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December 21, 2009 09:54 PM UTC

Lt. Gov. Penry, Anyone?

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: The Colorado Independent coins a phrase: the “Penry Payoff?”

There’s quite a bit of chatter this morning about the possibility that Sen. Josh Penry will soon be announced as gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis’ running mate. This rumor, relayed by credible GOP sources, is based on ongoing negotiations that have, among other things, delayed resolution of the field for Penry’s state senate seat.

Sources are clear that the decision isn’t final yet, and Penry is reportedly not the only candidate. We’ll update when we hear either way, though we’re told we may not have to wait long.


80 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. Penry, Anyone?

    1. But Lt. Gov does seems to fit who Penry is.  You don’t have to have ideas of your own.  You don’t have to be embarrassed by your poor leadership skills.  You can bitch, moan and whine while spewing as much CSB as you want.  And it keeps him in the public spotlight while he waits to fulfill his ego driven aspirations 4 years hence, thus keeping to Tim Foster’s master plan.  Plus, McInnis gets the nutcase Penry/teabagger crowd.

      Problem is, when McInnis goes down in flames, it takes Penry with him.

      “Republicans have lost all credibility over the past 10 years,” -Josh Penry

      1. to some insiders here in town (back when Penry was muscled stepped out of the way), they recoiled at the idea of two West-Slopers on the ticket.  The suggestion was regarded as a fatally weak ticket for purely geographic reasons.

        Add to that Jane Norton, who will have to choose sometime before election day whether she’s a West-Slope outsider or a Washington insider, and it shows just how regional the the Colorado Republican Party has become.

      1. The first time McInnis embarrasses himself in an interview, Penry will tell the right-wing media that it’s understandable and avoidable, since the weaker candidate was on top of the ticket. No offense meant, of course.

        Expect him also to start “going rogue” once the poll numbers start falling. I really don’t see these guys getting along at all, and I don’t see their supporters patching over the acrimony. The teabaggers are not big-picture guys.

                  1. You’re right, LBJ put it more piquantly than the Kennedys would have, though they shared the sentiment.

                    LBJ actually said it about keeping J Edgar Hoover on at the FBI, though, not about Humphrey.

                  2. he can’t go for Lt. Gov without being willing to get on board. Entirely different thing than dropping out of primary to live to fight another day.  Being Lt. means trying to get ahead via the team player route, though few seem to make it that way.  Guess Lt. is even more of a bucket of warm piss job than VP.

            1. It was what LBJ said about RFK when asked why he kept him as Attorney General. Now I’m totally confused……

              Actually the quote could apply in any of these situations. Just another way of saying keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.  

              1. Penry’s aim would be to win and then his success is tied to McInnis success. Again,  different scenario.  Unless he DOES want McInnis to lose so he can do a Palin. But it would be a Palin on a really low profile scale, hardly worth the effort. Losing Lt. hardly brings the kind of attention you get as losing VP.  If he does agree, though, will the tea Partiers still love him?

  1. Penry and McInnis were meeting this morning at Racines with several GOP strategists. Also Rep. Steve King announced a major upcoming fundraiser in his bid for Penry’s senate seat. Coincidence????

  2. did not do a very good job mothering and mentoring Penry the first time around.  Penry needs remedial time at the McInnis teet.  He has no other adult to run to.  The sane Colorado R’s reject Penry’s delinquency and extremism, so he runs to Ma Mac for reassurance.

    Problem there is, when you are nourished on galactacrasia, you run the danger of not getting the political antibodies necessary for future political growth.

    Bears repeating

      1. Don’t feel alone.  I had to look up the spelling.  When I first heard the word in AF MedTech school, I never thought it would be useful decades later in a political sense. 🙂

          1. Not sure if we’ll keep trying.  We’ve talked about adoption from Haiti at some point.  My sister just married a wonderful Haitian man, and I’m learning so much about that country.

            You never know…

  3. I don’t believe this is what will happen.  This just does not seem as though it would be a step up for Penry, and we all know there is bad blood between the two.  McInnis is in the drivers seat of this election and selection (at this point), I don’t get the rationale as to why Penry would or should be the choice.

    1. Penry is nothing if not ambitious.  When has the position of Lt. Gov. (or unsuccessful candidate for Lt. Gov.) ever been a springboard to anything?  Jane Norton may prove the exception to the rule, (which I seriously doubt) but Lt Gov is where political ambition goes to die.  Do the names Joe Rodgers and Gail Schoettler mean anything to you?

  4. Speaking as a Dem – this will be good for us if McInnis & Penry don’t work well together. To help us it doesn’t require that Penry pull a Palin, just that he is left to his own devices and therefore they put out a mixed message.

    This will be bad for us if they do work well together and the McInnis team learns from what Penry knows about campaigning (he doesn’t think it’s still 1998). McInnis & team are such a bunch of arrogant has-beens, I don’t think they’ll listen.

    So this is probably good news for us Dems.

    1. Inside sources are really pulling for a stong conservative female.  The names that keep popping up are Rep. Amy Stephens and Rep. B.J. Nikkel.  Either would be potentially a bonus to the ticket when considering their politics and geography.  Either could really help McInnis.

        1. I agree with your assessment of Mr. McInnis. The last thing he wants is a strong person in the second slot. When he was a congressman the other members of the Colorado delegation, both Republicans and Democrats, considered him by far the most difficult member from Colorado because he always had to have his way and wanted to be the front person on all delegation issues. He is always worried about being overshadowed and it is hard for me to believe that Mr. Penry will stay in the shadows for long, even if he is in the second slot.

        2. …he dresses down reporters who dare to ask him slightly uncomfortable questions?   Has no ability to laugh at himself?  Seems to take himself way too seriously?  No, Dave, those are signs of increased self-confidence!!  

      1. I’ve been hearing the same rumblings…Amy Stephens yes but haven’t heard Nikkel, I don’t really think either of them are good choices. I’ve heard Clerk and Recorder Nancy Doty and Commissioner Susan Beckman, both from a county he needs votes in and both women so we’ll see. I myself can’t stand Doty but Beckman seems like a good strong choice.  

            1. Very good point, and your observations are keen.  My money is on State Rep. Nikkel or State Rep. Stephens in a swimsuit competition over Doty any day.  

        1. has been floating the names of Doty and Beckman. Stephens would be a great choice if he’s going for a strong, conservative woman from an important area, but Nikkel is just too much of a newcomer to pass any smell test.

          1. I don’t know she was surprisingly effective in her first session.  She has fewer votes than Stephens, but that is fewer votes to criticize.  Please though…NO DOTY!

            1. Representative BJ Nikkel is a terrific representative, loved by her people, and a real straight-shooter – McInnis would be lucky to have her

              Susan Beckman is very beloved all over Arapahoe – I see her as another great pick – she’s extremely active in Arapahoe and well known

              And yes – Amy Stephens is very popular in Colorado Springs – picking her would satiate any dissatisfaction in El Paso County

              I think the above three are all terrific picks – probably the best McInnis could choose from, in terms of intelligence and building Party unity

            2. onebigrepublican has an obvious bias against Nancy Doty. A few facts for this narrow mind to consider. Nancy received more votes in the 2006 election than any other candidate on the ballot in Arapahoe County – that is for all federal, state and local offices. Name another county candidate that accomplished that in Colorado in 2006. Nancy has saved Arapahoe County millions of dollars since becoming the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder. She is a solid fiscal and social conservative. I know her to be a lady of high personal integrity. There has been no scandal in the Clerk and Recorder’s office since she “took out” Tracy Baker, who had disgraced the office. There may be other legitimate candidates Mr McInnis will consider, that is the process. But, there is no finer Lady Republican anywhere in this state than Nancy Doty. Denegrating her could only come from a small mind and an evil heart. I tire of reading such comments, not only here, but in comments found on most internet pages I read. The Republican Party needs solid candidates that not only make, but deliver on their promises. The Democrats have made some tremendous mistakes since Obama assumed his status as pretender to the throne. Every opportunity will exist for Republicans to gain substansive offices throughout the country. Nancy Doty would surely be an asset to any ticket she graces.

              1. Democrats have made some tremendous mistakes since Obama assumed his status as pretender to the throne

                I assumed I was reading the postings of some rational conservative extolling the virtures of their preffered candidate until this birther nonsense dropped out your mouth.  My mistake. I will go back to ignoring this sideshow.

                1. Danny, it seems you presume the comment about pretender to the throne to be a comment regarding Obama’s MIA birth certificate. I’m sorry you are so touchy about this issue. The comment relates to Obama’s presumption about being the King, or the Messiah if you prefer. Another part of my post refers to my tiring of denegrating comments made here and elsewhere. Can I assume you are one of the judgemental ones I was referring to?

              2. I certainly didn’t mean to present my opinion without bias.  After all, isn’t that whay opinions are?  I can’t stand the woman and no matter how much she sucks the establishment’s butt she isn’t ready for prime time.  She’s at as high of a level as she should ever be.  Maybe you should ask her fellow County Clerk and Recorders how they PERSONALLY feel about her.  I bet you would be surprised to find that many don’t find her appealing at all.  I’m happy that Arapahoe County loves her because I’m hopeful that is where she will stay.  So if you felt I was unsuccessful at masking my bias please allow be to make it very clear…I DON’T LIKE THE LADY!  Of course…I say this with NO FACTS! LOL

                1. onebigrepublican now wants us to believe his/her bias is based upon well established facts, not only his/hers, but a vast majority of Nancy’s fellow County Clerks. OK, this well informed individual has determined that the Republican Party will be far better off without Nancy on the ticket as Lieutenant Governor. She may not be the candidate, but if onebigrepublican is part of the process I fear the election results would likely be similar for many Republican candidates as the disaster of 2008.

                2. you aren’t the only one in this thread that expressed a strong opinion against Doty and considering you’ve been here at least 3 years and newbie boy has been here 24 hours, I’m inclined to give your opinion a whole lot more consideration.

      2. Douglas County Commissioner who plays well to the far right crowd.  By grabbing someone out of the Douglas/El Paso area, it gives McInnis a person that he can send down to appease the rioters when pegs to the middle in the general election.

  5. Let’s face it, who’s paying for the ticket will be more important than who is on the ticket in 2010.

    Thus, as another oil and gas lobbyist, er, politician, Penry is probably pitching that he can increase the Industry’s “enthusiasm” to the campaign if he was on the ballot with McDrill.

  6. Again – I preface this by saying that I deeply respect Senator Penry –

    With that said, since when was Josh Penry the crown king of the Tea Party movement? I have yet to see any polls or real evidence of such a trend?

    In addition, during their short campaign, Penry’s team never released any polling in regard to the Governor’s race – I think that tells the entire story right there

    Lastly, Josh Penry hasn’t endorsed the three new Doug Bruce initiatives, which are the TRUE Tea Party initiatives, not the silly Platform For Prosperity – thus, Josh Penry never was the Tea Party candidate and certainly isn’t acting like a Tea Party candidate

    If Scott McInnis wants to pick Josh Penry, then he should do it because Penry would bring a diversity of age to the ticket and some youth, in addition to his excellent resume of serving as Senate Minority Leader – all great things

    However, picking Penry for the sake of satisfying Tea Party voters would be a gigantic mistake – if that’s McInnis’s motivation, then he’s better off taking Dan Maes as LT Governor…. or endorsing the three Doug Bruce initiatives and abandoning the Fiscal Liberal Platform For Prosperity….

                    1. other than being county party chair and appointed to Lundberg’s seat what are her accomplishments?

                    2. Well educated, politically savvy, charismatic, passed several bills in her very first session, Congressional staff, campaign staff, and from a completely strategic view she has fewer votes for the pundits to criticize.  She is a very accomplished straight shooter.  I have found her to be very honest, and her integrity is above reproach.  All of which are characteristics that I look for in good solid candidates.  It also does not hurt that she is very popular and well respected among the faithful in Larimer County.  I would also say that being a wife, mother, and relationship builder are great attributes for any candidate.  I have personally found her to be quick witted and well studied on the issues.  Again, from a strategic point of view, I would say she would be a strong asset to the Scott McInnis ticket.  Just sayin…

                      If you are looking for the number of times she has read Webster’s Dictionary I don’t have that answer, but I do feel she would have wide appeal statewide.  She’s a smart lady, and I have been pleasantly surprised with her political prowess and knowledge.  Let’s face it; the Lt. Gov.’s job can be whatever someone wants to make it, or what they are allowed to make it.  She would be an excellent ambassador for Colorado.  We have trying times ahead, and a relationship builder wouldn’t hurt anything at the State Capitol.

                    3. I’m pretty sure that she might even qualify to be the governor?

                      “To serve as Governor, one must be at least 30 years old, be a citizen of the United States, and have been a resident of the state for at least two years prior to election.”

                      Wow…that’s weird?

                    4. In addition, Rep Nikkel is a fiscal conservative, first and foremost

                      Honestly, McInnis would be way too lucky to have her – he should thank his lucky stars that she’s available, as well

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