So, Uh, Casper Stockham in CO-6

Casper Stockham

Republican Casper Stockham has run two consecutive unsuccessful campaigns for Congress in Denver against incumbent Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette, so he’s trying something different in 2020. Stockham is shifting his sights eastward to challenge Democrat Jason Crow in CO-6.

We bring this up not only to prevent getting a bunch of Facebook messages from Stockham himself, but to again highlight the incredible shift in a district that had always been held by a Republican until Crow’s dismantling of then-Rep. Mike Coffman in 2018. As we noted in April when Crow reported raising nearly a half-million dollars in his first fundraising quarter as an incumbent, there has been very little buzz from Republicans about attracting a top candidate in CO-6.

Stockham seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s a perennial candidate for public office who is not a serious challenger to Crow (or anyone else in Congress, for that matter). After raising about $60,000 in his 2016 campaign against DeGette, Stockham’s fundraising dropped to a total of about $35k in 2018 — both figures are nevertheless significantly higher than we would have guessed before checking FEC reports. Based on voter registration numbers, Stockham is statistically more likely to win in CO-6 than in CO-1…though that’s sort of like saying you have a better chance of visiting Mars than Venus.

What we find most interesting about this story is that a right-wing radio outlet in Colorado considers Stockham’s candidacy to be “news” in the first place. Stockham’s presence won’t likely prevent a more serious Republican challenger in CO-6, but it does make things slightly more awkward for the GOP when they inevitably have to pretend that he’s not their real challenger to Crow.

National Republicans aren’t feeling good about taking back control of the House in 2020. We don’t blame them one bit.

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    Casper fighting hard to have more unsuccessful runs for the federal legislature than Andrew Romanoff.

  2. unnamed says:

    Stockham’s presence won’t likely prevent a more serious Republican challenger in CO-6


    Paging Mr. Edwards, Mr. Roger Edwards.  Your party needs you!

  3. mamajama55 says:

    Casper's a full-on right wing nut job. In this interview with PJ news, Casper muses that he, like Trump, would listen to any foreign "dirt" on his opponent, and affirms his enduring support for Trump. He subscribes to any and all conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.

    They also agree that "foreign interference" can only be physical interference with a ballot box election. Nothing else counts as interference.

    They laugh at several off color jokes about Biden giving a woman a breast exam, and call Mayor Pete "Buttplug". Nothing like those family values, and modeling civility, Casper.

    Jason Crow does not have much to worry about. I just hope that they have a debate. That would be fun to watch.


    • Powerful Pear says:

      I would counsel a candidate to not listen to foreign dirt. That is easily handled by a law firm, works for Hillary.

      Also getting laughs by calling constituents “deplorable “ just to get a few laughs is ok as long as the video doesn’t get out. OOOPS already happened.

      Any white man who challenges Casper will immediately be made fun of because of course white men can’t jump; an unfair advantage for Casper.

      Crow/Cortez all KOOKS, win or lose.


      • MADCO says:

        Counsel? Counsel?!!
        You blowhard – no one anywhere cares about your counsel.

        Donate and vote – that's all you're good for.
        So write your checks , cast your ballot.  Console yourself elsewhere that you cannot get elected.

        freakin' f'd up party.  Eisenhower, Dirkson, Lincoln, even Reagan – they would despise you.


  4. itlduso says:

    Jason Crow is doing an excellent job at community outreach holding lots of town halls, neighborhood meetings, etc.  similar to Ed Perlmutter.  That could dissuade any serious contenders from taking Jason on.

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    I googled … and found Casper describing himself on one site as "Coach." And then ….

    Congressional Candidate, CEO, LPR Graduate 2014, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Business Trainer, 6 SIGMA Change Agent, Financial Services Specialist, Business Analyst, Internet Reputation Specialist

    LPR is apparently Leadership Program of the Rockies, a right-wing leadership academy.


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