Is the “Eggmendment” Doomed?

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According to 9News, proponents of the constitutional amendment that would confer to zygotes the rights of adult humans (can anyone say “special rights?”) only turned in 4,000 extra signatures over the 76,047 valid signatures they require to qualify for the ballot.

That’s likely not enough padding. If the Doug Bruce initiatives are any guide, about 25% of the signatures turned in were not valid.

That failure rate is consistent with past ballot initiatives, where 20-30% of signatures turned in are not valid. Indeed, in 2008 the invalid rate for the “eggmendment” was 20.5%.

That would indicate that the initiative is at least 15,000 signatures short of the requirement.

Update: According to their press release, they actually only collected 3,770 extra signatures. In 2008, they collected over 50,000 extra signatures. This neither bodes well for the likelihood of their initiative making the ballot, nor does it say good things about their base of support.

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  1. Dan Willis says:

    This issue was defeated so resoundly in 2008 it is a waste of everyone’s time and money to rehash it.

    • Dan Willis says:

      Once the SoS rules the signatures are insufficient, the proponents will have another 2 weeks (I think it’s 2 weeks) to get moe signatures to attempt to cure the deficiency.

      Maybe not dead yet.

      • ThillyWabbit says:

        They should have been able to get all the signatures they needed on a couple of Sundays if they had the support of the megachurches. I think they don’t want another landslide defeat two years in a row. The same reason we didn’t see a repeal of the marriage ban in 2008.

        • Roger D says:

          Doesn’t want this kind of ballot question this year.

          They are trying to run away from this kind of social agenda as they know it has hurt them in the past.  Their hope this year is that people will focus on fiscal matters and they can run on a faux populist agenda.

          This is completely different from earlier times when they WANTED this kind of social issue on the ballot as they thought it drove their base to the polls.  Problem now is they don’t have a base and need to appeal to RINOs and Indies.

  2. Gypsy Chief says:

    Does anybody know if they used volunteers or paid petition circulators? It looks like this “eggmendment” is dead for the time being but you can bet it will come back – and it is an abuse of the initiative process. The initiative as envisioned by Hiram Johnson was supposed to be a way for citizens to take back a measure of control of their government. Instead, it has become a vehicle for well financed interest groups to saddle the state with special interest legislation.  

    • ThillyWabbit says:

      What is certain is they have not reported their contributions and expenditures whether or not they paid circulators. There are photos on their website of them sending out pre-printed mailings in a quarter where their income and expenditures were reported as something like two bucks. Apparently postage, printing, and paper are free for Christians or something.

    • Sharon Hanson says:

      I use to sign all petitions because I thought the voting public had a right to have a say in the getting legislation passed but they have abused the privilege so often I first read the petition and if it’s something I will vote yes on I sign it. If not I decline and try to make them ashamed they asked me to sign on to something so idiotic.  And their have been a lot of corporate sponsored vote against your own interest petitions floating around in the past ten years.  

    • sufimarie says:

      They didn’t seem paid. I think they were volunteers feeling good about doing their lord’s dirty work. I’m guessing they’ll never forget my response and for that, I am proud. I AM PROUD, I TELL YA! Being mean to those people was like stealing candy from an unborn baby (but without the juices).  

    • Jersey Transplant says:

      Keith Mason, supervillain cofounder of Personhood USA said that due to the “overwhelming participation nationally, [personhood usa] now has 40 operations in 40 states” or something like that…AKA they’re broke and used only volunteers this year.  Not like it matters, the paid gatherers they hired last year only netted them 20% of their total effort.  and whereas that would have helped clear the 110% fence they’d need to not have the SOS go through and count every single freaking siguature, they still get the 15 day cure period.

      all in all folks, it might not fucking happen this year.    at least not in Colorado.

  3. Gray in Mountains says:

    for tearing up a petition?

  4. Leonard Smalls says:

    Was almost looking forward to voting against it again.

  5. peacemonger says:

    Thankth thilly wabbit.

  6. dwyer says:

    The conservatives are sooooooooo dumb, that is why they are now leading all the polls as the “voice of the majority” of Americans….despite the fact that the majority of the American thought they had elected a Democratic Congress and Administration.

    What could the broad strategy for the Republicans possibly be?  

    1) Use the abortion issue as a talking point to attack democratics and liberals on “killing the unborn”….with any luck you can toss in a few priests/prelates to condemm democrats..worth votes in marginal districts

    2) Use Roe v. Wade to rail against “activist judges/justices”..see Just Vote Not campaign in Colorado against retaining ANY justices/judges.

    3) Advance the talking point that Roe v. Wade should be overturned and then let each state decide for itself who is a person or not (Remember Dred Scott…if the North had just not agitated against that decision, we never would have had the War between the States.)…these personhood  amendments are part of that strategy….

    4) Make sure that NO Republican ever has to actually vote on the abortion question or take a stand on it…while still railing against the democrats….thus, the amendment doesn’t actually make unto the ballot or it is so badly written that Republicans can refuse to support, reluctantly, because they have some “problems with the wording.”

    5) Sit back, have a drink, and watch the dems fall all over themselves making fun of the amendment.

    boys and girls, I do my best to tell you what is going on…but do you listen??? nooooooo

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