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May 18, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Republican 527 Organization

  • by: Colorado Pols

Curious how the Republican 527 and issue committees are organized? Be curious no more. Check out this handy PDF.


28 thoughts on “Republican 527 Organization

  1. If anyone is willing to wager, I bet there are or will be at least 5 more GOP 527’s to pop up across the state.  The slash and burn tactics of these people is no different than the legislation they push.

  2. This seems too complicated.  I like the Dem model better:

    “Hey Tim, can we get that $5 million?”

    “Hey Pat, can we get that 4 million?”

    “Hey Jared, can we get that 3 million?”

    “Hey Governor, I mean Rutt, can we get whatever you were going to spend on yourself?”

  3. GOPer’s always talk about fiscal and personal responsibility, but they practice reckless campaigning.  “Do as I say, not as I do,” seems to have become the party platform.

  4. timpatjaredrutt (a.k.a. idiot):

    there’s a hell of a difference between an individual using their personal wealth to finance a 527 versus major corporate entities donating hundreds of thousands to shady republican slush funds.

  5. there’s a hell of a difference between an individual using their personal wealth to finance a 527 versus major corporate entities donating hundreds of thousands to shady republican slush funds.

    Is this post for real?

    Ever heard of ?  (A group that never seems to actually ‘move on’)?

  6. ROTFL!  Omigod that’s hilarious!  See, their name is Moveon and then he said that they never…”move on.”  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  It just cracks me up.

  7. Yeah, shadycorporateguy may have the dumbest post of the year there.  Who are the ‘major corporate entities’ you speak of?  Virtually all are individuals…

    It’s not like Tim Gill, et al. don’t have interests of their own.  Meanwhile, it’s morons like you who defend “Research and Democracy” aka: porn peddlers & an influential Saudi family – and their secret donations to house Dems.  That’s OK?  Really?

    And finally, you know the Trailhead donors because they actually follow the law and report!  R&D doesn’t!  And neither does Debbie Benefield report a Tim Gill payoff to her until a reporter asks her, because she sure didn’t give that up when the GOP filed an open records request.

    And, umm, Deanna Hanna called, she’d like her brain back…

  8. Yeah “public”  you as well are an idiot. 

    Trailhead donors are not “actually following the law” and reporting jack shit.  The last time I checked, individual donors don’t have to report anything.  The donors donate to these 527’s because their information is not readily available or searchable and their is no contribution limits.  Gee, funny how Tim Travis tried to hide his donation under some bullshit company called “T&C Development” and then, WOW! all of a sudden his donation shows up as Evil Eaton Metal this reporting period.  Maybe everyone should know that this guy is as closely tied to oil and gas interests as you can be without actually pumping or drilling himself…

    Not to mention how stupid the “Republican State Leadership Committee” is for putting all of their 290,000.00 eggs in Trailhead’s basket.

    And, umm, Joe Stengel called, he’d like his per diem back…

  9. This is amazing–the Dem millionaires buy the last election with millions of dollars in secret funds, and continue today through this blog (who funds coloradopols, “dead dems?”) and Clearwater and Research in Democracy and cash to Benefield–and Trailhead is the problem?  Thanks to campaign finance “reform” and Common Cause..this is what politics is now down to..and the Dem millionaires are buying our state.

  10. Poor Republicans!  They got beat at their own game in ’04 and all they do is whine!

    Some one call the Waaammmbulance….

    Did these Republicans ever stop to think that Coloradans are tired of a do-nothing GOP legislature?  A GOP legislature that was more concerned with “gangs of gays and lesbians who were raiding Mexican villages, taking away children, only to place them in single-sex households without the benefit of a firearm or the Pledge of Allegiance”, as opposed to Coloradoan’s real priorities: education, health care, and transportation.

    Dems: Promises Made, Promises Kept.

  11. Dems: Promises Made, Promises Kept.

    Yeah, Promise to raise your taxes for every conceivable reason imaginable, as much as we think we can get away with it.
    Promises kept.

  12. Hello.  All 527s must file with the IRS and if you go to the IRS website under “Charitable and Non profit” and then “Political Organizations” you can find out all the donors to any of them.  You need to look at the “8872” forms.


  13. First, slush funds from big Oil executives is nothing to be proud of, especially in a time of war where these greedy SOB’s are profitting and still jacking the prices of energy higher and higher. Talk about Sleazy.

    Second, individual donations from Democratic supporters helped bring about the exhange of power in ’04 as much as the voters who actually put the Dems into office. A mandate of sorts if you will, since you believed that happen with a president whose approval ratings are worth as much as toilet paper. (And his photo op at the border certainly is not helping.)

    Third, R&D never broke the law. It’s rhetorical crap stemmnig from Karl Rove in Drag and the GrOPer’s who cannot admit fault in their mistakes, so they find a scapegoat. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY was at one time a key component of the Republican party platform, what the hell happened to that.

    Fourth, Republican legislators, except for fringe conservatives like Lunberg and Schulthies, will even admit that Democrats worked with them in  two successful legislative sessions accomplishing far more than in years past.  They worked on the issues that they told voters in ’04 they would; Education, Health Care, Transportation, Etc.  Only if Republicans would stop the political pandering and rhetorical BS, maybe then Coloradoans would trust them again. But, if they continue to bulldoze without concern, it results in backlash, just like in ’04. 

    Finally, Trailhead is slush fund and it’s time that the electeds to do some damage control because this group is out of control.

  14. Damage control is right.  I think voters need to realize what has happened to the Republican Party in the last few years.  Oil Executives vs. Thiefs.  Im not saying Holtzman is a thief or liar, but others might make that argument.  I personally believe in earning my pay the old fashion way by actually working for it. 

    The Colorado Republican Party, Coors, Benson, Owens, Beauprez, and more are desperate for power and they will do anything to regain it.  They will even take down their own if need be.  It’s beginning to look a lot like…craziness

  15. I have an idea.  Let’s dump $1,000,000 into one big ass pot and stir up so much shit that no one in the state has any clue what they are actually voting for!  They will vote against their own self-interest, their own moral standing and beliefs, just so I can personally benefit in the end.  It’s good to be the King.

  16. Gecko,

    I promise to not ridicule the dwindling Conservative movement in Colorado if you can actually make proof that the Trailhead group is not a political slush fund which was put into place with goal of confusion, disinformation and ultimately low voter turnout.

    The Republicans should be out talking to their constituents about how they can “represent” them, not dictate to them.

  17. This sight really has become a joke.  I love listenting to people rationalize why one side’s 527 is crooked and corrupt while the other, funded and disclosed in exactly the same manner, has the mandate of a higher cause.  BTW, for you Trailhead haters (that’s you GrOPERS), call Alice Madden and the House Democrats and ask them why they killed (on a partyline vote) legislation to cap contributions and force disclosure on 527 groups.  I’ll tell you why: because their majority is owed to one thing and one thing only: 527 “slush funds” underwritten by timpatjaredrutt. Spare us the sanctimony.

  18. timpatjaredrutt:

    If you’re talking about Penry’s 527 bill, it was a piece of crap and that’s why it got killed.  It’s okay, he’s a newbie and he’ll learn what language he should and should not use in this type of proposed legislation.

    By-the-way, there is a difference between a 527 touting the accomplishments of their party and one that resorts to baseless character attacks in order to advance a corporate agenda.

  19. Right, petecoorsbiggestfan, the Dem 527’s would NEVER say anything bad about a GOP candidate.  I mean, not once in 2004 did they ever launch a negative attack on a Republican.

  20. You hit the nail on the head.  There’s a difference between the neoconvicts launching baseless negative attacks in order to advance a corporate agenda and dems in the majority responding to the neoconvicts while touting their laundry list of legislative accomplishments the past two sessions.

  21. I was joking. 

    A. The dems were not in the majority in 2004.
    B. The dems who funded the 2004 campaign are corporate as well.
    C. The dems launched baseless negative attacks against Republicans in 2004.

    There’s nothing wrong with some good, old-fashioned negative campaigning.  There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to exercise their free speech rights by chipping in and getting their message out through paid advertising.

    There IS something wrong, however, with the ignorant view that only one side does it.

  22. The big difference between Democratic 527 Groups and Trailhead is that the Governor of Colorado is the founder of Trailhead. Democratic 527 donors can’t use their donations to buy influence with state agencies controlled by Governor Owens like Trailhead’s corporate donors can with theirs. That’s a really big difference.  Unlike Gill and Polis, oil and gas company executives and Illinois based Golden Rule Insurance Company aren’t giving money to Trailhead because they care about Colorado.  They’re giving money because they want something from the Owens administration.

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