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May 23, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

You don’t have to withdraw from here.


15 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. So MH considers the active Republicans at the State Convention as “insiders” and feels the rules his campaign drafted and forced into implementation were poorly executed.  Message to MH — These are obviously not new viewpoints, so why did you opt for the caucus process in the first place?  Why not openly state your opposition to this grassroots political process and your support for the petition process where money can buy a spot on the ballot?

    As for your campaign staff — you should be ashamed!  Some of these very same people were vocal in support of saving the caucus process in the recent past, but now support a candidate who never took this process seriously from the beginning.

    People, please do not be clouded by MH’s appearance at the State Convention as an endorsement of the caucus process.  His actions demonstrate that he is in favor of using any and all monies available (even Daddy’s pockets) to buy a spot on a primary ballot.

  2. From The Washington Times

    In 2004, we were just on the cusp of realizing the Bush administration is taking us in the wrong direction,” said Perlmutter campaign manager Danielle Radovich Piper.

    Wait, really?  It seems to me that in 2004 we knew that George W. Bush had created the biggest deficits in history, raided trillions from Social Security while trying to privatize it, launched an incompetently managed war in Iraq (after lying to get us there), gave huge tax cuts to his good friends at Enron, broke his promise to fully-fund No Child Left Behind, and on and on ad nauseum.

    2004 was the year that everyone even marginally left of center (and lots of people right of center) mobilized against Bush.  Remember “Republicans for Kerry?”

    But evidently Ed Perlmutter’s campaign manager was just on the cusp of realizing how bad Bush was at that point.

    When do you think she’ll be on the cusp of realizing how important this seat is for Democrats nationwide?  Christmas?

  3. OtC,

      Some of us were certainly ahead of the curve when it came to seeing Bush for what he was (and wasn’t) but if you look at all of the national polling data, you will see that Radovich-Piper is accurate when discussing the sentiments of the American public.
      Bush won re-election that year, and despite “Republicans for Kerry” his showing was better than it had been against Gore.
      As you can see from this chart Bush’s popularity was around 60% at the start of 2004, and did not stay consistently below the 50s until 2005.
      I personally had Bush’s popularity at 0 right from the start, but we as a nation did not hit that inflection point until 2004 when, “we were just on the cusp of realizing the Bush administration is taking us in the wrong direction.”

  4. Lloyd Bensen died, the man who should have been V.P. in ’88.  Perhaps Dan Quayle should deliver the eulogy.  He may be no Jack Kennedy, but with a little help from Marilyn, he should be able to get through the eulogy.

  5. To all those Dems who still think Hickenlooper walks on water, how do you feel about your boy not endorsing Ritter?

    To have one of the highest profile Democrats in the state, continuing to refuse to endorse the nominee of the party, doesn’t say much for him.

    Perhaps he can reelected Mayor of Denver with only Republican support.

  6. “Fact is, the ballot slowdown was caused by Holtzman’s demands.” – John Andrews


    Was John Andrews attending the negotiations between the campaigns and the Party?

    Was he in the back room watching the credentialing process?

    Was he in the teller committee watching to vote?

    Was he in the press hallway during the argument with Ted Strickland?

    Andrews has lost all of my support from here on out.  He asked for my help when he plans to run against Harvey for CD 6, but he will forever be known as “Sycophant Andrews”.

    The guy has no backbone and proven once again what a serious suck up to Owens and Benson he really is.

  7. Mark Hillman was saying the same thing. To be honest, I was very surprised by his taking a side. Many of his volunteers were openly supporting Marc, but I can only surmise that he was getting his talking points from the BB campaign.

  8. posted today on Peter Brimelow’s blog

    21 May 2006
    Republican Meltdown In Colorado @ 4:59 pm

    Yesterday, I attended Colorado’s statewide Republican Convention, run by Party Chair and Raza Republicano Bob Martinez–who should resign over this unmitigated disaster. Martinez drew national attention last year when he demanded Congressmen like Tom Tancredo halt their “demagoguery” on the immigration issue.

    “Ninety-nine percent of the Mexicans that cross that border are not coming across the border with the intent to kill anyone,” mind-reader Martinez claimed, adding, “I’m defending the president’s position. That’s all I’m doing.”

  9. In a previous post Peter Brimlow was seen frothing at the mouth with White Supremecist, White Racist spittle flying from his lips and calling Bob Martinez nasty, names. Brimlow’s blog is full of fecal matter. So to Brimlow we say, You really are a poopy head.

  10. why would BB want to slow down the process after his number of supporters VASTLY outnumbered MHs? it doesnt make sense people.

    becky, what do you mean hillman supporters were in favor of MH? i gotta call your bluff on that one. regardless, i think hillman wasnt concerned with pleasing certain people as much as he was just saying what he saw.

    WOW i am sick of BB and MH, and pretty much all their supporters. and a lot of Dems arent thrilled with ritter. is colorado just terrible at politics?

  11. Looking for some info after this weekend’s assemblies:

    Does anyone have a link showing the following:

    (1) The Colorado State Democratic Party Platform
    (2) The Colorado State Republican Party Platform

    Thanks for your help.

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