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May 01, 2018 04:10 PM UTC

Lamborn Makes The Ballot Because Election Law Means Squat

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado Springs).

That’s the word from Denver7’s busy political reporter Blair Miller:

Six-term U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn will get the chance to try for a seventh term, as a federal judge on Tuesday ruled that Lamborn should be on the Republican primary ballot in Colorado’s 5th congressional district.

U.S. District Court of Colorado Judge Philip A. Brimmer made the ruling Tuesday afternoon, a day after Lamborn’s attorney argued that Colorado’s residency requirement for signature gatherers violated the U.S. Constitution…

The group that had originally petitioned to get Lamborn off the ballot will appeal to the 10th Circuit and hope that ballot certification will be postponed further, a spokesman for the group, Kyle Fisk, told Denver7.

“We are disappointed that a federal chose to overrule the unanimous decision of the Colorado Supreme Court as well as overturn the will of the people of Colorado as expressed by their elected representatives,” Fisk said in a statement sent to Denver7. “We have filed an immediate appeal to the 10th Circuit. We have also requested that Secretary Williams not be allowed to certify the ballot until the 10th Circuit hears the appeal.”

It’s a decision that effectively upends Colorado law on petition signature gathering, and there will be fallout from this decision that could seriously weaken the ability of not just Colorado, but other states to regulate their own election processes. At the same time, there’s the argument, apparently successful in federal court, that a six-term incumbent member of Congress should not be forced off the ballot by a technicality.

For the record, we don’t buy that argument for a minute. And the can of worms opened today, just so Colorado’s least beloved member of Congress can get another two years of uninspired representation of Colorado’s foremost conservative bastion, will in all probability not be worth the trouble.


29 thoughts on “Lamborn Makes The Ballot Because Election Law Means Squat

  1. We already knew CPols didn’t give a shit about CD-5. Thanks for confirming. I only wish Dems around the state would consider their put-upon brethren and be proactive rather than cynical and negative. 

    1. I know you're not a rational man, Zappy.  But how does the strong coverage pols has given CD 5 prove it doesn 'tcare about the district?

      Bonus points for answering without mentioning Chris Cillizza.

    2. Maybe everyone, including the all-powerful Pols, is just waiting for the day when CD-5 gives a shit about itself?

      (. . . But, then, I’m sometimes kinda’ negative and cynical when it comes to ridiculous and stupid.  Good point!)

    1. I'm hoping for a bitter Republican primary, exposing Lamborn's incapacity. If we could be so fortunate, it could be a primary to antagonize some and anger others, so that whoever is the "winner" will have all the popularity and appeal of Dan Maes.

      Could we convince Tancredo or Caldera that they need to ride into EPC and create a campaign for an effective Constitutional conservative?

  2. As a proud liberal I say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If the good people of EPC want to emasculate themselves politically, who are we to stand in their way? 

    1. They're so used to corruption, hypocrisy, and batshit craziness, they don't know what normal would feel like. It's the land of Dr. Chaps  and Dave Williams, Rev. "Meth and Man-ass" Haggard, Sheriff Maketa, Darrell Glenn and Mark Lowderman, DougCo School Board, the Planned Parenthood shooter, the NAACP torching… get the idea.  they're freaking nuts in EPCO.

      But maybe enough of them that are sick of being crazy can be encouraged to vote for somebody sane.


      1. And don't forget Focus on the Family. Is James Dobson still around? I know he stepped down when the board wouldn't allow the anointing of his son as his successor.

        1. Dobson is still around, writing a blog for FotF. I don't know about Dobbie, Jr. James Daly is the president of FotF now.

          It's kind of shocking that they have the same arrogance as Chapstick. They declare that they are a church even though they have no worship services, and pretty much function as a propaganda and political organization.

          Nevertheless, FotF declared to the IRS last year that the finances of FotF are "not open to scrutiny. " Breathtaking.

  3. El paso county is also home to some of the finest legislators I ever knew, from bill comer to john morse with a lot in between.Colorado Springs had a mayor Makepeace a few years ago who had passion and vision.

    Since you now live in the stomping grounds of mad dog​​​​​​ Marilyn Musgrave and Ken Buck it might be well to be a bit more humble and realize there are many fine, decent, people in each of Colorado's 64 counties.

    And, yep, a passel of 6,000 year old earth whack jobs and Great I Am wannabees and Douglas Jailbird Bruce acolytes, too.  

    For all his delerium, Zappy is not wrong to dream of a day when the good folks again rule his county.  And even in a minority, those solid, decent folks in El Paso and Yuma and Mesa like Gertie and Duke and Mike give us vital votes statewide to elect great people like Hick and Bennet to statewide office.  

    Maybe they can carry Cary Kennedy or Jared Polis to th e next step as well.  And in a couple of years join us in sending The Pussy Grabbing administration to the dark corners of hell where  it belongs.

    So, show a little respect to El Paso County and its fellows.  They've earned it.

    1. The problem, V, is that not one of the fine people you mentioned has lasted very long in EpCo. They've either been voted out at the next opportunity, like Makepeace, or driven out like Morse for daring to vote like Democrats. Come back and tell me what fine people they are when they stop electing whacknuts like Chappie and useless wet noodles like Lamebrain..

      1. If you are going to concern yourself with length of tenure, then you probably shouldn't list Dr. Chaps — who served a single term in the House and got beat when he attempted a run for the Senate.

        Politics makes strange bedfellows — and the Republicans in EPC prove the case in so many ways.

        • White Evangelicals rub elbows with
        • White Libertarians while
        • White Corporatist/Anti-taxers/Anti-government sorts put up with
        • Retired military who are anti-domestic spending / pro-defense spending, and
        • White main street Chamber of Commerce/Olympics/tourist industry types hop into the coalition, too.

        I'd add that sane people can get elected there, too, and John Suthers is a good example of that. How he is able to form coalitions and avoid antagonizing larger numbers of the coalition is worth study.

          1. And hasn't Suthers been trashed by the RWNJs as being a tax-and-spend liberal? (At least by their standards.)

            And let's not forget…..he mentored the Taller Coffman.

  4. As much as I dislike Lamborn and his party, this decision was not surprising.  The CO supreme court decision did not address the constitutional issue because the court lacked jurisdiction to address Lamborn's constitutional claim under the statutory section granting the court jurisdiction for the expedited appeal.  The court so noted in footnote 1 of its opinion.  So Lambert had 2 choices, sue in state court on constitutional grounds, or in federal court.  He chose federal court, and based on a line of cases had solid grounds for his argument that the CO supreme court decision violated the First Amendment.  The federal district court's preliminary injunction will be appealed on an expedited basis to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, but I highly doubt the Tenth Circuit will reverse, based on prior cases from that court in this area (see Chandler v. City of Arvada).  All of this, of course, begs the question why Lamborn even had this struggle, but for now I expect he will be on the ballot, will win easily, and will continue to be one of the dumbest, weakest, most ineffective members of Congress



    1. Spaceman I have faith that some day a new Republican will win the primary, go to Congress, and prove even dumber, weaker and more effective than Lamborn!

      But thanks for a clear and concise legal wrapup.

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