Democratic House Win ; What?!

Republican Ed Lynch, a 44-year-old West Palm Beach contractor, sought to make the race a statement on the health care bill in District 19, which includes parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Lynch had hoped public disdain for the health care bill and low congressional approval ratings would help him upset Deutch, widely seen as the front-runner. He lambasted the health care overhaul as a government takeover and the gutting of Medicare, while Deutch told voters it would provide immediate relief.

Lynch also slammed Obama’s stimulus bill as doing little to help the economy and called the president’s timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq “moronic.” Deutch said he would have voted for the health care overhaul and the stimulus bill and supports Obama’s Iraq strategy.…

I don’t understand how this could have happened. The R candidate picked all the right sides on all the right issues. His D opponent cooperated by siding with Obama and having all the wrong positions on the same issues.

This was well after healthcare passed, after the socializing of America, after Virginia and Massachussets and NJ, after the President announced the timetable for Afghanistan, and after the stimulus.

And after all that great fundraising Steel has done.

This must be a mistake. How could the liberal D get 62% of the vote? Isn’t that Limbaugh’s home district?

There must be someone that can be blamed.  Dang liberal media.

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  1. RedGreen says:

    which, unfortunately, doesn’t fit with the facts, either.

    Democrats have won the last 10 special Congressional elections. Now how’d that happen, and why is it a secret?

    • Laughing Boy says:

      The Dems are a veritable juggernaut this year.

      Emphasis mine.  All mine.  Mwah ah ah ah….

      That said, I think those who suggest that the House is barely in play, or that we are a long way from a 1994-style scenario are missing the mark. A 1994-style scenario is probably the most likely outcome at this point. Moreover, it is well within the realm of possibility – not merely a far-fetched scenario – that Democratic losses could climb into the 80 or 90-seat range. The Democrats are sailing into a perfect storm of factors influencing a midterm election, and if the situation declines for them in the ensuing months, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Democratic losses eclipse 100 seats.

      Consider that Democrats typically lead in the generic ballot, even if they do not gain control of Congress. In 2004, for example, Democrats led Republicans in 63 out of 72 generic ballot tests taken that year. Yet Republicans picked up a handful of seats in 2004 and won the popular vote by three points.

      This year, five different polling companies have put Republicans in the lead for the generic ballot in the last two weeks alone – one reason why Michael Barone calls this the worst polling environment for Democrats “during my 50 years of following politics closely.” The RCP Average has Republicans leading Democrats by 2.8 points on the generic ballot test. That should equate roughly to a 225-seat Republican majority (Republicans won the national vote by 5 points in 1994), which would almost represent a 50-seat pickup.

      • RedGreen says:

        But you’d think the Scott Brown and two governors’ elections were the only ones that have happened. They’re not.

        • Laughing Boy says:

          Ted Kennedy’s seat going R is a fart in the wind.

          Man am I going to have fun the last six weeks of 2010 on this blog.

          • sxp151 says:

            Who do you think will control the Senate in January? Care to place a bet on it?

            And I don’t think anyone thinks Scott Brown’s victory is trivial, but this election isn’t trivial either, and Bill Owens’ victory in New York wasn’t trivial either. All elections matter. Every politician is special in their own way.

            • Laughing Boy says:

              It would be like betting on the Superbowl before the season begins.

              The House is toast, but the Senate’s a little closer.

              I’ll bet you in August.

              • sxp151 says:

                Democrats won 9 seats in one election last time around (counting the Specter switch). Republicans won 10 seats in 1994 (counting the Shelby and Campbell switches).

                Get Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson to switch parties, and it shouldn’t be too hard to flip the Senate, if you really think Democrats are that unpopular.

          • RedGreen says:

            Who says Brown is a “fart in the wind”? It’s a big deal. My point is, that isn’t the only thing that’s going on at the polls.  

      • DavidThi808 says:

        Everyone talks about this Democratic bloodbath, but I just don’t see it happening. We’re going to have close races here for Senate & CD-4, and possibly Gov. But I think all of them will go Dem. And while it’s not as goes Colo, so goes the country. But if we are looking at running the board in mountain west purple Colorado, I don’t see a Republican resurgence across the rest of the country.

        I also think HCR will turn out to be advantage Dems come November. If they can get real reform on Wall St too, then they go into November with two giant successes – and the Repubs having to sell why they favored the banks over the people.

        History many times has similarities, but it does not repeat. And a giant difference over ’92 is HCR passed this time.

  2. Skyler says:

    After all, I’m as big of a Democrat as they come.

    However, this is one of Florida’s most liberal districts, and was previously represented by the firebrand Robert  Wexler. It would be a huge upset if a Republican won this seat, and thankfully, if expectedly, the Democrat won.

    The long and short of it? This win means almost nothing with regards to November’s elections. A democrat won in a democratic stronghold.  

    • MADCO says:

      You mean all this Republican/Tea Party hype about a bloodbath or a R landslide in the Fall is not true?

      Why would they say it if it is not true?

      I mean didn’t the R’s win governor elections in NJ & VA? And then a Senate seat in MA?  Doesn’t that demonstrate that they are right and all the 2010 D candidates are in big trouble?

    • Middle of the Road says:

      but I join you–this district has twice as many registered Democrats as it does Republicans.  

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