Presidential Ponderation: Who Challenges Trump in 2020?

Who fills this spot in 2020?

It’s almost easier to make a list of Democrats who are not interested in running for President in 2020, but we’re going to give it a shot now that more candidates are starting to make their intentions (officially) known.

When we asked you this question last July, former Vice President Joe Biden and “Someone Else” were the top vote-getters. The field of potential candidates has since expanded significantly, and several have now formally announced their 2020 bids (Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Kamala Harris, former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, some dude who is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, etc.) Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is definitely running, and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Denver) is getting more buzz after his passionate speech on the Senate floor last week.

Pols readers are generally pretty good about predicting Colorado outcomes, so let’s see if you can keep it going in a national race.

As always, we want to know what you think will happen — not what you want to happen or who you personally might support. If you had to make a choice today, which is basically what we’re asking you to do, who would you predict will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2020?

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Who Will Be the Democratic Nominee for President in 2020?

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  1. Mike W. says:

    Harris is best positioned right now, but that's not to say she will be the candidate to take him down. She's got a whole year to slip or flop, and a lot of time for the outrage engineers to break her down for no reason.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    I'd vote for Hickenlooper.  We could use a No-Drama persona about now.  Repubs would have a hard time knocking someone who once worked in the fossil fuel business.

    • DENependent says:

      Obama was all about no-drama, but he made no drama feel inspiring. In comparison Hickenlooper is like one of those DVDs you find in a bargain bin at Walmart that looks like a Disney movie at first, but isn't.

      • That's a wonderful description – made my snow-covered day!

        • DENependent says:

          Thanks. Nothing that much against him, he's a perfectly fine bush league politician. I voted for him twice, but look who he was running against. When the contest is between "mockbuster" and "total trainwreck" the first one wins in a purple state.

          As much as I am a Colorado partisan who would love to have one of "ours" in the White House, I think we're going to be like the Brooklyn Dodgers for some years yet. Losing and then looking forward the the next cycle.

  3. davebarnes says:

    It is Julián and not Julian.

  4. Voyageur says:

    Who cares.  The accent mark means he's too old.

    • davebarnes says:

      Not too old at age 44.

      I care because his name should be spelled correctly. It is way past time for people in the USA to learn how to apply diacritical marks.

      • Gilpin Guy says:

        I love diacritical marks as long as they don't follow me into the bathroom.

        • Gray in Mountains says:

          I like them if I know how to make my machine use them.

          • It's easy enough on a tablet or phone; e.g. on Android you just hold down the appropriate letter and up pops a set of options.

            Windows users can get a subset of characters if they are set up to use the US International or other non-US keyboard layout. The AltGr key if you have it, right-Alt key sometimes, and Ctrl-Alt combo otherwise can be held down in combination with a regular key to get certain symbols. E.g. Ctrl+Alt+a (or AltGr+a) will get you an 'á'. Wikipedia has a list – search for 'AltGr key'. Otherwise you have to use the Character Map accessory or memorize the Alt-number pad sequence for each special character (e.g. Alt+0169 gets you '©')

            Mac users can use the Keyboard Viewer.

  5. itlduso says:

    As much as I dislike Harris' participation in taking out Al Franken, I think her slogan, "Kamala Harris — For the People" is very effective.  She describes how she entered a courtroom as a young prosecutor many years ago and uttered those words to the judge.  That might just play.

  6. Pseudonymous says:

    The good news about Kamala Harris leading the poll is that, this cycle, I get to be accused of being both a misogynist and a racist when I fail to support her candidacy.  With HRC, I only got to check one of those boxes.  Election season is looking up!

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      You can also check being a cheeky dick.  Instead of being a victim for who you don't like, how about telling us who you would support.

      • Pseudonymous says:

        Bernie.  Probably Liz Warren.  Brown is interesting as a strong union guy, but I think he's probably underwhelming in other spaces, like universal healthcare, that are critically important to me.

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          Appreciate it.  Maybe Bernie can change his spots again and re-register so he can run as a Democrat again.  I can accept any of them if they are the nominee but hope that it will be a substantive primary with the media reporting on policy nuances and differences in implementations.

  7. Diogenesdemar says:

    Already, it’s common sense, facts, and decency that challenge trump . . . 

  8. MichaelBowman says:

    Desperate, party of 1, your table is ready…

  9. deathpigeon | they/them says:

    A part of me wants Tulsi Gabbard to win, just to see how the US responds to her particular brand of hindutva racism and the hilarious shitshow that the hindu nationalist vs the white nationalist would be.

    But, realistically, they'll go back to Creepy Uncle Backrubs and nominate Joe Biden to run with the blasé, run of the mill racism that we've been acclimated to instead of a new, weirdo sort of it that no one's expecting.

  10. Meiner49er says:

    Imagine if you will, Late November 2019: a Democratic field mired in too many candidates and not enough charisma to compel anyone to watch the debates. Al Franken returns to SNL to debate Alec Baldwin as Trump…in a skit that effects revenge on Kristen Gillibrand, #too. 

    The video goes viral, everyone lightens up, and Franken ends up lighting up the Primaries to clinch the nomination in 2020.

    Hey, it's a long shot, but if we're going to be making predictions this far out, why not go large?

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      You are toying now with itlduso's emotions. You know he/she/they is/are still carrying a torch for Al Franken.

    • itlduso says:

      Brilliant!  Wait, Rinse and Repeat is right.

      Actually, my flame for Al Franken burns because he should have never been forced out of the Senate for a goofball picture and some allegations that he grabbed a couple of butts during photo opps. Kind of like why CO Senator Daniel Kagan should not have been crucified for using the women’s Senate bathroom. Neither of those individuals committed “sexual assault” as some on this site have alleged.

      My long shot is that the Mueller report comes out with smoking gun, no doubt about it treason on both Trump and Pence.  Both are impeached and convicted leaving Nancy Pelosi as the new President.

      Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        My long shot is that the Mueller report comes out with smoking gun, no doubt about it treason on both Trump and Pence.  Both are impeached and convicted leaving Nancy Pelosi as the new President.

        How I would love to see that happen too. But unfortunately, it is probably too much for which to hope. It would be difficult enough to get 20 Republican Senators to flip and vote to convict Donnie and make the Bobble Head president. There is no way in hell they will remove both and install Nancy Pelosi as president.

        • MADCO says:

          Stick with the theme

          Mueller report… impeach the President, during the hearing, Pence… is abducted by aliens and they get in a car crash because they are holding their phone so they can see the directions on google map… and they all die.  

  11. JohnInDenver says:

    First test of staff line-ups in early states shows Clinton not competing at this point, Biden smiling along, Sanders still trying to figure out who won't be toxic news …

    Warren, Harris, Gillibrand, Booker, and a few others appear to be hiring New Hampshire and Iowa staff, plus others in some states. I don't know New Hampshire at all, but the little I know and slightly more I read, the bench of Iowa folks with recent experience and savvy is NOT huge — candidate #10 and others late to the effort will be scraping to finding adequate numbers of competent staff.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      New wrinkle is California.  Candidates will need 7 figure budgets to compete in California in February.  Primary day is early March but because it is a mail-in state and the delegate count dwarfs Iowa and New Hampshire combined, candidates will need to have an organization and presence in the state well before the ballots drop.  California is Harris' to lose.  If she wins big Iowa and New Hampshire won't matter regardless of how many times Hickenlooper visits them.

  12. flatiron says:

    Would be easier to vote who WON'T be the Democratic nominee

    x  Bernie

    x Gabbard

    x Bloomberg

    X Gillibrand

    x Bennet

  13. Voyageur says:

    Bernie in 2020 — on the off cha nce he's still alive!

    gotta admit, Sudafed, your slogan has a ring to it.

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