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February 16, 2010 07:04 PM MST

Trey Rogers Leaving Ritter's Office

  • by: Colorado Pols

According to a press release from Gov. Bill Ritter’s office:

Gov. Bill Ritter announced today that his Chief Legal Counsel, Trey Rogers, will leave his office to return to private practice effective March 1. Gov. Ritter has named his Senior Deputy Legal Counsel, Craig Welling, to the Chief Counsel position.

Welling has served as Senior Deputy Legal Counsel for three years. Prior to joining Gov. Ritter’s office, he was a litigation attorney with Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, LLP in Denver.

Rogers has served as Chief Legal Counsel since Gov. Ritter took office.  He will re-join Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, LLP as a partner, the position he held prior to joining the Governor’s office.

Of course, Trey Rogers has been more than just “Chief Legal Counsel” under Ritter. Rogers has always been one of Ritter’s closest advisors, on both political and policy questions, and his departure from the office will certainly change the way things are done (or not done) as the Governor enters his final 10 months in office.


27 thoughts on “Trey Rogers Leaving Ritter’s Office

      1. Let’s hear more about…

        Trey Rogers, actually, is a jerk, and the Governor is better off without him.  He is so full of hubris and is not that bright.  Good riddance.

        Who, what, where, when, why and how?  Inquiring minds want to know more ….

  1. My dealings with Mr. Rogers have been brief, but they directly involved his position in the Governor’s office.  He acted “too busy” to deal with this issue, and unwilling to listen.  He also brushed aside our issues, and seemed to be unwilling to listen.

    Outside the office, I find him to be a pompous, overweight, blowhard who treats people who can’t do much for him, poorly.

    He’s a waste.

    1. He showed great interest in the issue I brought to his attention and made time to deal with the executive agency involved. His response was prompt, to the point and helpful. His attitude was friendly, respectful and professional. I never felt he was talking down to me.  

    2. Trey works for the governor.  The governor’s priorities are his priorities.  Getting all ventilated at Trey becuase your prioriries are not his boss’s priorities is kind of juvenille.

      Unlike your jab at his waistline, which was class all the way.

      I’ll agree with you that Pols may be overstating the significance of this news a bit, but given that most people who have dealt directly with Trey seem to think rather highly of him (me included), the reliableness of your reporting is suspect.

  2. A lot of emotion about a guy who doesn’t serve the Governor well.  

    If you reread my comments, it says NOTHING about Trey’s priorities, it talks about the people’s priorities.  And, as a taxpayer, he works for all of us.  He must, by definition, at least be willing to listen to citizen’s issues, of which he was not.

    Out of the Governor’s office, I found his demeanor and personality to be off-putting, to say the least.

    The guy is an jerk.  Feel free to call my “reporting as suspect,” but the way he treated us was below par.

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