23 to 34% in 4 years of elections.

      I give him credit too for joining the War Powers Caucus with progressive Democrats to try to do Congress’ Constitutional role of limiting executive war powers.

      Other than that, Buck still walks and talks like a Buck – he claims he is “standing up for” domestic violence survivors by voting against funding the Violence Against Women Act (because it wasn’t a wet kiss to the gun industry by funding gun training classes).

      Mixed blessing, for sure.

      1. He knows a recall effort against Polis is a loser.  Polis has the bucks (pun) to spend circles around these Yahoos.  The recall gets crushed and the Repubs look pathetic heading into 2020.  The grifters might be able to lift a few bucks from the racist rubes but the rest of the voting public aren't going to be sympathetic to their cause.  Buck is smart enough to recognize the folly of their actions and as head of the state party try to head it off.  He is doing what he was elected to do, look after the state party.

    3. No, they are not.
      Lincoln freed the slaves.

      It's McConnel who wants to suppress the vote.

      See how it works?

      Be great, and a statesman, party doesn't matter.
      Be an anti-Constitution dick, and you are still a dick.

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