Larimer County Republicans Steer Hard Right

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Today’s Larimer County Republican Central Committee meeting produced enough hard right statements to put the county party in the far right column for the 2010 election.

Rep. B.J. Nikkel told the members she will introduce legislation to force the legislature to refer all fee increases to the voters under TABOR. Colorado’s revenue system is broken and Rep. Nikkel wants to drive it farther into the ditch. Never mind the roads or schools that need to be built or repaired or the children to educate. Her primary purpose is to destroy the government’s ability to function regardless of the consequences.

Even more disturbing were the remarks by Rep. Delgrosso, who was selected a few months to replace Rep. Don Marostica. He told the central committee that some Democratic members of the Colorado General Assembly are “PURE EVIL.” So much for compromise and actually trying to accomplish something for the citizens of Colorado. Rep. Delgrosso’s statement is another indication of the degeneration of the Republican Party.

Taken together, these statements by two Republican state representatives explicitly indicate the Party’s intention to refuse to recognize any legitimate policy issues facing the state and on top of that assume that sticking their collective heads in the sand represents an ultimate form of morality.

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    The worry is that you have an electorate that chooses them as their representatives. You have a majority of voters that either are not smart enough to understand services require taxes or who want to eliminate government and prefer anarchy.

  2. One Queer Dude says:

    Did he name names?  Just wondering who he had in mind.

    • Republican 36 says:

      Rep. Delgrosso did not name which Democratic member sof the general asssembly he thinks are “pure evil.” The fact that anybody would make such a statement is what is important. Rep. Delgrosso is continuing the Republican all out attack to undermine our political institutions and to demonize anyone who to the slightest degree disagrees with the ideology of the right-wing.

  3. Aggie says:

    Nikkel’s proposal is downright scary.  That is the stuff of my nightmares.

  4. With all due respect to Republican 36 –

    I spoke at the Larimer County Central Comm meeting this past weekend and I could not have received a more warm reception

    In speaking about potentially running for State Treasurer, I did directly address the tragedy at Fort Hood, my condemnation of the attack, and the great relationship between America and the Muslim community – the speech, in addition to my brief thoughts on the Treasurer’s race, was extremely well received and many showed strong support afterwards

    Every Republican group I’ve met with has been terrific, but the reception I received in Larimer was wonderful – I would hate for anyone to think that the crowd was uninviting – also, great props to Chairman Larry Carrillo, Devon Lentz, and everyone on Larimer’s Exec Community for putting on such a terrific meeting

    As far as Representatives Nikkel and Delgrosso –

    BRAVO to Rep Nikkel – the car fees are a new tax and they should be voted on by the people – the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is an easy bill – if you want more money, just ask permission – it’s not hard – terrific that Rep Nikkel is holding our State Legislature accountable, as they should be held

    Rep Delgrosso is a small businessman whose very well known and beloved in Larimer – I personally don’t recall him saying “pure evil” during his speech, but I was also busy talking to others – nonetheless, I wish I could see a transcript and the exact context

    And regardless of appointment, Delgrosso’s going to win – the people there are behind him from what I saw – ditto on Rep Nikkel

  5. Tom Lucero, Cory Gardner, and Diggs Brown all addressed the crowd regarding CD4

    Honestly, all three candidates were on message and all three spoke very well – hard to say who won the day on this one – I truly expect this to be a close primary that stays clean

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