No Seriously, Where Is Cory Gardner This Recess?

We joked earlier today about a photo sent out by Sen. Cory Gardner’s social media accounts featuring Gardner behind the controls of a commercial aircraft, which as it turns out was a simulator at the United Airlines pilot training facility in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver taken yesterday. So far as we know, that’s the only word that’s leaked out about Sen. Gardner’s whereabouts during the March congressional recess. ShareBlue’s Emily Singer reported earlier this week:

This week is a district work period for members of Congress — better known as a recess week, when lawmakers head home to meet with constituents and get a feel for what the voters who sent them to Capitol Hill want to see them work on in the nation’s capital.

Yet three vulnerable Republican senators up for re-election in 2020, who just voted to ignore the Constitution and uphold Trump’s fake national emergency, have no public events listed for constituents to attend, according to a review of senators’ official websites, campaign websites and social media accounts…

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), arguably the most vulnerable Republican incumbent senator facing re-election in 2020, also has no public events listed on his websites nor social media accounts. [Pols emphasis] Gardner was rebuked by his hometown newspaper, which revoked its endorsement of the senator after Gardner’s vote to uphold the fake emergency.

Sen. Gardner’s lack of accessibility by his constituents back home in Colorado is a long-running matter of record, with his last public town hall event apparently having occurred all the way back in November of 2017 in Pueblo. Gardner’s 2017 round of town halls were generally considered to be a public relations disaster, after angry constituents vocally rejected unsatisfying answers that did little to improve Gardner’s dented image.

But when you don’t do them at all, and everybody knows you’re in town…that’s worse.

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  1. unnamed says:

    Based on an earlier post, I think he entered a Pilot Program for kids.

  2. PodestaEmails says:

    What a crock of shit. The only ones embarrassed at Gardner town halls were leftist psychopaths who wouldn't let him talk. Why would anyone subject themselves to that willingly?

    Gardner was met with hostility, rudeness and aggression. He was unable to speak over a crowd that yelled things like “single payer” and “you suck.” It was embarrassing behavior from a movement that isn’t doing itself any favors at this moment of momentum building. Some of the crowd in the Pikes Peak Community College auditorium proved Gardner was right at a time they could have shown just how wrong ducking public events is.

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Only one quibble with ShareBlue's account…. she said "Gardner was rebuked by his hometown newspaper."   The Denver Post is certainly NOT Gardner's hometown paper. I doubt the Yuma Pioneer has had one critical word about Gardner, let alone rebuking him for anything.

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