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June 20, 2019 06:47 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“When the shriveled skin of the ordinary is stuffed out with meaning, it satisfies the senses amazingly.”

–Virginia Woolf


24 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. "Over roughly the past dozen years in the United States, people have received about 126 million doses of vaccines against measles, a disease that once infected millions of American children and killed 400 to 500 people each year."

    Businesses, tourists and other states are avoiding Georgia because of their recent healthcare legislation.

    What would it take here?
    A measles outbreak?  A flu epidemic?

    I think it goes without saying if Ebola makes it here, or bubonic plague acts up, or we get the Cholera people will avoid Colorado.
    San Diego and San Francisco had hepatitis outbreaks and deaths, but it is unclear that it reduced terrorism.
    Disneyland had a measles outbreak, but the Mouse is still pretty popular. I worry about park staff – Disney won't require vaccinations for staff because DIsney won't pay for it.

    Vaccines work.

    The next step is for leadership to lead.
    The president should talk about how he has had the greatest vaccines, and his immunnities are the strongest. People demanding public release of health records for other candidates should start with an overall health summary – including vaccines. (Of course, this is a little politically advantageous for military vets who have deployed all over the world – we've been vaccinated for everything.)

    Governor Polis needs to protect Colorado health and business – and increase our vaccination rates.

  2. How much Colorado taxpayers will get in TABOR refunds depends on these two wildcards:  A ballot measure in November will ask voters a key question, and now lawmakers are talking about a special legislative session, too

    The first question is whether Democratic Gov. Jared Polis and top lawmakers will call a special legislative session to raise the TABOR revenue cap. Democratic leaders acknowledged Wednesday that it’s an option being discussed, and if it happens, it could substantially reduce projected taxpayer refunds for 2020.

    The second is a ballot question in November, Proposition CC, that asks voters’ permission to remove the existing TABOR cap on tax revenues, which would mean the state no longer issue refunds after next year.

  3. Everyone checking their drawers for t-shirts and garages for signs against war?  Drone shoot-down, with muddle of claims about location, seems likely to fit into Bolton's narrative about "never trust the Iranian mullahs." 

    After sending a carrier group and 1,000 troops to the region for "defensive purposes," any bets on what the next US response/escalation move is going to be?

  4. Of course Drumpf would give this idiot a Medal of Freedumb.  How many f* times does this reckless economic theory have to be debunked?  When we reach $30 trillion in debt? $50? Pftuit, would you chime in here? I’d ask PoddyMouth but I don’t think he’s done counting his tax cut savings quite yet.

      1. What exactly do you imagine that Nancy Pelosi is doing? What is the mysterious "plan"? What evidence do you have that she "knows what she is doing"?

        Other Democrats say that there is no plan. There is no 3D chess game on holding $rump accountable. And Democrats will lose elections in 2020 because of Pelosi's stubbornness on this issue.


        On AOC's "concentration camps" remark: What exactly do you call it when 250 children are crammed into a border patrol station without food, water, and sanitation – when migrants are jammed into a fenced enclosure so that, to survive, some have to stand up on toilets?

        Experts say this is exactly what a "concentration camp" is – that they are rarely death or extermination camps in the beginning. When thousands of civilians are detained indefinitely without trial, that is in fact a concentration camp. And yes, AOC knows what she is doing when she calls the camps what they are. Those who deny what is happening are the good Germans who will not look and refuse to see.

        I already know what your non-answer will be: Jilliots! LWNJs! People who agree with me are the only legitimate Democrats!

        1. You have so much more experience than the speaker of the House, MJ.  I only pray she still has time to learn from your superior wisdom.  Surely, the way to impress the American people is to echo the hijab lady's eloquent call to "Impeach the mother fucker!"

        2. Pelosi knew how to take minority party, recruit electable candidates, raise sufficient money and run on winning issues to get to 235 seats.

          MJ, are they gassing people in the detention camps? Are they turning them into lamp shades and soap?

          And before you go off on your self-righteous indignation, I am not defending the detention camp. The folks running the detention camps should be placed in them. But words have meaning. And AOC loses what little credibility she already has when overstates her case.


          1. So the words that AOC uses matter more to you (and to Pelosi) than the people who are dying (not being turned into lampshades – is that actually the criteria?) in the camps. You'd rather use the crisis to condemn AOC than to seek a real solution.

            What did you call the Japanese internment camps, where thousands were detained for years, their assets confiscated, and yes, many died? Were those detention, internment, or concentration camps, and would those words have mattered to those locked up in them?

            "Detention" is what you get when you're caught cheating on a test or ditching class.  These are not "detention" camps. 24 people we know of have already died in them.

            Would "internment" camps satisfy your word nitpicking? I expect to hear from you, R&R. V is going to butt in and attack me, because he wants a fight, but I'll ignore his hysteria and hyperbolic baiting, as usual.

            Meanwhile, NBC commentators, Esquire, and others are calling the camps concentration camps, or saying that the whole language debate is a distraction from dealing with unconscionable reality. Below is a recent photo of conditions Central American migrants are being "housed" in. What do you call it? Does it matter?

            AOC is correct to call attention to the crisis on the border. Pelosi is wrong to ignore it. And she is ignoring it- seeking a politically expedient response to Trump's policies, rather than addressing the humanitarian crisis. She and Schumer sent a letter to $rump asking for end to child separation.

            No condemnation of the "camps", no call for a return to Obama-era policies which allowed for asylum processing with a court hearing and an ankle bracelet, no visit to the border.

            I understand that Leader Pelosi has a lot on her plate. But I do expect her to lead on this issue, as on beginning an impeachment inquiry, rather than wait to see where the political winds are blowing, and then jump out in front.

            1. Yeah, all that damn fool did was gain 40 seats in formerly Republican turf.  She needs to listen to a kid who took a seat from another democrat but who never won in a red district.  And, of course, she should listen to blowhards on twitter and facebook.

              1. You beat me too it.

                AOC managed to win a district where a geranium with a "D" next to its name would have gotten elected. Quite an accomplishment. These are the people who should be making policy for the Democratic Party? Sure, if we want to get down to 175 seats.

                The LWNJs are doing to Pelosi what the RWNJs did to Boehner. The difference is that Pelosi has a better handle on how to deal with them.

          2. Concentration camps don't all include gassing people. When the US interred Japanese people in concentration camps, we didn't gas them, for example. Nor were Boers gassed in the concentration camps the British set up in the Second Boer War.

    1. Excellent. Another attempt by Rapin' Roy is p. much the only chance the Dems have of hanging onto that U.S. Senate seat. In the best case scenario, Rapin' Roy loses the GOP nomination (entirely possible, since even Trump thinks this candidacy is a bad idea) and runs as an independent or as the candidate of some far right whackadoo party. He'll siphon off a substantial chunk of white idiot (redundancy alert) voters, 68% of whom voted for Moore the last time around, giving Jones a real shot at reelection. 

    2. No, he is perfect running for the US Senate from Alabama.

      God, please let there be a couple of establishment GOP candidates who split the shrinking non-RWNJ faction of the party and allow Moore to make the run off!

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