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May 09, 2019 06:59 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.


46 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

    1. Relax. It is just a reminder that good weather is just around the corner with B-B-Q and trips to the mountains and a bottle or two of beer in the back yard with friends.

      1. We had an actual .5" of wet snow this am, but it's gone now. Everyone had to wear coats in the classrooms, because all the thermostats were set for spring weather.

        1. I’m waiting until the end of the month to check and see if their house is up for sale or not. Dreadful people. Classic Trump types. Everything is someone else’s fault. Their chickens were killed because they’re idiots so the husband’s response was to put out a bowl of anti-freeze in the alley to poison anything that happened by in the hope of getting the culprit.

  1. Until this morning I was in the 'almost anybody but Hancock' camp (I  voted for Lisa Calderon), right up until Jamie Giellis’s appearance as Peter Boyles's guest in the 8 o’clock hour.


      The less she campaigns now the bettet.

      Of course, she needs more name recognition.
      But no actual campaigning.  Think Sam Seaborn just walking on the sand at Huntington or Newport

  2. In other news, the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena to Donald Trump Jr. for a return visit to testify before the committee.

    What's noteworthy about this is the House Intelligence Committee, led by Devin Nunes, wrapped up its "investigation" into the 2016 campaign in early 2018, saying nothing to see. The Senate Committee, led by Richard Burr (R-NC), has never concluded its investigation, as now evidenced by calling Don Jr. back.

    1. Nahh.
      What's noteworthy is the bts game of chicken – House or Senate, both wanting to go last

      Scripted questions, scripted answers, and attitude down to the facial looks

      Later, he can go to the house and be the gaffe factory

      1. Even a chicken can be trained. Maybe Junior is simply being given a platform to lie under oath on his, his fathers', and his familys' behalf.

        Ratings are what matter to Trumplican© sensitivities. Are we about to see an articulate, well-scooled and practiced defense of the Whitest House, or a stumbling, bumbling, blustery, boatload of defensive, egotistical, bullshit?


      1. Can't take a candidate seriously if they announce without a fundraising page up and ready to go. Smarts and good public service don't translate into winning elections statewide, sadly. 

      2. I like her and I'm inclined to support her. My only reluctance is her 2016 loss in the regent's race. Why did she lose? Did she just take for granted she would ride in or Hillary and Bennet's coattails? 

        1. Colorado Sun: When asked why she thinks she will now be able to win a statewide race after her 2016 loss, Madden said “the regent races are so hard to break through” since they are lower on the ballot and don’t get as much attention at top-line contests.

          No idea if she is right or wrong about this. No soul searching in that answer or failure analysis, but an interview with a reporter might not be the place for deep campaign talk. She does at least manage a halfway decent pivot to talking about why she thinks she can win.

          I’ll also add that the Post threw whatever its weight was worth behind her opponent because “balance”.

        2. She's great – so are a lot of people not running. yet.

          But "hard to breakthrough" doesn't sound like a good reason to vote for her.

          If we were caucusing/primarying (or whatever Colorado Ds are doing this time) today, I would choose Johnston or Romanoff.

          I still like the idea of Caroline Kennedy in the Senate.

              1. Great idea, were it not for the tiny fact that Caroline Bouvier Kennedy lives in New York City!    That would make it hard for her to run for the Color ado Senate seat, which was the subject of this thread.

                or were you just getting a head start on the mushroom legalization?

                1. well, you don't know what I'm talking about.

                  I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you.
                  It's ok – many is the time you don't seem to know what you're talking about either. So I got company.


                  1. You ain't got company.  You got mad cow disease.  Wrong state, wrong year, wrong candidate. 

                    It was 2009 when Caroline Kennedy was considered as a candidate to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate from New York — not last year as you goofily stated.

                    Life is just one long free-association test for you, madcow.

                    MJ got it right: Cue the bongo drums.



                    Madco speak and we want ear plugs.


                    1. Wrong poetry genre. Madco writes in a beat poetry rhythm, which I happen to enjoy, now that I've stopped expecting it to be prose.

                      The "Banana Boat song" is a Jamaican folk song, popularized by Harry Belafonte in the 50s. You might consider making it into a Trump Stinks parody. Or:

                      How many nits can V pick today O?

                      This thread old and we want him go home.

                      One nit, two nit, three nit bunch

                      This thread old and we want him go home.

                    2. You know, MJ, "Ride of the Valkyries" really sucks if you play it with bongo drums.  Actually, Calypso is the only thing that doesn't suck with bongo drums:

                      Hey Mr. Talley Man

                      talley up the Trump stink.

                      Donald Trump stink

                      and we stay upwind.

                      Cat five


                      Donald Trump stink

                      And we stay upwind.

                  2. I wouldn't be offended, MADCO – taking literary criticism from V and MJ is kind of like having Charlie Sheen as your Life Coach; there's a hilarious lack of self-awareness involved.  

                    But they do make a cute couple. 

                    1. Sure, Bob. It’s strange, with all that high-falutin' education and godlike wisdom…

                      …you never learned when to keep your mouth shut. 

                    2. Again the sound of the GED is heard in the land.  And it only took Curmy two tries to pass it.

                    3. I just can't take any of your insults, seriously, Bob.  I mean, this uneducated fool has managed to keep his job. 

                    4. Then don't start insulting people, fool.  You started this round, and kept it going. Just crawl back under your rock and stop starting fights your little GED-educated mind can't win. And dry your tears.  Nobody likes a whining loser.

                    5. I love that you think your education means anything to me, Bob. It certainly didn't do you any favors when you really needed it. 

                      Well, other than serving as a cautionary tale. 

                    6. So, GED boy, the eight years I spent on the faculty at Universuity of Colorado graduate school of Public Affairs never happened.  And my stints at DU university Colleg e and Metro never happened?

                      Ahh, that GED-honed mind of yours.  Together with those long forearms of yours it makes you perfect for your job at the car wash!


                    7. Nah, you can't insult me by opining about my job, either.  After all, I have one, and it's pretty sweet.  Not that I'd care to share details, because I've seen how you act when you get the tiniest scrap of personal info on anyone.   So, while you pound your chest and look back at what your ego has cost you, I look forward with nothing but joy and optimism. 

                      There are lots of things you think you have that you can lord over me, but there are two things I have that you don't.

                      Time, and Potential. 


                    8. So, how is it that you aren't married?

                      Tee hee.

                      Byebye for now GED boy.  Your tears are fouling the microchip!

                    9. Who says I'm not married? Again, why would I even want your sticky, grimy little thoughts anywhere near my mate?  

                    10. Of course you are!  What woman wouldn't be impressed by your GED?

                      Tee hee.

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