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May 12, 2019 02:22 PM UTC

BREAKING: Rep. Rochelle Galindo Will Resign

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Denver Post:

[P]olice would not specify the nature of the complaint against Rep. Rochelle Galindo, a first-term House Democrat representing Greeley, saying it is “sealed,” though not by a judge.

Police last week received a complaint naming Galindo, Greeley police Sgt. Kyle Peltz said Sunday night — after Galindo announced her resignation.

“It is currently being investigated,” Peltz said. “It has been sealed due to the ongoing investigation.”


Rochelle Galindo (D).

News breaking this Sunday afternoon we’ll be working through all week, freshman Democratic Rep. Rochelle Galindo of Greeley, who was facing a recall campaign against her presently in the signature gathering phase, will resign following an as-yet unspecified allegation Galindo denies but accepts will end her term in office:

It has been the honor of my life to serve as the Representative for State House District 50. I have served my community to the best of my ability have given a voice for the underrepresented. With that, it is with great sadness that I announce that I will be resigning my seat as the Representative for State House District 50 effective immediately.


Rep. Rochelle Galindo Announces Resignation

(May 12) – Rep. Rochelle Galindo, of House District 50 announces resigation.

“The allegations against me are false. That said, they will make my fight against the pending recall effort untenable. I will not put my constituents through what will surely be a recall campaign based on political smear tactics and false allegations. Instead, I will resign my seat as the elected representative of House District 50, effective immediately,” said Rep. Rochelle Galindo.

CBS4’s Shaun Boyd reports that Democratic House leadership agree with Galindo’s decision:

House Speaker KC Becker and House Majority Leader Alec Garnett issued a response to Galindo’s resignation.

“Today Rep. Galindo submitted a letter of resignation. We agree with Rep. Galindo’s decision to step down at this time and allow someone else to serve the people of House District 50.”

Galindo’s resignation effectively ends the recall campaign underway against her, which despite voluminous bluster from Republicans was the only such campaign to have advanced beyond the rhetorical phase. It remains to be seen how this development may affect those other efforts, which seem based on early fundraising reports to have much more bark than bite. It’s worth remembering that the overwhelming majority of financial support for Galindo’s recall came from a single local donor whose interests may or may not extend beyond his home turf.

With that all necessarily explained, we’re very sad to see Rep. Galindo’s career end this way. At this point, what we don’t know about this situation dramatically exceeds what we do–but we’ll update as that information becomes available.


22 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rep. Rochelle Galindo Will Resign

  1. So, something people do that will stop folks from voting for them but isn't as bad as the folks pointing it out make it out to be?

    50 Shades of Legislation

  2. This is really sad news. Rochelle is a good person and an effective legislator. I've been working on a diary of an interview she gave me a few weeks ago. I'll publish it, if only to show what a loss this is for her constituents.

    On the allegation, I expect that Rochelle was set up by someone who wanted to make her look bad. The right wing nutballs keep claiming that she has a "homosexual agenda" because she voted for fact -based sex education, among a whole lot of other bills and votes.

    She will be replaced by another Democratic legislator,  just as Evie Hudak gave up her seat to Rachel Zenzinger when Hudak, facing a recall, resigned. This should expose the real agenda of the recallers – which was to intimidate Democrats, keep Governor Polis from signing any more reform bills, and to claw a little power back for Republicans.


      1. I've considered it….right now, my priorities are being a grandmother and growing as a writer.

        This kind of shit that happens to progressive politicians would make anyone back away from public service…it’s a shame.

        1. It sucks, but, like Evie Hudak, she's outfoxed them. Since a Democratic vacancy committee gets to replace her, she just took all the wind out of the Neville Nutters' sails. I hope the committee chooses another just like her.

          1. The Nevilles and Caldara will just have to settle for the money they've already scammed from their gullible followers.  Unless they get creative and come up with yet another angle to squeeze even more food and medicine money from them.

            1. The Nevilles (via Values First Colorado and their other PACS and issue committees), and Independence Institute staffers such as Jon Caldara and Amy Oliver (Oliver was in charge of counting petition signatures to recall Rochelle Galindo) will undoubtedly keep on raising funds to circulate petitions to repeal the National Popular Vote, and to circulate petitions to recall Governor Polis in July,  after he has been in office six months. 

              There will be a raging red-on-red turf war first, since only one of the petition entities that wants a piece of that sweet, lucrative recall action will  have a petition recognized by the Secretary of State. They're already gearing up for that, digging up old police reports and charging each other with fraud and malfeasance. Plenty of work for Herr Gessler.

              Meanwhile, they'll declare victory over Galindo's resignation, and keep on raising money pretending that they're going to recall more legislators – they just won't ever recall any more legislators. That much, Rochelle accomplished. Which is a lot.

              It's clear that any attempt to recall Democratic legislators, if it looks like it could get enough signatures, will merely result in the targeted legislator resigning to have a successor appointed (by Democrats) to serve out his/her term.

  3. Greeley police investigating Rep. Rochelle Galindo, lawmaker targeted by conservatives for recall who resigned Sunday

    Greeley police are investigating a Colorado lawmaker who resigned Sunday, citing what she called false allegations against her — after being targeted for recall by conservative groups following her vote in favor of oil and gas reforms and other legislation.

    But the police would not specify the nature of the complaint against Rep. Rochelle Galindo, a first-term House Democrat representing Greeley, saying it is “sealed,” though not by a judge.

    Police last week received a complaint naming Galindo, Greeley police Sgt. Kyle Peltz said Sunday night — after Galindo announced her resignation.

          1. Or when that dipshit pastor called her a "homosexual pervert".  Or when a recall organizer said they would work to recall her even if she voted "No" on SB-181.

              1. I think I posted the following a while back on another thread.

                Went something like: those who complain the loudest about "homosexual perverts" may be persons who deep down are insecure about their own sexuality. How does that sound, reverend (I've already forgotten your name and don't care to look it up)?

                Maybe the reverend is in the closet? And does the reverend ever wonder about why thinking persons are less tolerant these days of street-corner-preaching Christians?

                  1. Maybe he's reeling from the revelation of the fact that his hero, Brokehantas is a loser that lost more than $1 billion over a 10 year period.

                    1. #Brokehantas. You win the interwebs today! 

                      Maybe he's still counting his tax savings? If he wasn't so afraid of using Arabic numbers this would go faster for the little fella.

      1. Arvadonian, I did not spend three years earning my associate degree from East Shitlick Texas Bible College (the Lost Tribe) to remain silent while you condone sinful behaviour that if unrepented will condemn this woman to hell.

        Yes, Leviticus is clear that it is an abomination to serve meat and dairy on the same plate.  And there is no doubt about it — the bitch openly eats cheeseburgers!

        And don't even let me get started on the vile practice of shrimp cocktails in the LGBT community.

        Have you no shame, Sir?
        And while we’re at it, do you have any mayo?

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