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May 16, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Bush Immigration Poll

  • by: Colorado Pols


13 thoughts on “Bush Immigration Poll

  1. Look, I don’t usually post here but I need to anonymously blow off some steam.  Anybody that doesn’t support the President’s plan is just a hater. Plain and simple. 

    You talk show addicted right wingers need to get a grip.  You want to deport 12 million people?  Seriously.  Do you have any idea how much this will cost, what the logistics were etc.  What kind of effect it will have on the economy.  A real conservative would support the President’s guest worker program. It makes sense fiscally and it is not amnesty.  And those who call themselves Christian off your moral high horse about illegal behavior and how it shouldn’t be rewarded and re-read John 7:53

    And the liberals, oh the liberals.  Now that W. is down you’ve got to kick him don’t you.  You will oppose everything he does for political gain in spite of our country’s best interests.  We have to secure our border, it’s a matter of national security.  The President offered a mainstream solution that should appeal to reasonable Democrats.  But apparently the man can do no good in your eyes. 

    I am consistently amazed by what kind of people politics attracts.

  2. The media is not doing a good job of covering the “truth” behind the illegal immigration issue.  We need more than just a Nightline roundtable, we need facts from the region of what is going on within Mexico. 

    Since we began the war against Iraq, we have ignored our own problems (example: Katrina and FEMA) and people in our own country.  Bush has not been proactive on many other issues that are very important to America.  President Bush has aimed at only his desire to attack Iraq. 

    Quesiton: “What has President Bush truly done during his term that made a positive difference for the nation?

  3. pseudy,

    We kick Bush when he’s down, because we don’t ever, ever want our country to suffer this kind of dishonest, failed leadership again.  It’s going to take many years for future leaders, Republican or Democrat, to repair the damage Chimpy has done.

    The President offered a mainstream solution that should appeal to reasonable Democrats. But apparently the man can do no good in your eyes.

    Actually, look back to comments yesterday here at Colorado Pols.  I said I thought Bush’s proposal was a reasonable starting point, and I know many other Democrats who think so.

    (Although I did and do question his sincerity, given that he called for 10,000 border troops a year ago, then refused to fund his own request.)

    But it doesn’t matter anyway.  It’s the Republicans who are tearing Bush apart on his proposal, not my team.

  4. Apparently Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff would vote “no” on this poll too.

    When Bill O’Reilly asked him five months ago what he thought of the idea of stationing National Guard troops to back up the border patrol, Chertoff replied:

    “Well, the National Guard is really, first of all, not trained for that mission,” Chertoff told O’Reilly. “I mean, the fact of the matter is the border is a special place. There are special challenges that are faced there.”

    “…I think it would be a horribly over-expensive and very difficult way to manage this problem,” Chertoff said.

  5. I don’t particularly care for the President’s plan, but I honestly haven’t heard anything better, so for lack of an alternative I would have to support him on this one. 

    I’d really rather have our National Guard troops back here in the US instead of in Iraq.  Frankly, this sounds more like appropriate National Guard responsiblities as opposed to fighting the war in Iraq.

  6. I don’t think I like the President’s plan because

    1. I’m not sure I understand it.
    2. It seems like just more political maneuvering. 

    I have to agree with the homeland security quotes above.  Sending National Guard units for border patrol seems like overkill.  Blaming document fraud for allowing every slaughterhouse and hotel in the country to hire illegals is unrealistic.  Creating more identity cards is fascist.  Finally, I thought there were already temporary worker programs in existence, what good does creating another one do?

  7. Pseudy,

    The Republicans are the ones who are doing the attacking, and they are the ones who made the big blunder of getting their base riled up with the lynch-mob mentality.  What are these Republicans thinking?  I suppose they now call Bush a RINO and have to push for something further to the right than him (if such a thing is possible?)

    The GOP has committed a huge blunder.  Classic stupidity of playing to your base who will vote for you anyway while alienating everyone else. In one move they have forced their president into permanant irrelevance, moved the party to the far right and ensuring a crushing defeat in 2006 and 2008 and Democratic dominance of national politics  for the next several elections.

    So, you have to forgive the Democrats for being a little giddy at the sudden implosion of the Republicans.

  8. You talk show addicted right wingers need to get a grip. You want to deport 12 million people? Seriously. Do you have any idea how much this will cost, what the logistics were etc.

    It seems to me that the cost of them arriving (and staying) here has already become prohibitive.  After all, how much has it cost the respective countries to have them illegally come to the US?  We can ship them all home the way they came, and then send the bill to the respective country.  When that bill isn’t paid, then we simply deduct that amount from the billions of dollars that we annually send to said country.

  9. I read but very rarely post. I enjoy reading what you all think. My personal opinion is I like the Presidents idea, but would vote no on the citizenship option. If they disrespected our laws by coming here illeglly, then they should not be granted citizenship, amnesty if you want to call it that. Waiting in line behind those that came here legally just makes those that did it the right way look really dumb. However, most should probably be allowed a perminant green card so they can join the mainstream.

  10. Too bad this poll isn’t scientifically correct.  However, I dare say that if the results of this survey is only a small fraction of the sentiments held by many Americans, anyone close or near to G.W. will suffer the downfall.

    maybe that’s why Bob beauprez, a Colorado Congressman, hasn’t added G.W. to his portfolio of endorsements.  Starting to look a bit like anybody but W.

    Lest we forget.  Bob Beauprez was a Congressman.  If you aren’t happy with what is happening or may happen in Washington, just VOTE NO!!!

  11. Hey pseudy: Please, please, get a grip yourself. W. is a falure as a conservative. And letting your nation be overrun because of spineless politicians has NOTHING to do with the Bible.

    I’m so sick of libs (or anyone) trotting out the Bible when it suits them!

    The reason Bush is in the position he is? Because on spending, immigration, and overall leadership on the hard issues (which are all winners for conservs and losers for libs), he has taken his base for granted. Pure and simple. I am a fire-breathing conservative, and am sorry for Bush. Hapless, tactically and as far as leadership.

    Almost anything he does now is going to be seen as maneuvering, even to many of his tradtitional supporters. The only thing that will save him is that the Democrats are just plain amoral communists, and will run people so unpalatable that we will again grit our teeth and vote Republican.

    Bush should have attacked the Louisiana Dems who were primarily responsible for Katrina. Bush should have attacked the Dems on tax cuts.

    Bush’s “uniter, not a divider” is just plain dumb. Human nature and political reality does not change – “Divide and conquer” is more like it.

    As for Colorado, the first thing we need to do is throw out the spineless Republicans, even if we end up in the minority for another term. Most voters, when it comes down to it, agree with conservative, traditional principles, and we can win on those: marriage, 2nd amend, taxes, immigration reform.

    to run from every fight, like State Party and the rest of the cancerous GOP establishment moderates, is to end up in the minority PERMANENTLY.

    Anyone who thinks the GOP is acting conservative, and blames that for its ills, can obvoiusly NOT speak from a position of knowledge or belief.

  12. Bush might be taken seriously if he himself were serious about fining and/or jailing employers of illegals, whether it’s the chairman of an ag/meatpacking conglomerate or the suburbanites who hire cheap gardners. If the availability of work dried up, so would the parade of illegals.

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