The Great Colorado (Pay)Backfire

For most of the last eight years, State Treasurer Walker Stapleton — the Republican nominee for Governor in 2018 — has used “The Great Colorado Payback” as an excuse to get his goofy mug on television for a few weeks every spring. It’s a nice little perk for a politician looking to run for higher office; you basically get to stand in front of a camera and tell Coloradans how to collect money they didn’t know they were owed.

There’s never been much of a downside to this arrangement…that is, not until Stapleton managed to find one. Because Stapleton has been so inept in his job as State Treasurer, the Great Colorado Payback program is in complete disarray.

And that’s how Stapleton ends up with a starring role in a brutal negative TV ad like this one from “Good Jobs Colorado”:

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    And somehow, Good Jobs Colorado made certain elected official Walker Stapleton's name got spelled correctly through the whole ad.


  2. ParkHill says:

    Well, that explains it.

    I submitted a claim several months ago, and I've not received acknowledgement nor check.

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