At Least He Isn’t YOUR Communications Director

(Sadly, Dave Schultheis isn’t hiring – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Kentucky Republican Senate Candidate Rand Paul’s (Ron Paul’s son) Communications Director Christopher Hightower resigned his position with the campaign following the discovery of some communications on his MySpace page that were racist and satanic.

Paul had been moving up in the polls in the Kentucky Republican primary race, but this controversy–particularly the satanic element, in this bible belt state has the potential to derail his campaign.




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  1. droll says:

    Loving that quote.

  2. indipol says:

    just wow.  that beats Macaca by a million orders of magnitude.

  3. Ellie says:

    That Myspace link makes me sick.  

    All I can say in defense of my home state is at least Rand Paul wasn’t born there and UK has a great basketball team this year.

  4. Leonard Smalls says:

    How could it be????

  5. Laughing Boy says:

    I think he’s even worse than his idiot father now, and that’s a tall order.

    Hate to say it, but this is not a huge surprise.

  6. Arvadonian says:

    isn’t all that new to their racist views….satanism, yes; racism, not so much….

    • Canines says:

      since I’ve admired his anti-drug war stance for over twenty years.

      I’ll say this, though: racist statements or not, at least Ron Paul has never proposed filling prisons with whole generations of young minorities for drug crimes. On that, he’s been a lot better than most of the Democratic — let alone Republican — leadership. Better than, let’s say, Joe Biden.

  7. Canines says:

    Maybe Dr. Ron Paul, the obstetrician, delivered his son himself — and dropped little Rand on his head.

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