Alert: James O’Keefe Prowling In Colorado (Again)

UPDATE: Because James O’Keefe regularly employs surrogates to conduct his entrapment schemes, we recommend the website Project Veritas Exposed–which keeps a running log of O’Keefe’s bevy of co-conspirators.

It’s possible that by the time O’Keefe leaves Colorado, there will be some new entries.


A familiar and not-so-welcome face from the national political scandal sheets is once again on the ground in Colorado, courtesy Republican financier and failed state legislative candidate Rick Enstrom:

The man on the left in this photo, taken Saturday, is infamous Republican gotcha artist James O’Keefe–who has a lengthy resume of mostly failed political expose attempts against lefty political organizations, including here in Colorado in the 2014 election cycle. Most recently, O’Keefe’s organization Project Veritas botched an attempted “sting” on the Washington Post, with reporters quickly becoming aware that they were being played and turning the tables on O’Keefe in spectacular fasion. A Politico story this month on O’Keefe’s fortunes since that PR disaster called it “a point of no return in O’Keefe’s relationship with the media.”

With James O’Keefe this evening. You may have seen him in the news, gathers Acorns. And others.

That’s Enstrom’s cryptic message with the photo of O’Keefe taken somewhere near Lakewood on Saturday. With that, you now know as much as we do about O’Keefe’s latest trip to Colorado! But if history is any guide, what he’s doing in our state will be apparent to everyone soon enough.

We hope O’Keefe’s–and for that matter, Enstrom’s–reputation survives the trip.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Oh great, this fuckhead again? 

    I will never buy Enstrom Toffee again. I was ready before but this does it.

  2. JeffcoBlue says:

    Worthless contemptible piece of entitled garbage.

    James O'Keefe sucks too

  3. Genghis says:

    Oh, goodie. Turd Boy is back. Also James O'Keefe.

    And why is that fish trying to eat a lamp?

  4. mamajama55 says:

    OafKeefie  (that's what Trump was trying to tweet that one time)  seems to be targeting teacher's unions. His twitter feed shows him trying to set up stings against the Michigan and Wisconsin teacher organizations.

    Project Veritas is also full of breathless muckraking "exposes" of teachers abusing power.

    With all of the teachers in the streets generating so much public sympathy, of course OafKeefie is trying to push back on behalf of the Koch Bros' other big priority, undermining public education.




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