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May 13, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Urgent Nonsense

  • by: Colorado Pols

We opened up the Colorado Pols e-mail this morning and were greeted with a message from the Marc Holtzman for governor campaign. The subject: “Urgent Release.”

What could it be??

With the state assembly just around the corner, we were thinking that this could be some big announcement regarding the gubernatorial race. We opened up the e-mail, which came from Holtzman’s press secretary,?and read the first line: “Urgent Press Release attached and following.”

Intriguing, you say?

That’s what we thought, so we quickly scrolled down and found this nonsense as the opening sentence of the press release:

For the second time this campaign season, Colorado?s gubernatorial candidates distinguished themselves among the field at a forum held today in Fort Collins, sponsored by the Fort Collins Board of Realtors.


The rest of the press release goes on to spin Holtzman’s appearance?with the other two candidates for governor at a forum in Ft. Collins on Friday.?

If you’re wondering what makes that so urgent…well, so were we. It’s more than a little ridiculous.


24 thoughts on “Urgent Nonsense

  1. Holtzman’s campaign is in deep trouble.  He’ll probably get more than 10% at the state convention next weekend, but not more than 30%.  The question is, will he feel desperate and start really slinging the mud at Beauprez?

  2. I just love how he and BB, who both opposed Referendum C, now can’t wait to decide how to disburse the very dollars they worked so hard to prevent our state from receiving.

    Was at a fundraiser with Bill Ritter today–lots of Dems, Undecideds and hard core Republicans in the same room. He walked out with every one of their votes.

    It was inspiring to watch, really. He’s not some slick politician BSing the crowd and man, you know that people can spot that a mile away. He had answers and well thought out ones, at that, for every question thrown at him. He talked one on one with every single person in the room, was witty, amusing, intelligent, down to earth. Best of all, he knew the issues and had answers that actually made sense.

    He is the sane alternative to two candidates that are starting to look an awful lot alike.

  3. Bob Beauprez really blew off the CD a1 assembly today. His staff showed up long after it started and then one of them made some wierd speech about how he thought BB was going to be there. Bob ought to have it together a little better than that.

  4. This is about as dumb as Merlino’s press release yesterday telling people that the Lamm video was a “wow” at the assembly when the assembly had not even convened yet.

  5. From reading about Marc Holtzman’s background in the Rocky Mountain News, Holtzman appears to either be incompetent or, what’s worse, corrupt. I don’t think either one of those attributes qualifies him to be governor.

  6. Re: Recent Convert.  I am excited aout Bill Ritter’s candidacy as well.  You are right on about Bill.  I have heard him speak on 4 ocassions and he gets better every time.  He really does know his facts and doesn’t skirt any issue.  We need Bill Ritter to be Colorado’s Governor!

  7. I just love you guys.

    Always second guessing. Go ahead and keep thinking that Holtzman’s campaign is in trouble.

    After Holtzman gets on the ballot, what will you have to talk about then? Whether he can win the primary? Of course he can.

    Blowing CD1 off is just like Beauprez. He basically did the same thing here at the Pueblo County Assembly. If he does get to be governor, all of you Beauprez fans get prepared to get blown off.

    From what I hear his Field Director has been supoenaed for a deposition for non disclosure in another race.

  8. Speaking of Advertising:

    According to the Independence Institute.

    Help from the taxpayer: Rep. Bob Beauprez is back with one of his favorite campaign tools: The four-color flier printed and mailed at taxpayer expense.
    Residents of a certain age in the 7th Congressional District just received a large card in the mail urging them to sign up for Medicare Part D drug coverage before next Monday’s deadline “to avoid higher costs.”
    The franked mailer is legal since Beauprez never mentions that he’s running for another office. It’s viewed as a legitimate information piece for constituents.
    Congress liberalized the rules on franked mailings several years back and Beauprez has exploited them to the hilt. During 2004, when he faced a challenge by Democrat Dave Thomas, he mailed out at least nine full-color fliers.
    He snuck this one out in the nick of time: Mass franked mailers are not permitted within 90 days of the Aug. 8 primary election.

  9. Are you saying that Chuck (I illegally misrepresented myself to obtain meter hoods – see, Broerman, Field Director for Bob Beauprez, has gotten himself in trouble again?  Why doesn’t any of this surprise me?  Remember, the BB Campaign’s motto is “We just want to win!”  What they leave out is the last part of their slogan – “We’ll do anything to do it.”

    Even if it involves abusing taxpayer funds.  Wonder how those endorsements are starting to look now.  Afterall, how do you respond to your own supporters that you are su[pporting someone who is desperately sinking?  What do you tell them when their staff starts doing stupid things in a effort to win?  Do you tell them that you are just lending them your name, but you aren’t going to support them?  Seems like there are some folks out there who are wishing they hadn’t gotten involved. 

    Things are starting to smell pretty bad in Beauprezville.

  10. I jumped and will abstain at convention. I have much respect for the senior people on the campaign but am increasingly let down by the lack of originality. Beaupreaz should thank Holtzman for making him a better candidate (he’s a better speaker now for sure) but his campaign staff is recreating the Holtzman stuff and he’s gone way too negative for a sitting congressman and the only reason I’m going to convention is to vote for CU at Large. Now there’s a tight race.

  11. Anonymous,

    Quick question regarding franking laws: does that only apply to candidates that have an opponent in their party primary or does the 90 day apply across the board, even to representatives (et al) that are running unopposed in a primary?


  12. Middle,
    It is for everyone- congress and senate in any race, not just an opposed one. The reason they have a period where mass franked mailings cannot go out is to be sure taxpayer money isnt being used for campaign purposes. At the same time, any such mailings have to go through an ethics committee approval process before they go out.
    So this particular mailing would have been approved and found not to be in violation of any campaign finance law, since it is  in fact providing a valuable service to constituents: making sure they have medicare signed up before the deadline.

  13. Thinking about it, I’m surprised Hutner hasn’t gone after Bob for this.  DeGette and Udall have tried to tightenen rules of franking, along with Musgrave and Hefley, but Bob has been on the wrong side of the tax payer on this issues.

    New ad: Both ways Bob, principled spender of your money.

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