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December 09, 2009 10:58 PM UTC

John McCain Endorses Lang Sias In CD-7

  • by: Colorado Pols

Arizona Sen. and 2008 GOP presidential nominee John McCain today headlined a fundraising email for former campaign staffer Lang Sias in the crowded CD-7 Republican primary, dealing another blow to the rapidly-dwindling prospects for ex-U.S. Senate candidate Ryan Frazier.

Full text after the jump: writes McCain, “Lang understands, as I do, that prosperity and economic growth do not come from government bureaucrats, but rather from American small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovation…In Congress, as he has done his entire life, he will be a leader on the issues that matter most to Colorado voters, and their families.”

We still have no idea who Lang Sias is, but that’s even worse news for Frazier. It’s not good when your opponent is unknown but still gets the bigger endorsement.

Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 04:38:52 +1000

From: John McCain

Reply-To: John McCain

Subject: Endorsement from John McCain

Dear Friend:

As one of my strongest supporters, we share many of the same conservative beliefs in making our country stronger and safer for our families and future generations.  I’m humbled by your support, and I know that together, we can make sure that our best days are still ahead of us.

I am writing today to tell you about a great American who shares our values and has served our nation with honor and integrity his entire life. Lang Sias has just announced that he is running to represent Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, and I hope that you will SUPPORT HIS CAMPAIGN.

Lang has put it all on the line for our country many times. He has risked his life in service, flying missions as a navy pilot in the first Iraq War, and more recently serving on the ground in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has fought for us, and now I am asking you to stand with him.

He will not allow Democrat Congressman Perlmutter to vote in lockstep with liberal special interests in Washington, DC, when he should be standing with the hard-working families in Colorado.

I’m proud to have contributed $5,000 from my political action committee to help Lang’s campaign off to a fast start. WON’T YOU JOIN ME IN SUPPORTING LANG WITH YOUR MOST GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION OF $10, $25, OR EVEN $100? Your contribution will help Lang build a strong organization throughout the 7th Congressional District, and help get his positive, conservative message out to voters from Aurora to Arvada.

Lang understands, as I do, that prosperity and economic growth do not come from government bureaucrats, but rather from American small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovation. We will succeed and grow as a nation when we keep taxes low, reduce government spending and allow businesses to flourish. In Congress, as he has done his entire life, he will be a leader on the issues that matter most to Colorado voters, and their families.

Please stand with me today to support a true patriot, and help send Lang Sias to the United States Congress.


John McCain


36 thoughts on “John McCain Endorses Lang Sias In CD-7

        1. Go for it. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander (ie. you.) I can’t wait to see what they will say at your polling place. 🙂

      1. for the first several years of CD7s existence we were represented by 2nd CD resident Bob Beauprez….

        It is a shame though that Republicans in our district seem to feel that there is such a dirth of talent among them that they have to import talent to run for the US House.

    1. He is pro choice and is willing to discuss rights for gays. For the Republcian Party those are unforgiveable sins. He doesn’t have a prayer of winning the nominaiton.

    1. Let’s throw our support behind a former Democrat, an unknown with a weird name, who doesn’t even live in the district – instead of a decent, credible candidate from our own party who happens to be black.

      1. they haven’t asked for his birf certificate yet. I guess that’s mainly because he’s not winning.

        I’m not ACCUSING him of anything, I’m just ASKING the QUESTION. I don’t know what it is, there’s just something slightly FOREIGN about him.

    1. Does McCain really have any credibility among Colorado voters? The Republican activists never liked him, he lost the caucus by a huge margin, and he was the first Republican Presidential candidate to lose Colorado in 16 years. Plus he tried to steal Coloradan water. I would think a robocall McCain endorsement is poison in this district.

  1. This is completely insulting – outside of Frazier, we have some solid GOP candidates running in CD7 who have done a great job of building the Party (Frazier included)

    Mike Sheely has run before and has been very active in the Party for years now – Jimmy Lakey has fought for our Party for years over the radio airwaves – and Frazier has fought for initiatives, taking arrows from many sides…. but Sias????

    So according to this –… – Lang Sias is a CD2 resident, Democrat until 2007, and only contributed to Mark Udall, according to RMR?

    But most importantly, John ‘BailOut’ McCain has endorsed him?

    Please do not put Lang Sias on the Big Line – I don’t see how an endorsement from a US Senator, outside of Colorado, whose on the verge of losing his primary (see below), is going to help Sias in a CD7 Republican primary

    BTW – More on McCain’s primary below –

            1. to his radio show one time when he was screaming about the horror of legal abortion…the “discussion” deteriorated to the point that I told him I refused to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person….

              He makes Sarah Palin look and sound well informed, poised, reasonable and prepared for a  leadership role in our country.

    1. but still, McCain losing his primary would make me very happy. And it’s not so much because I think a Democrat could win that state (Napolitano was our best shot there, and Obama appointing her to the cabinet was IMO a really stupid idea). It’s just because McCain is a dick, and I’d like to see him humiliated.

  2. After all this blather, I still don’t know who this guy is.  The only thinks I know are that he was a Democrat until 2007, donated to Udall and lives in the second CD.  Sounds more like a good challenger to Jared Polis.  Who is he????

  3. …and therefore, he’s leader of the party, but how much of the state ticket does he get to pick?  He’s given us Jane Norton, and now this person in C.D. 7.  

      Any word on whether McCain was behind the unity movement making Scott McInnis the GOP gubernatorial candidate?

      And not just in Colorado.  Wasn’t Mac a big fan of RINOs like Charlie Crist (FL), Kelley Ayotte (NH) and Mark Kirk (IL)?  

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