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July 27, 2018 03:17 PM UTC

Hot Red-on-Red Action: RMGO Craps On George Brauchler

  • by: Colorado Pols

The “no-compromise” gun rights group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners hasn’t forgotten about GOP attorney general candidate George Brauchler’s support this year for a “red flag” law to allow for the temporary removal of firearms from persons in a mental health crisis. Although the go-to GOP refrain following a mass shooting tragedy is the need to “focus on mental health,” when an actual proposal to do just that comes up here’s what you’ll see:

Fellow Patriot, this is absolutely absurd and a gross violation of the Bill of Rights!

So-called “red flag” gun confiscation laws are designed to STRIP law-abiding citizens of Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights by mere accusation from an anti-gun family member, friend, ex-partner, or just about anyone…

Your flood of petitions, phone calls and emails made it impossible for them to pass this GUN CONFISCATION bill.

Then in June, pro-gun primary voters tossed another Republican, Dan Thurlow, out of office for voting for this GUN CONFISCATION scheme.

But, apparently Wist and Brauchler didn’t get the message.

Now they’re threatening to push their gun confiscation bill again regardless of what happens in November.

George Brauchler openly told the gun haters at the Denver Post he wants “to renew efforts to create a ‘red flag’ law in Colorado that would allow GUNS TO BE CONFISCATED. . .”

That’s why I need your help to send them an early message that sponsoring GUN CONFISCATION is not acceptable from any politician.

Brauchler isn’t the only one coming in for criticism from RMGO, being featured along with Rep. Cole Wist who sponsored the legislation in question. Neither of these Republicans can afford to lose too much Republican base support if they want to win in November, but RMGO’s supporters are a powerful and frequently decisive factor in Republican primaries. In the general election, the few points of softening of Republican support that result from being on the RMGO’s naughty list could still be a major problem in a close race.

The thing to remember? Dudley Brown doesn’t care. Dudley wants Republicans to be afraid of him. He wants them to know that their political calculus means nothing to him. And if Brauchler or Wist lose in November, Dudley Brown wants to be held responsible.

Just the guy you need in the mix with a tough election coming, said no Colorado Republican ever.


15 thoughts on “Hot Red-on-Red Action: RMGO Craps On George Brauchler

  1. Every time Dudley Brown takes down a fellow Republican, their life force is transferred to Nancy Pelosi. This is how she will outlast Mike Coffman.


  2. Actually, Dudley Brown's power is overblown.   He did extremely poorly in the primaries this year.  Of the $14,000 RMGO placed in expenditures and donations for 6 candidates, only one (Thurlow) went RMGO's way.

    RMGO fared poorly in 2016 (50% in primaries and 40% in general election) and 2014 also. 


    1. And RMGO says "You're welcome!" when they raise unprecedented money from members scared that big bad Jared is comin' to confiscate their shootin' gear. The way that all of these gunzos make bank whenever Democrats are in power.  Right, Negev?

      But it is nice of Dudley Brown to chop the Broccoli so that Jared can cream it.

        1. If elected as governor, Polis will confiscate just as many guns as Obama did.  Said number was, and will be, zero.

          But Brown and his followers aren't smart enough to figure that out.

  3. Is there a libertarian or constitution party candidate for AG who might serve as a receptacle for the ammosexual voters who see no difference between Weiser and Broccoli?

    1. Libertarian Party of Colorado has

      Attorney General (mt)   Bill Robinson

      no phone number or website.

      Colorado Secretary of State does not list any independent petitions turned in yet for AG.

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