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April 05, 2019 02:13 PM UTC

Neville Clan: Still Recall Central

  • by: Colorado Pols

There’s been some confusion in the last few days as recall efforts against freshman Rep. Rochelle Galindo of Greeley have received publicity over two groups working on the effort: with a few wealthy Weld County landowners pledging big bucks for the campaign and the Recall Colorado organization led by House Minority Leader Patrick Neville working with local pastor Steve Grant firing up hater grassroots opposition.

In an interview Wednesday on AM600 talk radio, Joe Neville of Rearden Strategic tried to sort out the current state of play, while still portraying themselves in a management role over the effort:

LAKEY: Now, the House District 50 – there was a different gentleman who – I guess – pulled the [recall] petitions. Not all of these recalls are connected. I mean, everybody is kind of teaming up where possible, but it’s not all coming from, like, one central organization. And House District 50 fits that description, does it not? It’s put on by some local folks, that they are pulling the petitions and hoping to team a bunch of people together. But not everything flows through Joe Neville.

NEVILLE: That’s correct. That’s absolutely correct. What our goal is with ‘recallcolorado[.com], is we’re working to help out the grassroots. So, we have run recalls before, we have the ability to raise resources, and we’ll put volunteers out there. But these recalls – it’s the people’s district. And they sense, too – because the legislators work for the people, and so the people, they’re the ones who are putting these recalls together, the citizens in these districts. And we’re just there to help support them and get them the resources they need, to help them with getting ballot signatures and get this on the ballot – get the recalls on the ballot. And then when it comes time for the election, we’ll be there to help with that part, too. But really, it’s helping them be effective and give them the best chance possible to make sure the recall is successful.

House Minority Leader Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock).

From there the conversation turned more specifically to Pastor Grant, who the Nevilles originally connected with to organize the HD-50 recall after he vowed to bring down his “homosexual pervert” representative:

NEVILLE: And, you know, we need to stand up, not only to the press, but the fact of the matter is, you know, whether it was with Trump or [what] we’ve seen just over the past few months, people aren’t going to put up with it anymore and they’re going to start focusing on holding these politicians accountable. And that’s what we’re doing with the recalls. And you know, the guy that stood up – the pastor that stood up, good for him! Good for all these people that are involved in this, because it’s not just one issue. It’s several issues that are affecting these people in this district, and they have a right to hold their politicians accountable. [Pols emphasis]

LAKEY: Yeah. The [recall] petitions are not approved yet. Where are we at in that process? Because I know my listeners are chomping at the bit, and the people all across Colorado are chomping at the bit, to get their hands on a petition. The Galindo petition, particularly – it’s in the approval process? Is that what we say?

NEVILLE: Yep, it’s in the approval process. There are several different stakeholders. I mean, this was such a polarizing effort that several people had started entering petitions. So we had to put – you know, pause it, bring everybody to the table, try to figure out what petition we’re going to move forward, because the last thing we want is multiple petitions out there, splitting up the effort. We’ve come to that conclusion, I believe. [Pols emphasis] And within the next few days we should have a final one turned in and approved. And so I’m guessing within the week, here, is when things should start moving forward. And we’ll definitely be reaching out to everybody that signs up at and telling them where to go and pushing them to the main center of the first — what looks like it’s going to be the first recall in Colorado this year.

To whatever extent there is an attempt to put daylight between less-savory organizers of this recall effort and the money men funding the petition campaign, consider it scrambled! After the jump, we’ve reprinted for posterity the original March 26 press release from the Nevilles praising Pastor Grant and celebrating his participation in the Galindo recall. It looks like, barring a specific indication to the contrary, the House Minority Leader and his family business are going to be the glue that sticks all the disparate –and unpleasant–pieces of this operation together.

For Immediate Release
March 26, 2019
Contact: Jacob Maerli

Local Pastor, Steve Grant Launches Recall in House District 50

Greeley, CO – Today, local Pastor Steve Grant announced he has officially filed a recall petition with the Colorado Secretary of State beginning the movement to recall House member Rochelle Galindo.

“As a Pastor, I’ve seen how the Colorado legislature’s overreach has affected my flock from their jobs to how they raise their children and even the values they hold dear. Enough is enough,” Grant said when asked why he decided to move forward with the recall.

Grant’s petition is in the final stages of being approved by the Secretary of State to begin gathering signatures. Which, is expected to take place within the next 7 to 10 days. Once approved Grant will have eight weeks to collect around 7,000 signatures and recall Representative Galindo.

Many groups from around Colorado have already thrown their support behind Grant and his efforts. From groups like Advancing Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, to Values First Colorado Grant says it’s “humbling to have several grassroots groups rally behind our effort.”

“Rochelle Galindo is clearly out of touch with the values of Greeley and Weld County. Her support of radical gun confiscation shows her contempt for her constituents and the Constitution. I applaud Pastor Grant for his leadership in this recall effort. RMGO and our members in Greeley, Weld County, and across the state are with you,” declared Dudley Brown of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Colorado’s largest gun rights organization.

House Minority Leader Patrick Neville also joined in praising Grant, “It’s exciting to see the people in these communities work to take back their state. We are here to offer the resources and tools to help bring the grassroots success.”



14 thoughts on “Neville Clan: Still Recall Central

  1. Word from Dem HQ is that one petition was submitted, and approved for circulation. Their deadline for getting 5,696 valid signatures is 6/3/19. Your local progressive groups will be letting you know how to donate to fight the recall effort. For now, you can donate to support Rochelle Galindo to fight the recall in HD50 by donating at

    Since these clowns plan to run as many as 20 more recalls against various state legislators, there will be an ActBlue page with a generic "fight the recalls" donation link.



    1. Can't there be a substantial effort to have three, four, or even FIVE groups petitioning for recall?  Seems to me, the more, the merrier — and the less chance of getting 5696 valid signatures on any one.

      1. They're eating each other…. the evangelist gay-haters against the oil and gas promoters and the gunheads. There is some overlap, of course, and both of them hate and fear all immigrants.

        My read on it is that the "Recall Polis" folks know that their cause is hopeless, so they will end up supporting and working for the lesser recall efforts. Frankly, I don't see how even the Recall Galindo effort can succeed – They have to get  5, 696 valid signatures from her district 50, which is Dave Young's old district, including some of the poorer parts of Greeley and the university housing. It consists of 10,762 Democrats to 9,465 Republicans and 15,317 unaffiliated.

        The recall folks started collecting petition signatures this morning. They'll be telling the usual lies: "Galindo supports mandatory homosexual sex education of young children." "Galindo's vote for SB181 will mean that 250,000 jobs will be lost in Greeley alone." "Galindo voted for the National Popular Vote bill, to take away the electoral votes of Colorado voters". They'll find or make up more as they go

        Recallers can probably get the signatures to put it on the ballot in an expensive special election; the Neville group, at least, boasts of having $375,000 in "pledged donations".  But I don't think that any of these groups can actually win a recall election. Meanwhile, Democrats and progressives need to be spreading the word on social media: DECLINE TO SIGN!! and contributing at


          1. 1. Universal mail in ballots in Colorado will help with GOTV. That was a huge issue in Pueblo in 2013 when mail in ballots were new. There were all kinds of delaying and stalling tactics, abetted by Gessler as Sec State, to lower mail in ballot delivery.

            2. Ms. Griswold, as Sec State, is not going to put up with shenanigans from these clowns. Signatures are going to be closely verified, as Republicans are of course the kings of voter fraud.

            3. Voter opinion in Colorado is not on the recallers' side, either on the gun issue, or on the oil and gas health and safety issue, which is the one they're pretty much trying to hammer Rochelle Galindo on.

            4. These guys are all racist, sexist, and homophobic. They also do not beleive that election law applies to them. They will screw up, again and again, on social media, in petition gathering, in finance.

            5. Dems and progressives are awake and aware, and organized into thousands of local grassroots groups that can mobilize and be out in the streets or in offices in a day. And there are many more of us than of them. The crazy RWNJ crowd has never been able to crack 35% of Colorado voters. 

            That's enough to put a recall petition on the ballot in, say, Greeley's District 50, but still not enough, in my opinion, to win the special election with decent GOTV. And statewide? or in blue areas where they're ambitiously trying to recall all Dems who voted for SB181? No freaking way.

                  1. I believe at some point (IIRC) after this interview the O&G boys mansplained to him the error of his ways and he took a different position. 

                    1. Overall, there are three groups targeting Galindo:

                      Citizens who want to Kill Our Wives and Kids.

                      This group is pretty self-explanatory and advocates the use of AR 15s and low-yield nuclear weapons to maintain amity within the family.  Opposes Galindo because she actually seems against killing wives and kids.

                      Citizens Consisting of that Old Lady Who Really Gets Off Talking About Fisting.

                      Opposes Galindo because she believes in sex education and threw up when the Old Lady got really graphic in her Fisting Spiel.

                      So did I.

                      Oil and gas folks who fear 181 went too far.

                      It's a lot saner than Stalinist 112, but then, so was the Spanish Inquisition.  The key is that a number of compromise amendments were added to the original bill.  Seriously, does anybody know how Galindo voted on the ameliorating amendments?  If she supported them, she can be said to have at least tried to protect her voters from the NIMBY hordes.

                      The industry will never love 181, nor should it.  But it can live with it, at least outside the longmont and Fort Collins areas.

                      The Death lovers and Fisting Describers are solid reasons to vote for Galindo.  If she supported the 181 compromise, she deserves the support of all thinking Coloradans.

                      I know, I know, that's not enough.  As Adlai Stevenson said, she needs a majority.

                      But it's a damn good start.




            1. A local rich guy, Steve Wells, has already pledged $100,000 for the recall with local OandG outfits supposedly pledging $225,000 more, sayeth Greeley Tribune.  That is about three times what Galindo spent to win the seat.


  2. Wonder why we don't hear suggestions that Trump be stoned as an adulterer per Leviticus 20:10. Maybe the professed Christian values are just a smoke screen from people who are willing to use whatever means possible to spread their intolerance and Religious bigotry. This smacks of Christian Shara Law.

    1. A wise observation, Roger.  The whoremonger hypocrites often read only the anti-gay portions of the old testament. The bans on adulery and fornication kind of get lost in the scuffle.  At least as they affect men.  They are still useful for shaming women who cavort with men outside of marriage.  But not the men, so go figure.  Christian Sharia indeed, for Rev. Swaggert and company.


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