We’ll All Miss Dave Schultheis (Even Spammers)

For years state Sen. Dave Schultheis (R-Colorado Springs) has been a walking landmine for Republicans because of his, er, “talent” for making stupid and occasionally horrific statements.

But were it not for his brash stupidity, Schultheis would have left little mark on the Colorado legislature in his years under the Golden Dome. Schultheis announced last fall that he would not be running for re-election in 2010 and will instead retire to some insensitive pasture somewhere. In just a few short months Dave won’t have himself to get kicked around anymore.

So it is that we couldn’t help but laugh about an email that was spammed out to just about everybody at the State Capitol this afternoon. Take a look at the message that was later forwarded to us:

—–Forwarded Message—–

From: dave.schultheis.house@state.co.us

Sent: Feb 12, 2010 1:41 PM

To: dave.schultheis.house@state.co.us

Subject: Essential for hot affairs

Got obstacles with ordering medicaments to your house?

Our web-store is aimed for helping you! Place your order here and get your package to your home or office the same day.

We don’t annoy you about prescription, but we care about privacy of delivery and transactions.

[image link removed by Colorado Pols]

We removed the link, so as not to spam any of our readers, but it pointed to a sexually-themed image relating to “performance” enhancing drugs.

This is obviously a spam message (Schultheis, after all, would no longer be using a State House address because he is now a State Senator), and this almost certainly is not Schultheis’ fault. We don’t blame him for it, and we certainly wouldn’t expect anyone else at the Capitol to blame him, either.

But could this really have happened to anybody else? It seems even spambots have a sense of humor.


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  1. peacemonger says:

    which made my flesh crawl. “How do you tell if a liberal is dead? If he stops calling you a racist.”

    I don’t need any more nightmares.

  2. sufimarie says:

    that’s what I heard. Does someone have a better estimate about that cost?

    And tell me if I’m wrong but don’t Senators get 5 bills every session? I’m sure Schultheis has never turned down an opportunity to come up with a fur-brained bill. Does this mean Schultheis has cost the state $28,000.00 with his idiotic bills? And is it a joke that he’s always on the Health and Human Services Committee?  

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