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June 07, 2019 01:38 PM UTC

Cory Gardner on the Ass-End of History Once Again

  • by: Colorado Pols
Never fear, Cory Gardner is here!

(To get the full multimedia effect of this blog post, we suggest listening to “Ride of the Valkyries” in the background as you read).

President Trump’s threat to impose new tariffs on Mexico — which are widely considered to be an economic disaster waiting to happen — become reality on Monday. Naturally, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) boldly took action

…on Friday.

As Politico reports:

Gardner is raising the alarm about Donald Trump’s tariff threat just three days before the president’s proposed penalties against Mexican imports take effect.

The Colorado Republican distributed a letter to his Republican colleagues on Friday afternoon warning “current and proposed tariffs would negate all the economic benefits of tax reform” as Trump prepares to slap a new 5 percent tariff on Mexican goods that could increase to as much as 25 percent. The president has said those levies would go into effect on Monday without border reforms from Mexico aimed at stopping illegal immigration to the United States…

…Gardner’s missive comes as the GOP broadly frets about the effects the tariffs could have on the American economy and their constituents. Several Republican senators are warning the president they would vote to overturn the new levies, though Gardner has not explicitly said he would go that far. [Pols emphasis]

Gardner’s letter to Republican colleagues has all the political power of a letter-to-the-editor in a small town newspaper.

Whatever ends up happening with Trump’s Mexico tariff threat, the outcome will have absolutely nothing to do with Cory Gardner. And that’s exactly how Gardner likes it.


10 thoughts on “Cory Gardner on the Ass-End of History Once Again

  1. Friday afternoon to boot, zero spine.  Rump is probably hi on cheeseburgers and won’t notice before Monday.  You never know though, some of the *resident’s weekend rage tweets might be directed at Conman Cory.  

  2. Right now, I feel sorry for the Mexican people after their government has reportedly? (that’s with a question mark, because it’s our liar’s sadministration making the report — believe it at your own risk) capitulated to the orange diapered one.  

    If so, that’s the worst thing they could have done — I realize they’ve got a tremendous amount to lose if trump tariffs, more than the U.S. relatively speaking, but fuck, this is the tremendous lying pig who has never once kept his word, or upgeld an agreement (remember NAFTA?) about anything, ever.  

    Look for lying pig trump to make renewed and increased demands and tariff threats again next month, and again the month after, and again the month after that — whenever the next round of faltering jobs/economic/polls reports and/or  political expediency and/or tough-guy showmanship warrants . . . 

    . . . the orange toddler playground bully has been loosed.  (I was as hoping the Queen would have locked him away in some padded Buckingham dungeon. . .)

  3. The deal:

    After days of frantic talks to avoid Trump’s threatened tariffs, Mexico agreed to deploy thousands of its National Guard to its southern border with Guatemala to curb a rising flow of U.S.-bound migrants.

    The government also pledged to host more migrants seeking American asylum while their court proceedings are in progress — a program that was already underway, but in a more limited scope.

    There's no clear indication of how successful the National Guard might be.  And I can't find a specific idea of what hosting "more" migrants might be.

    1. Even better:  Talking Points Memo staffer wrote

      Most of the concessions that President Donald Trump extracted from Mexico in exchange for withholding his threatened tariffs were offered months before the most recent showdown, according to the New York Times.

      Though Trump is celebrating the deal as a major win for him, Mexico had already pledged to up its national guard presence in March and to rework the asylum policy in December.

  4. Sports writer Rick Reilly pegs it in his new book "Commander in Cheat":

    In the end, Reilly believes Trump’s brazen dishonesty in golf, politics and life not only sheds light on his essential nature, but also lays bare its tragic roots:

    “It’s all about filling up his continually leaking bucket of self-esteem,” Reilly said.

    1. Whether you call it narcissism or ego-stroking or propping up a fragile self-esteem, it's all the same. Trump props up Trump by doing things that ensure Trump is the name on everyone's lips while they're around him, and he measures his self-worth based on how effective he is at affecting others. He probably doesn't even admit to himself that he cheats, or if he does, calls it his privilege to do so; it's so engrained in his personality that it just happens. 

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