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May 22, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Musgrave Gets Love from KKK

  • by: Colorado Pols


Rep. Marilyn Musgrave has been getting a lot of praise lately…from the Ku Klux Klan. A blog called The Stakeholder has a piece from the D.C. newspaper Roll Call – in a story that Soapblox Colorado discussed last week – that describes the KKK support for Musgrave. Here’s what Roll Call has to say:

Maybe it?s a hoax. Maybe not. But it sure caught HOH by surprise.

If this Web site is to be believed, Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Colo.) has become a darling of the Ku Klux Klan.

As of Friday afternoon, the Colorado Republican was featured prominently on a Web site representing the Harrison, Ark.-based Knights Party, described as ?America?s Largest, Oldest and Most Professional White Rights Organization ? We Love You.?

The site heralded the Congresswoman?s proposed Homeschool Non-discrimination Act to make scholarships more accessible to home-schooled students. The Knights also hail her efforts to keep marriage between one man and one woman.

Now, we don?t know how she feels about this ?honor,? if indeed the site is legitimate, since Musgrave?s office did not return a phone call and e-mail seeking comment.

The Knights introduce Musgrave this way:

?During her eight years in the Colorado Legislature, Musgrave, the mother of four and grandmother of five co sponsored a successful 2000 bill that defined a marriage as a union between one man and one woman. She has also pressed the legislature to pass laws expanding the right to carry concealed weapons, requiring doctors to provide brochures and a videotape to women seeking abortions, lowering the tax burden for families, more stringent immigration laws, making adoption of children by homosexuals illegal, upholding the rights of ranchers and farmers, and she opposes slave reparations. She now serves as a U.S. Representative.?


47 thoughts on “Musgrave Gets Love from KKK

  1. …she opposes slave reparations

    Well no wonder the Klan loves her.  In other news, Ms. Musgrave has come out publically for repealing all laws against child labor, and has recommended against the Louisiana Purchase.

  2. Denver Post, October 15 2002

    Campaign manager Guy Short said Musgrave has no knowledge of Pratt being allied with extremists, and if Pratt is, Short doesn’t think it’s fair to call Musgrave an extremist by association. “We accepted the check because it came from a pro-gun organization, and all of these other allegations, you’ll have to ask Mr. Pratt about that,” he said.

    Pratt said he had been in touch with Pete Peters of the Christian Identity movement, who organized the Estes Park rally, until 1996, when word of his associations surfaced and he left the Buchanan campaign under pressure. Pratt also said he appeared as recently as a year ago on militia radio in Michigan.

    And now she’s carrying legislation written by HSLDA, a christian identity front group.

  3. Hey Folks,

    If you don’t like this sort of representation, donate money to Angie, or volunteer for her campaign It’s that simple.

    But, if you are an extremist, radical, Anglo Christian who hates everyone that is different from you, by all means associate yourself with Marilyn Musgrave, the KKK’s Congressional role model.

  4. How legit is this KKK site? It would seem to me if a group on the outer fringes of decency want an ally to stay in office they would not associate openly with her. Either they’re incredibly stupid or someone trying to smear Musgrave (whose own record smears her) is being incredibly stupid because these days hoaxes are bared almost immediately (note the planted story about Jews and other non-muslims wearing patches in Iran was debunked withing 24 hours).

  5. Why all the hate?  Can’t we all just get along?

    Hey EW – am I going to get fired for looking at that KKK site about Marylin on a company computer?

  6. Of course, according to the network solutions site, only 2 of the 32 extentions are still available for “KKK”. So, it is a popular domain name.

  7. Well, the looks legit to me, check out the link to the Whities Day Celebration in good old Tennessee.

    How come white supremicists look inbred?

  8. LiberalLion:  Wow, you’re pretty judgemental…BTW, What does MM’s conservative values have to do with her daughter’s decisions?

  9. Liberal Lion,

    Interesting she claims to be a total conservative; yet she has her own family issues…a daughter who had a child before she was married and then was divorced and now lives with a guy. Double standard!

    Do you have a link to substantiate these allegations?

  10. correspondence with KKK contact-


    I’m not sure what you are asking.  Don’t vote for anyone you are not comfortable with.  If you want to make a difference join our organization.  Call our national headquarters for more infornation (870) 427-3414.


    XXXX wrote:

      Hi please send me some information on how I can help. Should I vote for
      marilynn mossgrave? I didn’t think womin should be in the Congress.

  11. Sounds like a hoax to me.  MM is a Bush right-winger, to be sure, but nothing here seems to say KKK to me.  Her views are in line with President Bush and much of the Republican party.  There’s a million ways you can start criticizing her record without bringing the KKK into this.

  12. … You probably should check your facts before slandering some poor girl.  I’m not clear on the facts here, you say that MM’s daughter has an illigitimate child and is living with a man who is not here husband.  Yet you provide no proof of these baseless accusations. This is the same old, tired tactics of the left. Make false accusations and personal attacks against people and then claim to be “about the issues.”. Get a life.  MM isn’t a racist anymore than Bill Ritter is…and her daughter has nothing to do with this discussion at all…

  13. You are absolutely right check your facts, to drag MM’s daughter into the conversation is crossing the line.  None of those claims are true what so ever, it’s almost as if you just made it up!  But that wouldn’t be like the left now would it?  As far as the racist issue, come on this is ridiculous.  I don’t think Angie Paccione is gay because she took money from a gay group in San Francisco, neither should you make claims about MM being a racist because some psycho red neck group decides to put her on their fringe website.

  14. ManoftheHour,

    If that’s the best analogy you can come up with, then you’ve missed the point completely. The last time I checked, most gays weren’t advocating hatred of blacks, Jews, interracial marriage, and espousing hatred towards all non-whites. They weren’t big on lynching, either, if I recall correctly.

    I’m not claiming MM’s a racist–I’m asking why she hasn’t come out publicly denouncing their promotion of her. Instead, her spokesman’s response was, “…take note political bloggers: not every website is legitimate, especially those created by psycho-backwoods racists,” said Aaron Johnson, Musgrave’s spokesman.

    That is a pathetic response. This woman is supposed to be my representative and her spokesman’s take on the matter is insulting.

    I spent a bit of time Googling this website and Johne over at Soapblox did a whole lot better. Check out;jsessionid=42311093DEE122DB94E971C0A8FE9E03?diaryId=1533

    Unfortunately for MM and her spokesman, this website is indeed quite legitimate. Perhaps they should have bothered to do their homework, unless they just don’t care who promotes them.

    Agree with you on MM’s daughter. Equally pathetic to drag someone’s family into this conversation. Her daughter’s not running for office and it’s nobody’s business what she does or who she does it with.

  15. Marilyn is the last of the real fighters for our liberty.  Charles Duke, Jim Roberts, and MaryAnn Tebedo are all pretty much gone.  Marilyn needs to be calling some common law grand juries to indict some of our so-called party leadership, who are clearly in league with the one world government crowd–people like BB and BM.  That Assembly was no accident.  It was planned to discredit MH and any of us who still believe that we are SOVEREIGN.  The Knight’s Party knows a true American like Marilyn when they see one.  Our movement is still strong and waiting for the call of a true patriot.  Perhaps Marilyn is our last hope.
    And by the way, ManoftheHour, I resent you calling the Knights Party psycho rednecks.  They are trying to preserve this nation for the people that God intended to have it.  One day you will thank them; either that or they will be too late and we will live in a police state under the secret command of the UN.

  16. Colorado Militiaman, It’s pretty apparent that you’ve made  ManoftheHours point. Time to get back on your meds, maybe you’ll be able to sleep at night.

  17. Colorado Militiaman,

    Certainly isn’t a surprise that slime like yourself crawls out in support of trash like the Klan!!!!! God intended for it to be?????? Thank heavens for the second admendment. We need arms to protect ourselves from the mentally deranged trash that lives amoung us. That mental illness must be the result of incesteous breding within your family. Can anyone beleive that we’ve got this kind of filth living among us????? Common law grand jury… that shows just how diluded this fool is.

    May I assume that it’s this kind of trash that keeps MM in office??? It’s enough to make me contribute to her opponent. Just wait until one of MM’s minions call my home again, or better yet, perhaps the tramp will call herself!!! Got some questions about the company she keeps!!!

  18. As long as MM’s son is not living w/ a man who is not HIS husband, we (and traditional marriage) are safe…..God save the family values!

  19. P.S.  The children of politicians USED to be off limits.  That is, until that Oxycontin-buzzed flaming a——, Rush Limbaugh, decided that Chelsea Clinton was fair game.  Now all bets are off…….whether they be Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation, the Bush Lite Twins choices of beverages, or MM’s daughter’s marital status.

  20. Ummm, ok so now you’re saying that a politician’s children should be a topic of conversation because of something Rush Limbaugh said?

    Do you always follow Rush’s lead?

    BTW, still waiting for a little clarification as to what exactly Congresswoman Musgrave’s daughter did that is so scandalous. 

    Not holding my breath.

  21. Militiaman-

    If MM is your last hope, better just throw in the towel now.  I cannot wait until this land is a truly multi-racial, multi-cultural society.  Dress it up how you want, you’re still just a cracker in my mind.

  22. I’m also of the mind that Marilyn’s kids shouldn’t be dragged into this; her voting record and associations with DeLay speak volumes about her “representation”.

    Howsabout this: Vote Paccione this November, and just give her a chance to represent CO-4. If your not completely satisfied after a 2 year term, she’s gotta run again, anyways. Maybe now’s a good time to get back to taking care of America’s REAL problems,[deficit,war,where’s Osama,ever-widening gap between haves and have-nots, etc.], and we can take up “white power” when there’s less pressure on our nation’s future.

    As to “Marilyn is the last of the real fighters for our liberty.”, I’m not convinced. Blind obedience to failed leadership isn’t patriotism. Rubberstamping and tugging at heartstrings doesn’t cut it. I had a crappy childhood, too, but I’m not inclined to wear it on my sleeve to gain political favor. The roads around here are kinda crappy. I’m not seeing her help in getting businesses and good jobs here. We can do better, and we should.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent a little. Have a bitchin’ day.

  23. Romanoff4Czar,

    Worst excuse ever–“their side did it first so it’s okay for us to do it, too.”

    No, it isn’t. Period.

  24. Mythical Little Guy:  If you know anything about MM, You know that she doesn’t rubberstamp Bush or the Republican party.  She is an independent thinker, and that is exactly what I respect about her.

    She is true to her values and will fight for them (even if that means fighting within her own party) and that is why some folks in the GOP are uneasy with her.  She is a Republican who doesn’t just give lip service. 

    MM is a wonderful person and she is my personal heroine.

  25. Oh my, Anonymous… If Ms. M is your “…personal heroine…” I suspect hate is your personal mantra. Do you need Fred Phelps “God Hates Fags” internet address?? Let me know.

  26. George:

    I didn’t know that you were a thought Nazi.  Actually, I strongly disagree with Phelps.  I would appreciate it if you would stop putting words in my mouth.  I also believe that MM disagrees with Phelps as well.

    Stop misrepresenting conservatives, its disingenuous of someone like you, who I imagine prides themselves on the “open-mindedness” to be so closed minded to points of view. 

    I think the word “hypocrite” suits you well.

  27. Colorado Republican Caucus, dear sir/mam: After hearing the abortion that your particular state convention turned out to be, if I were you I’d stay away from words like “Nazi,” and “disingenuous” and “closed-minded.”

    Incidentally, have you heard of Godwin’s Law which, also incidentally, you’ve invoked here. Godwin’s Law states:

    Godwin’s Law (also Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies) is, in Internet culture, an adage originated in 1990 by Mike Godwin that states:

    As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.[1]
    This adage was formulated because many people compare anyone and anything they mildly dislike with Hitler. There is a tradition in many Usenet newsgroups that once such a comparison is made the thread in which the comment was posted is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.

    It is considered poor form to arbitrarily raise such a comparison with the motive of ending the thread. There is a widely recognized codicil that any such deliberate invocation of Godwin’s Law will be unsuccessful.

  28. It’s now been more than 24 hours since Rep. Musgrave received her accolades from that which claimed to be the KKK, or a KKK- affiliated organization.  Has she disavowed this endorsement?  If so, when and where?  If not, why not?

  29. And more than 24-hours since I called out Liberal Lion to share with us all the “inside scoops” about the Musgrave family’s supposed scandals.

    Someone got a divorce!?!?!?  Good gracious…we should just demand her resignation!  We can’t have members of Congress with adult children who are divorced!

    Anything else?

    tick, tick tick

  30. Goodness, governsleastgovensbest, what happened to “…until death shall we part.” I thought that was a sacred oath amongst the good Christian folk that Ms. Musgrave represents. I guess Ms. Musgrave just doesn’t have much clout with her “adult children.”

    Ms. Musgrave is a flatlander dunce, whose ascendency to the House is a sad reflection upon the voters up north. Hopefully, they’ll (the voters) will realize their mistake pretty soon.

    I don’t think a politician’s familial breakdowns, scandals, dysfuntions are all that important or subject to public scrutiny. But, in this case, Ms. Musgrave–with her flatlander buddy, Wayne Allard–are frantically tap dancing the fag-bashing cotillion that just simply rubs me the wrong way.

    tick, tick, tick

  31. I’m not really sure how to answer your question, “what happened to ‘…until death shall we part.'”

    Are you asking me to comment on the marriage problems of someone I’ve never met?  Or are you suggesting that any so-called “social conservative” is responsible for every single decision made by his or her adult children?

    For the record, I’m ambivalent about Rep. Musgrave, and I’m not big on any federal marriage amendment either.  I’m just sick of people’s kids being dragged into things like this, whether it’s the children of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Al Gore, Bill Clinton or anyone else.

    And the charge of “hypocrite” that is so stupid.  Is Fidel Castro a hypocrite because his daughter fled the workers paradise and speaks out against it?

    And then there’s you George.  In one breath you say you don’t think”a politician’s familial breakdowns . . . are all that important.”  But Musgrave is different because she “simply rubs me the wrong way.”

    Whatever.  Debate the merits of bills she’s introduced or her value as a legislator, or even why you think she’s a dunce.  Don’t pretend her daugher’s choices in life (choices that seem rather mundane to me and most other sane people) have anything to do with this.

  32. Sorry, governsleast…… Musgrave is an insult to the state of Colorado. I’ve got a picture of her showing Dubya giving her a little kiss on the cheek. Gag! On Musgrave, I’m a one issue kinda guy. She’s anti-gay, anti-gay marriage, anti-gay rights, anti-gay enjoyment of the “equal protections” guaranteed by the US Constitution. Period. She might consider moving to Bennett or maybe Topeka where she might feel more comfortable.

    Okay, that’s why she’s a dunce. Not because of her daughter’s choices. She’s a dunce on her own merit. Period.

  33. Musgrave supported by the KKK, and Tancredo supported by Neo-Nazis: For a long time, if you did an image search for Tancredo under Google, some of the top hits were stuff put out by Neo-Nazis who like what Tom has to say against “radical multiculturalism.”

    Musgrave is no KKK’er, and Tancredo’s no Nazi. They’re just tools doing whatever they can to keep their name recognition so they can keep their fat behinds firmly lodged in their plush Congressional chairs, drawing their fat salaries and pensions.

  34. Coloradopols posted the article from Roll Call, but DC’s other gossip rag is The Hill.  Here is an article from it.  It has comments from Rep. Musgrave’s office.

    Democrats attacked Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Colo.) for failing to distance herself from the Ku Klux Klan’s endorsement of legislation she sponsored that would benefit home-schooled children and a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriages.
    Several liberal political bloggers in Colorado who support Musgrave’s Democratic opponent revived the KKK’s endorsement of Musgrave’s bills in recent postings.
    “This disturbing online approval for Marilyn Musgrave’s legislative priorities is a frightening reminder of just how far out of the mainstream some of Musgrave’s ideas really are,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield.
    A Musgrave spokesman called the attack “desperate.”
    “Al Gore may have fathered the Internet, but he obviously didn’t teach his liberal cohorts a valuable lesson, so take note political bloggers: not every website is legitimate, especially those created by psycho-backwoods racists,” said Aaron Johnson, Musgrave’s spokesman.
    Musgrave will face state Rep. Angie Paccione (D-Colo.) in November. 
    The KKK did not return a phone call.
    — Jonathan E. Kaplan

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