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March 07, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

Surprise! Chlouber Will Run

  • by: Colorado Pols

Okay, so it’s not really a surprise. From the Vail Daily:

The siren song of politics keeps calling Ken Chlouber.

“I’m not good at doing nothing,” he said, although promoting an ultra-marathon, running in burro races and riding bulls and motorcycles hardly qualifies as “nothing.”

The Leadville Republican was supposed to be through with politics after the 2002 session of the Colorado Legislature, thanks to term limits. After four years away from the state house, though, Chlouber has decided to run for the seat in the Colorado House of Representatives now held by Breckenridge Democrat Gary Lindstrom.

Lindstrom decided last week not to seek a second term. Summit County Democrat Dan Gibbs, currently an aide to U.S. Rep. Mark Udall, has said he challenge for Lindstrom’s seat, too.


16 thoughts on “Surprise! Chlouber Will Run

  1. They were still beating on Gibbs to run as of the party meeting over the weekend, but he seems to be seriously considering it.  As the Gibbs fan above states, he seems to have a great network pre-built.

  2. Wow, this is going to be THE race to watch in local politics.  The Dems scored a major victory when Dan Gibbs decided to run.  Last week Chlouber was a shoe-in, this week he is going to be in the most dificult fight of his political career (not counting his bone-headed attempt to run in CD-1).  My prediction, Dan will take it in the long haul.

  3. Man, what is it with these guys that they just can’t stay away?  Ken’s been running for office since the 80s!

    He’s not pro-life, not very conservative on the second amendment or taxes, and he torpedoed Right to Work in Colorado.

    Guess we’ll see to what extent May/Harvey will hold their noses to win back the majority.

    And Pols is wrong, Chlouber has not been gone for 4 years.  he was there for the 03 and 04 sessions.

  4. I’ll grant Ken isn’t strongly pro-life, and neither are most Coloradans.  But you can’t find a better champion of the 2nd amendment than Chlouber.  He carried the fight for the concealed carry bill through numerous Romer vetoes to ultimate victory.  Not all of us gunnies are anti-abortion, you know.

  5. Ken’s not anti-choice at all.  He’s 100% pro-choice, even by NARAL’s definition.  He’s also against right to work, period.  Will be interesting to see if the Republicans put anyone up against him.  He’s a tough campaigner.  He has had one tough race, when first elected to the State Senate he ran against incumbent Linda Powers and beat her.  There was nothing wrong with her and no scandal at all.  Just a tough campaign.  Ken will be tough, but the district has changed since he ran last.  Summit and Eagle trending Democratic because of the right-wing stuff of the Republicans.  Will be interesting to see if Ken can convince them to vote Republican even though it might mean that Republicans re-gain the house.  Also, if you have been around Ken for any length of time, you do get tired of him.  Will be interesting to see if the voters are tired of his sthick.  Also, as mentioned above, there are the rumored zipper issues.

  6. Agreed on him not being pro-life at all.  And yes, I could easily find a better champion of the 2nd amendment.  There are dozens of them in the state leg.  His little concealed carry “compromise” bill was a joke.

    And he’s not simply anti-Right to Work.  He speaks out and lobbies others against it and is at odds with 90% of his own party on that one.  He’s one of the reasons it didn’t pass back in 1999.

    There’s a reason why the dems nearly convinced him to switch parties in ’03.  And there’s a reason why, when he ran for CD03, he got virtually no support and dropped out.

    And of course, there are the rumored zipper issues, and the zipper issues everyone knows about.

  7. chlouber is an old & tired.  his “tough” campaigning days are over.  glad to see to republicans still have the same stupid strategy of regurgitating has-been candidates.  just another reason democrats will grow their state house majority this cycle.

  8. This will be a great race. Possibly the most exciting in the state.  Dan Gibbs is probably the best likable, smart, and well-known young man the Dems could run against an eccentric career politician. In fact, HD56 was probably ‘given’ to Chlouber just to keep him busy and out of the Governor or other GOP races this year. Same as it ever was.
    Mark you calendars now for the Leadville Boom Days Burro races where both will be competing this summer-August 6. I hear that both are competitors in the high-altitude burro race!
    My money will be on Gibbs!

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