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July 02, 2018 02:37 PM UTC

It's a Polis/Primavera Ticket

  • by: Colorado Pols

Dianne Primavera.
UPDATE 5:00PM–the news that apparently couldn’t wait is official, former Rep. Dianne Primavera is Jared Polis’ pick to serve as lieutenant governor of Colorado, as CPR’s Sam Brasch reports:

Dianne Primavera will join Jared Polis as his running mate for governor.

The Democratic candidate chose a former state lawmaker with a track record of fighting for health care access to join him on the ticket. Polis shared his decision in an exclusive interview with Colorado Matters. Political watchers are still waiting on Walker Stapleton’s choice.

“Coloradans and Americans are just getting ripped off on health care,” Polis said. “Dianne, far and away, will be the best partner in helping to fix this here in Colorado and save families money and expand coverage.”


UPDATE 4:55PM: Polis’ last clue has prompted a number of political insiders to speculate that the pick is Dianne Primavera, former state representative who meets the requisite criteria of being a Colorado native who recently became a grandparent, loves dogs, and cuts a rug regularly.

We’ll all know soon enough.


UPDATE: 4:35PM: Curiouser and curiouser:


Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis will announce his pick for lieutenant governor at 6PM today–and until then he’s subjecting the Colorado political water-cooler class to a positively agonizing guessing game:

We thought we had it, but two subsequent hints have thrown us off–apparently Polis’ running mate has two dogs and two fish, and recently became a grandparent. We’ll update as more hints come in…and of course if you know the answer for whatever reason, and/or want to look like a Colorado politics ninja by guessing right, you should get that in the record before the clock strikes six.


35 thoughts on “It’s a Polis/Primavera Ticket

    1. At least it won't be a Republican Nazi.

      So, what do you make of more Dems voting in the Colorado primary than Republicans, as well as more unaffiliated voters selecting to vote the Dem ballot than the Nazi er. I mean Republican ballot?

      Also, do you agree with Congressman Coffman that tRump should fire Stephen Miller?

    2. Damn straight!  One day we may look like Sweden, with universal healthcare, paid parental leave, you know, the good things that our society woefully lacks because of . . .  the GOP


    1. Hmmm…I’m a huge fan of Dianne’s but I worry her district was a little too “Boulder adjacent” to offer balance to Polis. He needs a western slope person…

      1. Avadonian, the selection of Western Slope Democrats is limited, and the only way a lite guv selection affects a gov candidate is when a joke is selected. See Rowland, Janet.

    2. Dianne is a dog person who enjoys dancing (don't know about 5 nights/week), but she's also the CEO of the Colorado Komen Foundation and, last I heard, really enjoyed the job. She's also a veteran of six HD33 campaigns, many of which got quite ugly indeed, and it's tough to imagine her wanting to jump into a statewide campaign.

      Then again, Polis did a considerable amount of campaigning for Dianne back in the day, so maybe …

  1. They?

    Is the Lt Gov going to be two people? Three?

    (Grammarian having difficulty with referring to one person as "they." 

    "This person" would be just fine.

  2. The puzzling was fun.

    Primavera is a really good choice, maybe a great one. I think the Dems have a ticket with 2 people who will be able to stay on message

    1. Welp, I'd say a passion to serve Colorado, and work hand-in-hand with Jared to keep Colorado moving forward.

      What's Whiffer Stumbleton and his running mate (if any) bring to their ticket?

    2. What exactly does Primavera add to the ticket other than cancer? Well, let's see.

       * 6 legislative races — 2 narrow losses, 4 wins.

       * 8 years of legislative experience

       * Biography “That first year I went through all my treatments, I lost my job; I lost my health care; my marriage fell apart,” Primavera said in an interview. “I really have walked in the shoes of many people who struggle.”

       * CEO of Komen Colorado.

       * Family friendly, with possibility of smiling grandchild and dog photos

          1. I remember as a kid gathering eggs in morning from the chicken coop before the bus came. After walking out  of the coop I’d have to find a clump of grass or weeds to wipe the chicken shit from the bottom of my boots.  Cornholio masquerading as ‘koop’ couldn’t be more fitting. 

        1. Careful koopholio.  Keep posting lame and stupidly irrelevant talking points and Vlad will have you thrown back in the gulag where Dimitri can continue having his way with you.

        2. Have a hard time counting, "koop"?

          One bullet point deals partially with cancer (her bio).

          I guess you see "CEO of Komen Colorado" as the other — but that has SO little to do with "cancer" as to be laughable. CEO of an organization is a whole different experience. My speculation is the organization wants someone AWARE of the impacts of cancer — but the job is fundraising, friend-raising, budgeting, monitoring expenses, hiring, monitoring performance and firing. Komen Colorado is works with over $200 million per year — scarcely to be dismissed from "what she brings to the ticket."

          1. Actually Andrew probably sees "Komen Foundation" and immediately thinks abortion. Or maybe that is how Motor Anus's mind works…..

                1. I think Koopholio has proven he/it is utterly devoid of a conscience or soul via his/it other persona on this blog. It’s things like him/it that lower the success rates of exorcisms. 

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