Elizabeth Warren In Aurora: Not Too Shabby

As the Aurora Sentinel’s Kara Mason reports, a big show of support yesterday evening for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in a part of the state and Denver metro area that showcased its shift from red to blue in last year’s elections:

[Warren] took to the stage at The Hangar at the Stanley Marketplace for an organizing event with one specific ask in mind: that her supporters engage with other people, especially people across political divisions, before the Colorado primary to learn what Americans have in common…

Colorado Democrats favored Bernie Sanders over Hilary Clinton in 2016 and former President Barack Obama over Hilary Clinton in 2012 — a clue that candidates like Sanders and Warren may fair better in metro Denver this cycle, too. The 2018 election also serves as a recent reminder that Arapahoe County is more blue than it once was, with the election of Congressman Jason Crow and the defeat of the Republican clerk and sheriff.

Sen. Warren’s support among the progressive base Democratic voters who decide primaries in our state is at this early point in the cycle much stronger than her popularity with the general electorate, which is attributable at least in part to the Hillary Clinton-style demonization campaign that has been pre-emptively mounted against Warren for a years in anticipation of her long-expected presidential run. We do believe that Warren has both the backstory and the present-day credibility to overcome the challenge of being pre-savaged by conservative media, and is short-list competitive in the 2020 Democratic primary as the polling indicates.

But for today, it’s enough to note–that’s a really good crowd shot! Kudos to Warren’s advance team on showing people how it’s done. The yardstick we’ll be judging future presidential whistle stops by has been upped thusly.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    As an early and ardent Hillary supporter, I note that Warren was the only Democratic woman in the Senate not to back Hillary before she clinched the nomination.  After Hillary locked it up, she was strong in favor of the ticket.  

    Ergo, I shall do likewise.  I can't support Warren in the nominaion fight, currently preferring, in order, Klobuchar, Harris and Buttigieg.  But if she wins the nomination, I'll give her my vote and my money in the final war against the Fascist hordes now infecting Washington.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Warren joins with Biden, Sanders, Inslee, & Hickenlooper on my list of "people eligible for Medicare and Social Security" — and thus not in my initial list of preferred candidates.  History points to Democrats doing better with less experienced in DC but more charismatic candidates for President, with more experienced in DC Vice Presidents.  The only exceptions to that rule — LBJ, an unelected President ran and won, and Dukakis, an out-of-DC person who some thought was charismatic enough, ran and lost.

      Anyone — literally, even Tulsi Gabbard — would be less objectionable than the current *resident or other Republicans who conceivably would fill any unexpectedly empty golf shoes of the Orang-u-man.

    • Arvadonian1 says:

      I like your top 3….and the order you placed them in.  And I agree with you on Warren….I'm not particularly a fan…

  2. PodestaEmails says:

    It's the whole Cherokee nation! 1/1024 of it anyway!

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    Has anyone told Warren that Colorado is Sanders territory?

  4. TruB says:

    Welcome Elizabeth. A bunch of my friends were happy to see you! 

    Liberals need to stop with their negative counter productive roll. 

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