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April 27, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Get it goin’


34 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. First Holtzman has to sneak away from the Republican convention because he will get well under 30%. Than his brilliant campaign team gets caught in the cookie jar for the No On C Ads that Daddy Holtzman spent a fortune on. Worst part about it is that the whole no on C & D effort backfired and did not help Marc at all. Put a fork in Marc.
    That deal to run for State Treasurer that he spurned is beginning to look awfully good.
    Scott Gessler has become a brilliant advocate for the Republican Party. Will love to see the look on Holtzman and Leggitt’s face when they write him a large check for his attorney’s fees

  2. This has been discussed somewhere before, but it kind of depends. Part of me would like to see MH win, because I think he will be easy to beat in the genereal. The other part of me wants BB to win, just so there is no chance whatsoever MH ends up in governors mansion. Thats my two cents.

  3. Hey democrats who would you like to see win the republican primary?

    Could not care less. We will win on merits and the realization by independents that Republicans are absolutely incompletent at this point in time.

  4. The retired General endorsements are the same cronies who serve as advisors to Hefley’s Military Affairs Committee.  Remember, Hefley didn’t serve in the military.  That was a strategy employed by Hefley in 1986 to counter General Jack Forrest.

    It is also in response to the recent entrance of the CD 5 race of a retired General.  As far as retired Generals go, look at how they are pasting GW.  That strategy could come back to bite Crank in the shorts.

  5. anonymous,

    “retired General endorsements are the same cronies who serve as advisors to Hefley’s Military Affairs Committee.”

    Very classy.  These generals led our troops and all you can say bout them is that they are cronies.  My guess is that you would be more than happy to have seven generals endorse your candidate.

  6. Jay Fawcett’s endorsements:

      * US Senator John Kerry
      * US Senator Ken Salazar
      * Former US Senator Gary Hart
      * Former US Senator and Vietnam Vet Max Cleland (GA)
      * Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Rep, Mike Honda (CA-15)
      * US Representative Diana DeGette
      * US Representative Mark Udall
      * US Representative John Salazar
      * US Representative Jane Harmon (CA)
      * Colorado State Rep. Michael Merrifield
      * Colorado Businessman Rutt Bridges
      * President of National Civic League, Chris Gates
      * United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
      * APWU Colorado Springs Local #247
      * APWU Denver Local
      * Colorado Veteran’s for America


  7. Shotgun,

    As a Democrat, I’m rooting for Holtzman, although I agree his fifteen minutes are probably nearing an end.  I simply don’t think his anti-immigrant views will have much traction in Colorado, and Marc comes across as unpolished and frantic when speaking.  He’d be easy for Ritter to beat.

    I think Beauprez’s politics are almost equally noxious, but he’s been smarter about disguising them, and he’s a better politician.  I think Ritter will beat him.  I’m excited that the extreme right wing sees him as a RINO somehow–it will help depress Republican turnout in November.

  8. I’m mad as hell at my so-called union leadership and I need to vent.

    We’ve paid for two polls in the last five months that both show Peggy Lamm way ahead of Ed Perlmutter.  The first one was part of the minimum wage poll, and now my very own NEA/CEA has another poll that says the same thing.  Both are Celinda Lake’s handiwork.

    What are we doing?  Hickenlooper doesn’t listen to us because we endorsed his opponent.  Will Peggy listen to us after she clobbers Ed in the primary?  Not likely.

  9. I’m the decider.
    I pick and I choose.
    I pick among whats.
    And choose among whos.
    And as I decide
    Each particular day,
    The things I decide on
    All turn out that way.

    I decided on Freedom
    For all of Iraq.
    And now that we have it,
    I’m not looking back.

    I decided on tax cuts
    That just help the wealthy.
    And Medicare changes
    That aren’t really healthy.
    And parklands and wetlands
    Who needs all that stuff?
    I decided that none
    Would be more than enough!

    I decided that schools
    All in all are the best.
    The less that they teach
    And the more that they test.
    I decided those wages
    You need to get by,
    Are much better spent
    On some CEO guy.

    I decided your Wade
    Which was versing your Roe,
    Is terribly awful
    And just has to go.
    I decided that levees
    Are not really needed.
    Now when hurricanes come
    They can come unimpeded.

    That old Constitution?
    Well, I have decided-
    As “just goddam paper”
    It should be derided.
    I’ve decided gay marriage
    Is icky and weird.
    Above all other things,
    It’s the one to be feared.

    And Cheney and Rummy
    And Condi all know
    That I’m the Decider –
    They tell me it’s so.
    I’m the Decider
    So watch what you say,
    Or I may decide
    To have you whisked away
    Or I’ll tap your phones.
    Your e-mail I’ll read.

    `cause I’m the Decider –
    Like Jesus decreed.
    Yes, I’m the Decider!
    The finest alive!
    And I’m nuking Iran –
    Now watch this drive!

  10. I don’t know what RICE and BUSH are smoking, but the deal with India and Pakistan stinks.  And I thought we had a law against smoking the funny stuff?

    “If we do this deal, ask how we will avoid offering a similar one to Brazil or Argentina if they decide on nuclear weapons acquisition, or our treaty ally South Korea.” — Robert Gallucci, dean of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, criticizing the pending U.S.-Indian civilian nuclear trade pact.

  11. Bush seems to deal from the bottom of the deck … one minute he is for getting rid of nuclear weapons, the next minute he is advocating the sale of nuclear technology to India and Pakistan … SO, I have a question, “how can we expect Iran or any other nation to accept a NO NUKES policy, when we are sending nuclear “okay dokay” treaties everywhere …

    The Bush Administration is simply ruining everything.  Please tell me when his term is over … I have a headache.

  12. Why would anybody try to tie the Generals who helped  keep Ft. Carson open to the couple of officers who are attacking the president. Lamborn, or whoever, that’s pretty tacky.

  13. So that makes FOUR polls that all have Ed behind Peggy by double digits.

    Will someone PLEASE tell me why everyone thinks this is Ed’s race?  And don’t feed me that crap about people mistaking Peggy Lamm for Dottie Lamm, because most voters don’t remember a candidate who got 40% of the vote 10 years ago.

  14. This is oversample poll #2 for the Perlmutter team that shows he’s way behind Peggy.  It must be costing them money to do thesse polls, so if they’re so useless why did they do it again?

  15. I don’t know whose race this is, TonyT. I will say that after living here for 15 years, Lamm is a household name. I more often associate it with Dick, than Dottie, and since he’s back in the news these days quite a bit, it’s impossible to ignore that it is assisting Peggy in name recognition, even though she’s no relation.

  16. Thanks for the thoughtful response, Middle of the Road.  If it’s Dick Lamm that people are associating with Peggy instead of mistaking her for Dottie, won’t that bump in positive name ID association still be there even as people get to know Peggy?

  17. TonyT,

    Yes, I would think so. And my guess is that most people are NOT confusing her with Dottie anymore, but probably still think she is somehow related. It certainly can’t hurt to have the same last name as one of the more well known families in Colorado.

  18. Middle, the problem is many Latino voters strongly resent Dick Lamm’s anti-immigrant demagoguery.  In a Democratic primry, Peggy’s Last name may be a definite liability.

  19. I’m the decider (dictator) —

    Poetry is not your bag!  I suggest that you re-read the US Constitution — where WE THE PEOPLE run the show.

  20. Ice,

    Let me educate you as to why the CEA endorsed Ed.

    I you would spend some time in the district…or maybe if you would take a more active role in the CEA because if you had any role, you would be at the annual delegate meeting going on RIGHT NOW at the Denver Tech Center.  Here, tonight, there are Perlmutter buttons everywhere.

    And the decision of the CEA, like 20 other unions endorsing ED, was UNANIMOUS. 

    If you talked to any of the recommending committee, you would find that Ed Perlmutter blew them away with his great answers and his commitment to education.

    Ed worked with many 7th cd teachers on the Mill Levy

  21. Did anyone see Rep. Gwen Moore’s (D) son from Wisconsin was convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison for slashing tires of repulican campaign headquarters on election day 04? If you even heard of the story you wonder why these folks were not condemed publicly for disenfranchising citizens. Wonder if anything would have been different if Republican’s son did this at Dem campain headquarters.

  22. Maria,

    I agree.  However, folks who care enough to vote in a primary, will hopefully check and see that Peggy Lamm does not agree with her X-inlaw Dick Lamm on immigration. I know that is one of the first things I listened for when I heard her speaking. 

    Actually, Dick Lamm press may be a good oppurtunity to speak up with her disagreement with his position. We will see if she and her team can step forward with this important distinction and chance for some air time.

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