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May 16, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Crank Announces More Endorsements

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s a Jeff Crank press release day, apparently. Crank today announced the endorsements of?State Senators Andy?McElhany, Ed Jones and Ron May.?The endorsements are part of a letter sent to delegates of Friday’s Congressional Assembly. You can read the letter HERE.


31 thoughts on “Crank Announces More Endorsements

  1. …then you woke up Dan!  The majority of Colorado’s Republican legislators are supporting Lamborn.  As the old saying goes, you can’t win ’em all.  You can’t be in politics long before you make some enemies.

    The huge hurdle for Crank to get over is his problem with plagiarism.

  2. Look, Crank is going to have endorsements and Lamborn will have his.  Crank has the endorsement of three Colorado legislators.  I’m sure they feel they owe Hefley.  The good thing for Lamborn is that there are seven Colorado legislators within Hefley’s district that are supporting Lamborn despite Hefley’s influence.

  3. Yeah, but you’d think that the Senators who work with Lamborn every day would support him.  I guess they see him for what he is, an ineffective stooge.

  4. Jack:

    It’s the 5th Congressional Assembly on Friday.
    I suspect that they will both be on the ballot.  You obviously haven’t been fighting in the trenches Julie and/or Ellen.

  5. In politics, you make friends, you make enemies.  Maybe your right Ellen Julie, those endorsements signal the end of the Lamborn campaign.

  6. Maybe you all are right, both Lamborn and Crank suck. Time for a change! No more Hefley (or wannabes) No more preaching Lamborn! New blood!

  7. lets me see.  Ron (I knows alot about roads May, Ed (I owe people a ton of money and was audio taped by the Colorado Springs police during an under-cover drug bust) Jones, and Andy (I hardly knew Randy Ankeney was actually a pervert and though there are picture sof he and I, I hardly knew him) McElhaney.

    Can you say tired old souls with tons of baggage?  These three endorsements carry absolutely no weight at all.  Neither of the three would be considered big “C” Conservatives.  All three have one thing in common – political prostitution.  they all owe Mr. Joel. 

    Are you folks that think that it won’t be Lamborn, or at least Lamborn and Crank, smoking something?  Must be, or just ill informed.

    Lamborn enjoys the conservative support of John Andrews, Douglas Bruce, Mark Hilman.  I’ll take these endorsements over the other three JOKERS anyday.

  8. Crank is a wounded duck.  His credibility has crapped out.  The latest solicitation mailed to Fifth Congressional Delegates/Alternates by Douglas Bruce doesn’t bode well for anyone but Lamborn.  In his usual stile, Douglas Bruce brings out facts that the media fails to report on.

    Did you know Crank named his son (Joel) after Joel Hefley.  How did this work?  Crank works with Hefley for 7 years, and if Crank names his son after Joel Hefley he gets the Congressional seat?

    Guess it’s true that Crank is the son that Hefley never had.  Then again, what does that say for Bill Cadman?  Cadman worked for Hefley for 12 years and has two sons.  Wonder if Bill had named one of his sons after Joel Hefley whether Cadman and Crank would be vying against one another.  Better yet, whether Joel Hefley would be endorsing both.

    Actually, we all know that there was a falling out between our illustrious Mr. Cadman and congressman Hefley.  Ever wonder why you don’t see many photo ops with the two together?  Or why Joel never oficially endorsed Mr. Cadman?

    This stuff is starting to sound like Dynasty or Peyton Place isn’t it?

  9. Very enlightening Anonymous.

    I agree with you, I don’t this plagiarism thing is going to go away for Crank anytime soon. 

    Incidentally, it was his plagiarism that made me decide against him. 

    We shouldn’t let him just try to explain away this major infraction.  Like it or not, plagiarism is a HUGE ethical problem for Crank.

  10. I admit to knowing next to nothing about this race.

    But if I named my child after someone, it would show profound friendship and respect to that person.  It’s not the kind of thing anyone’s going to do for political advantage.  Hefley and Crank are colleagues and friends, right? 

    Or maybe Crank just liked the name.  It’s not exactly a rare one:

    Said Crank: “I like the name Joel. I told [Hefley] that if his name was Maurice then my son would not have been named that.

    I’m pretty cynical, but I think Crank’s probably being straight here.  And frankly I’m kind of shocked that his boy named Joel is the “scandal” Lamborn supporters want to focus on.

  11. Ok, this plagerism issue was handled very poorly by Crank, but seriously, it’s not like any candidates out there right now truley have grand ideas, and frankly I would be a little concerned if a first term candidate for Congress threw away the their party platform, and what Crank “plagerized” was pretty basic, and that is for better or worse what happens in campaigns. For example, here is John Salazar’s postion on Education and Iraq direct from his website…

    “Salazar will fight to fully fund the No Child Left Behind education reforms, and oppose additional unfunded federal mandates.”

    “Salazar believes that we need to move forward from where we are today, and complete a mission that we as Americans can be proud of. We must work with international partners to do what is best for the Iraqi people.”

    …In a 30 second search Obama has “Obama would fight to fully fund the No Child Left Behind Act” from his 04 campain site. Somehow I don’t see a scandle from this. None of this , from Crank to Salazar to Obama are exacly coming up with groundbreaking stuff in their congressional campain. Plagerism is a major concern but as a tax payer in Colorado I find it a great deal more distrubing that my dollars are funding Churchill’s retirement and not Crank using basic ideas from the the GOP platform.

    For the record I’m not sold on anyone is CD-5

  12. Now that hurts even worse.  If Salazar copies Obama, then Crank copies.  Does that mean the Crank is no different than a Democrat?  OUCH!!! OUCH!!! OUCH!!!

    I can see it now.  What do Jeff Crank, and John Salazar have in common?  They both plagiarize.

  13. Problem with people who plagiarize, you never know form whence the information was originally written.  Could be a journal, a newspaper article, the bathroom wall at the bus depot, etc.

  14. K4K:

    As far as Crank and his plagiarism troubles, you can’t merely pass it off as something that was “handled badly”.

    I appreciate Crank’s positions, it how it was stated that is the problem.  He took whole paragraphs, word for word from other political websites.  That’s a HUGE promblem.

    Thinking individuals should not dismiss this.

    People who plagiarize and are found out get into big trouble over it.  They lose credibility, they lose business associates, they sometimes lose their jobs.  It’s not a silly little problem that was badly mishandled.  It is a SERIOUS infraction.

    It also tells me that Mr. Crank cannot think through the issues well enough to put it into his own words.
    This is a BIG PROBLEM for the Crank Camp.

  15. Umm…let’s see. If Churchill should be fired (and he should) for plagiarism, what do we do with Crank?

    How about rename him “Ward Crank” or “Jeff Churchill”.

    Maybe when he loses, Crank can get a job teaching at CU.

  16. By far the best candidate running for the 5th Congressional seat is Bentley Rayburn.  Those who have the opportunity to hear his views on the important issues,  his leadership experience, handling of fiscal responsibilities, intellectual capabilities,  and consistent emphasis on family values  can clearly see that he is more than equipped to represent not only Colorado but the people of the United States who are all dependant upon the finest leadership in these times of threatened national security.

  17. Hellooooo.  How about the campaign managers?  Do you really think that the candidates sit around as they begin their campaigns and actually build their own websites?  Of course not.  They meet with their managers, talk about their platform and then give the talking points to some hired schlepp or volunteer to build their website.  Jim Banks should take the fall for Crank on this one. 

    Perfect example – Marc Holtzman.  I can just see it now.  Marc has a meeting with his manager, Dick Leggit and says, “Hey Dick, why don’t you go out there and lie to the press about a couple of things.  I think that would really help my campaign.” 

    Come on people.  Put those collective brains cells together and think about it.  The blame for this one lies squarely with Crank’s manager.

  18. Speaking of managers..  harajuku girl, you sure sound alot like Jon Hotaling.  Anonymity suits you.

    For those of you who don’t know, harajuku girl, aka Jon Hotaling is Lamborn’s manager.

  19. Just fyi… two independently contracted law firms and a Professor from Colorado College (not exactly a conservative place…) ALL individually reported that there was NO PLAGIARISM. Campaigns routinely use similar language and this is one of those times that the hype is just simply blown out of proportion… Those are facts.

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