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May 10, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s like butta


39 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. Beauprez hit with Web attack ad,2808,DRMN_24736_4686714,00.html
    Congressman Bob Beauprez’s draft status during the Vietnam war came under scrutiny again Monday when a political organization launched the first in a series of Internet-based attack ads. In the 60-second spot, a Vietnam veteran wonders how Beauprez received a medical exemption for an ulcer that didn’t prevent him from playing two varsity sports in high school.

  2. “”It’s not optional to wear the flight suit,” Marshall said, adding that the Beauprez campaign was not trying to use the photos to imply that the congressman had served.”

    That’s interesting because I don’t know of any Air Force Base that REQUIRES you to wear a jump suit when you tour their base. This is the problem with these non-serving pukes. Don’t know an M-16 from a Squirt Gun!

    Give us a break Marshall boy!

  3. Maybe he was just the kicker?

    Now the Swift Boat Veterens are going after Both Ways? I am predicting it right now, they are going to start their own political party! (don’t bother telling me that they aren’t the Swift Boat Veterans, my point is they are the same basic idea.)

  4. I still love that Mr. “Ultra-conservative” Holtzman himself has his people blogging using ProgressNow. Again I pose the question: ProgressNow is a crazy left-wing organization that attacks anything and anyone conservative that threatens their socialist ideals. If Holtzman is such a strong conservative, why aren’t they attacking him??

  5. VOR,

    ProgressNow isn’t attacking Holtzman because the guy already dug his own grave.

    It’s Ritter v. Beauprez this year: the anti-choice Democrat versus The Squish.

  6. Sun su once said, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”  The Beauprez camp seems to be touting a lot of Machiavelli these days and behaving like it.  So the best response would be to us another Warrior’s Approach. I guess.

    Hey, wasn’t it the Beauprez group that was sending fictitious e-mails under gubernatorial200674?  Think so.

    Wasn’t it the Beauprez people that said Holtzman had never served with Reagan and Citizens for America?  thins so.  At least thats waht the fictitious e-mails said.  Now Holtzman has answered the calls and responded back, so it seems.

    leave it to BB to keep harping about Holtzman and Ref C and his taxes.  Hey Bob, I’ll trade you one income tax record for your medical records.  Talk it over with Mr. Marshall and let the rest of the world know.

    All is fair in love and war and politics.  check out Uncle Bob with Willy C.

    Print out your own mini “You Went, We stayed Home” poster.  Wonder if I can get Uncle Bob to authgraph mine?

  7. Our current government is so bad, that we have succeeded in making ourselves look like what Russia and China appeared to be 50 years ago.  What is the Bush Administration doing???  Are they for peace or not?

    Putin calls for stronger army
    State of nation address focuses on domestic issues

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006; Posted: 9:59 a.m. EDT (13:59 GMT)

    MOSCOW, Russia — President Vladimir Putin used his state of the nation address to announce measures to boost Russia’s falling birthrate and call for a stronger army — though he also took a swipe at the U.S. after recent remarks by Vice President Dick Cheney.

    In the seventh state of the nation address since his 2000 election, Putin concentrated largely on domestic issues, calling for measures to reverse a demographic decline that has shrunk Russia’s population by millions since the Soviet collapse.

    But amid increasingly vocal American criticism of his domestic and foreign policies, Putin also issued a veiled response to Vice President Dick Cheney’s accusations that Moscow is rolling back on democracy and strong-arming its ex-Soviet neighbors.

    “Where is all this pathos about protecting human rights and democracy when it comes to the need to pursue their own interests?” said Putin, who also used a fairy-tale reference to criticize the aggressive U.S. course in global affairs.

  8. You’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie!

    E-Mails: Brown Discounted Levee Breach

    By HOPE YEN, Associated Press Writer 3 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON – Hours after Hurricane Katrina hit, former FEMA director Michael Brown dismissed reports that floodwaters had breached New Orleans’ levees, and he obsessed over media coverage of his agency, according to newly released e-mails.

    The 928 pages of documents, obtained by the Center for Public Integrity watchdog group and released Tuesday, paint a picture of a
    Federal Emergency Management Agency keenly sensitive to public image following the Aug. 29, 2005, storm.*

  9. It’s Sun Tsu, not Sun Su, and it was Chang Kai Shek who said ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    BTW, I am sure if there were opportunity to serve Gen. Holtzy would be the first one in line.  It all starts when one chickenhawk calls another chickenhawk a chickenhawk.  The only action Holtzman and Beauprez have seen is hurling insults at one another. Both candidates suck so bad so they just take the Carl Rove route, i.e. ” at least I’m not him”.  What a way to showcase your candidates! I am sure Ritter is just loving this.

  10. so is Bush’s HUD Secretary a criminal or just a liar?

    Christine Perez reported in the Dallas Business Journal on Monday that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson recently told a Dallas group about a conversation he had with a prospective advertising contractor.

    ” ‘He had made every effort to get a contract with HUD for 10 years,’ Jackson said of the prospective contractor. ‘He made a heck of a proposal and was on the (General Services Administration) list, so we selected him. He came to see me and thank me for selecting him. Then he said something . . . he said, ‘I have a problem with your president.’

    ” ‘I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “I don’t like President Bush.” I thought to myself, “Brother, you have a disconnect — the president is elected, I was selected. You wouldn’t be getting the contract unless I was sitting here. If you have a problem with the president, don’t tell the secretary.” ‘

    ” ‘He didn’t get the contract,’ Jackson continued. ‘Why should I reward someone who doesn’t like the president, so they can use funds to try to campaign against the president? Logic says they don’t get the contract. That’s the way I believe.’ “

    Al Kamen writes in The Washington Post today: “Aside from violating the Constitution’s prohibitions on government retaliation for speech, we’re told Jackson’s peculiar view may violate federal procurement law, which requires ‘complete impartiality and . . . preferential treatment for none.’ “

    Stephen Ohlemacher writes for the Associated Press: “A spokeswoman acknowledged that Jackson told the story. But, she said, the story was untrue.”

  11. Jonathan Schwarz writes in his blog: “Bush’s disapproval rating now exceeds or equals that of Nixon’s in every poll except one — the final poll in July, 1974 just before Nixon left office, when Nixon’s disapproval rating was one point higher at 66%.”

  12. Impeachment?

    In my opinion, if there is any Impeachment trial for President Bush, we should be very wary of who will be taking over until 2008.  I also think, that if any Impeachment trial were to occur next year, we need both Bush and Cheney to be in that trial.  I’m unsure which one of them is worse than that of the other. 

    Should we impeach the President?  I affirm in the “yes” vote column … but my vote only counts for one person.  The entire country needs to make that choice, unlike what Bush and Cheney did in “selecting” the go to war for “whatever reason seems to fit” column. 

    War Against Iraq —

    1) For Oil
    2) For Saddam
    3) For Ideology
    4) For Glory
    5) For Safety
    6) For Christianity


  13. Patriot,

    That’s why the bumper sticker says “Impeach Cheney First.”

    Oh, and you forgot one option for why Bush invaded Iraq:
    7) For Daddy

  14. It was painful to watch CNN today, with its report on the Baghdad medical team … dealing with horrible injuries of our men and women.  As I understand it, 17,000 to 18,000 Americans have been badly injured in this war … legs and arms blown away.  Someone needs to be accountable for this terrible strategic decision — that the members of Congress and America were not included … in an honest true debate over why we were going there, (the alternatives) and what was our final mission outcome … MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?  Yeah, right.

  15. Mr. Handy is…

    For future reference, before you submit a comment calling someone retarded for getting a name wrong, you might want to check your own post to make sure you have.  It’s “Karl” Rove, not “Carl.” Just some helpful advice, heed it if you want…

  16. oh you ‘liberals’ and your facts.  like steven and the pres. I go with my gut.  I believe the same thing on Wednesday that I believed on Monday, no matter what happened on Tuesday.  Stay the course to ruin, I say.

  17. The bungling of the Republican administration is mind boggling. Can someone make November come faster?

    SOME 200,000 guns the US sent to Iraqi security forces may have been smuggled to terrorists, it was feared yesterday.

    The 99-tonne cache of AK47s was to have been secretly flown out from a US base in Bosnia. But the four planeloads of arms have vanished.

    Orders for the deal to go ahead were given by the US Department of Defense. But the work was contracted out via a complex web of private arms traders.

    And the Moldovan airline used to transport the shipment was blasted by the UN in 2003 for smuggling arms to Liberia, human rights group Amnesty has discovered.

    It follows a separate probe claiming that thousands of guns meant for Iraq’s police and army instead went to al-Qaeda

  18. Rep. John Conyers’ impeachment resolution calls for the impeachment of both Bush AND Cheney.  (To borrow a phrase once used by Hillary Rodham Clinton, you can get two for the price of one.)  The resolution is stuck in the Judiciary Committee, but when Nancy Pelosi is Speaker in January and Conyers’ chairs the Judiciary Committee, the resolution should get a hearing.  Keep in mind that if Bush AND Cheney are impeached and convicted in tandem, and before a new V.P. can be appointed and confirmed, Speaker Pelosi is next in the line of succession.  Can you say MADAM PRESIDENT?

  19. “Madam President”, of Fantasyland.


    May 7, 2006 — By Andrea Hopkins

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats will launch a series of investigations of the Bush administration if they take control of Congress in November but are not out to impeach President George W. Bush, a top Democrat said on Sunday.

    House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would hold hearings on the use of intelligence in the lead-up to the Iraq war and investigate the high price of energy and prescription drugs if they win the extra 15 seats they need for a House majority in the mid-term elections.”


    In other words, even the Democrats realize the political suicide of announcing their plans ahead of the election.

    “You never know where the facts take you … but that is not what we are about,” Pelosi said.

    LOL  You said a mouthful, Nancy!

  20. Angie Paccione, Carol Boigon, Dan Haley of the Denver Post, Sharron Klein, Michael Carrigan and hundreds of others all agree: Jennifer Mello is a rising Democratic Party star on her way to the State Senate.

  21. “This will allow Iran to comply with the offer without losing face.” — Yevgeny Primakov, adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, on a pending Russian offer to provide nuclear reactor fuel to non-nuclear-weapon states.

    Can I have some nuclear fuel too???  What a mess the Bush Administration is causing.

  22. Both Way pandering on too many levels to be Governor.  Who can trust this man with the executive position in our government?  It would be like electing a man to the presidentcy, who ran all of his previous business adventures and state government into the toilet,

    “Voters, business leaders and nonprofit organizations alike all set aside their partisan differences last year and supported a common-sense plan to restore fiscal sanity to our state… The Congressman and Marc Holtzman are simply pandering to the extreme elements in their party in order to win their primary,” Ritter said. “They clearly don’t understand Colorado’s budget, and this type of cynical politics is just what you would expect in Washington, D.C. This is the last thing we need here in Colorado…”

  23. Somebody please tell me when the Impeachment trial begins?  President Bush is a nightmare. 

    Dobbs to President: Do you take us for fools?
    By Lou Dobbs

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006; Posted: 7:22 p.m. EDT (23:22 GMT)

    NEW YORK (CNN) — Reports this week that the Border Patrol is notifying the Mexican government of the locations of Minutemen volunteers are being denied by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. True or not, the Bush administration continues to follow absurd policies on both issues of border security and illegal immigration.

    President Bush continues to push his guest worker program and amnesty for anywhere between 11 million and 20 million illegal aliens, and he insists still that nothing less than what he calls comprehensive immigration reform is acceptable.

  24. Thanks enough already.  That’s what I get for copying BB’s homework.  Hey Bill, you trying to convince us with that great quote.  They don’t understand the state budget.

    Okay Bill, its simple.  Either you have enough money to buy a candybar or you don’t.  If you want to, you can ask someone to lend you the money, but you really didn’t have enough in the first place.

    Maybe if you talked about limiting government Bill, you might stand a chance.  Remember, even under Uncle Roy, TABOR was passed in law.  Something here I think your not gettin.


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