Can Gardner Answer This Question in Less Than 18 Seconds?

Can President Trump pardon himself?

That’s the question being asked of many Members of Congress this week. Blair Miller of Denver7 recently posed the query to every member of Colorado’s Congressional delegation and only received a response from one Republican:

“I don’t believe the President can pardon himself. It’s an absurd idea,” Coffman said in a statement to Denver7. “The rule of law applies to everyone—no matter their position or office.”

Denver7 sent two emails each to the spokespersons for Republican Reps. Ken Buck, Scott Tipton and Doug Lamborn, respectively, on Monday but none of them returned those emails. Buck sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which would have to start any impeachment proceedings against a sitting president.

Spokespeople for Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., said the senator was on a plane and was not available for comment.

If someone can track down Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma), we’d love to see if he can respond more quickly than Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who paused for an incredible 18 seconds before answering a similar question on Monday:

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    The New Republic extends the analysis on Cruz. Jeet Heer: "Ted Cruz forgets his own words on limits of presidential pardons"

    As legal scholars on Twitter pointed out, in 2015 Cruz authored an article titled “The Obama Administration’s Unprecedented Lawlessness” for The Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. In that article, Cruz wrote extensively about the powers of presidential pardon, arguing for a limited view of presidential authority.

    Footnote 79 is especially relevant to current debates. “The pardon power was not seen as suspension or dispensation,” Cruz argued. “The pardon power carries a scope specifically limited to crimes already committed. The pardon may not apply to acts that have not yet been committed, because it would function as a personal waiver, the impermissible dispensation of the laws.” It is hard to square these words with Trump’s expansive view of presidential power."

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