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April 21, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Friday Poll

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s been awhile since we’ve polled on the governor’s race, so it’s a good time to do it again. Since most of you are active and interested political observers, we don’t want to know who you are supporting or who you hope to win, but who you think will win.



65 thoughts on “Friday Poll

  1. Next poll:

    Were you honest about this poll and voted only once?

    (a) Yes, I voted only once.

    (b) No, I voted twice.

    (c) Hahaha – this poll allowed multiple votes and I took advantage of it many times over.

  2. This poll only allows on vote per cookie, moron.


    More deep thoughts from the Left.

    It’s pretty evident that some folks have more than one cookie, Sherlock.

  3. Since this is obviously a “give the world away,lefty liberal” site, you don’t really expect the results to reflect how the state of Colorado is going to vote, now do ya?
    There is only a handful of conservatives that visit here regularly so we are of course outnumbered. Which reflects why Ritter is ahead.
    Reality could very well be quite different.
    I don’t think Ritter has a chance, but that is my humble “make ’em earn it” opinion.

  4. Gecko and BadMoonRising are the same person, have you noticed?

    Go Marc Go!  Flip Flop Bob is doing it both ways again.

    Holtzman will be the new Guv.

  5. Gecko and BadMoonRising are the same person, have you noticed?


    I don’t know about Gecko, but this sure is news to me!


  6. Actually, Gecko is much better looking but BMR plays a better banjo.  Or whatever.  But having had long exchanges with both, I assure you they are two different people.  The writing and rhetorical styles are wholly dissimilar.

  7. Holtzman is exactly what I expected all the College Republicans from 1981 would turn into in 25 years-puffy white guys with soft hands and hard hearts.  Add the fact that he is a carpet bagger, and has never held an honest job in his life and there is no way I could vote for this guy for dog catcher.  Why is he running.  Christ, can’t the Republicans find anyone with a little more charisma?

    Beupreaz left a bad taste in my mouth when, in his first congressional campaign, in the last days before the election, he started running radio ads for his savings and loan business.  I have never heard ads for this alleged business before or since-I figured it was an end run around campaign laws.  It seemed disingenuous.

    I’ve never voted for a democrat for gov-but I gotta tell you, it’s mighty tempting.  Too bad Kinky Friedman ain’t running here.

  8. The problem with the Beauprez strategy is its one of “We simply want to win.”  Much like the Pete Coors strategy.  I fell for that strategy once when I was told that Hank Brown would vote for a conservative judge when given the opportunity.

    Many conservatives fell in line with the party and look what we received. Ruth bader Ginsberg — Ms. ACLU herself.  That’s the problem with the Beauprez strategy. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  Gun Owners know how BB encouraged the Colorado delegation to support the Gun Show Loophole legislation authored by SANE.  To quote Bill Owens, “Where are they going to go?”

    Hey Bill, they won’t, that’s the problem with your strategy.  The moderates know they need the conservatives to win, but they aren’t willing to follow thru on their promises at least not at the expense of appearing too conservative.

  9. Holtzman is going to win this. I didn’t always think so (yes, shills, it’s true) but I know it now. The coronation will not happen and the power of Benson and Owens will come to an end. We found our Saviour. Yes, he’s short and jewish, but he’s in nobody’s pocket and will end the tyrany of having a Prime Minister instead of a Governor. Will he beat Ritter? Yes. So long as he keeps the conservative base placated, the liberal left will sit on their hands and stay home on election day. Our next Governor will be named Marc.

  10. What exactly did Holtzman do to give Owens the red ass.  Was it Ref C&D?  Owens brought him in as Secty of Technology-tried to get him appointed President of CSU-then suddenly he’s the outsider?  I don’t buy it.

    The problem with Colorado (and national) republicans is that the party is no longer a big tent.  Beupreaz is a weasel, Holtzman a stuffed shirt.  Though not exactly unusual in politics, neither stand for anything but ambition.  It’s quite telling that the Dems have a pro life gubernatorial candidate-A pro-choice republican would have trouble making the primary ballot these days.

    Did I leave the party, or did the party leave me?

    Vote Libertarian.

  11. Haha, next the Holtzman is god shills will be telling us they have opted to “keep their options open” because the 2500 delegates they had all got sick and couldn’t make it to the convention. Get a life Holtzmanites, you are going to need something new to do soon.

  12. Today, April 22, posted an article regarding Senator Allard.  Senator Allard’s “cloak of invisibility suits his personality but does little to serve the interests of the state or the nation.”

    The article goes on to state, “Among Colorado congressional members, only Rep. Bob Beauprez toes the party line as often as Allard.”

    Do Coloradoans really want a clone of Allard as their next governor?

  13. That is really funny, Reason! Looks like Holtzman is the one who wants it both ways – go to convention AND petition on! ROFL!!! All this and he won’t release his tax returns, which the Beauprez campaign has smartly latched onto. He’s like a raccoon with his hand in a trap. There’s no way he’ll get out…

    Oh, and mrhandy, didn’t Holtzman max out to the Coors campaign? Didn’t he host a fundraiser for Cooors? So… now he doesn’t like Coors? And didn’t Bob Schaffer endorse Beaurpez? Yeah. That’s what I thought…

  14. All right, funny guy, Holtzman gives money to mainstream conservatives like Coors and serves in the cabinet for mainstream conservatives like Owens and takes money from Christie Whitman’s pro-choice PAC, but he is the bedrock conservative in this race, nonetheless.  Because Dick Leggitt SAYS SO, that’s why!  And when Marc is governor and takes your gun away, you won’t DARE sass him the way you just did. 😉

  15. Bob soft on guns?!?!? Ask the NRA. That’s really funny hillary – I mean hilarious – guy! No I’m not John Marshall but you really like taking cheap shots at him just like you do me, so maybe I’m doing something right! Speaking of the right, where is Marc’s right wing record to match his rhetoric? Hmm… And where are his tax returns for that matter? Maybe he left them in New Zealand…

    Speaking of tax returns, did anyone notice that Bill Ritter’s charitable giving wasn’t nearly as high as he said it was a few weeks ago? How much somebody gives to charity is their own decision, but lying about it? Come on… not very funny…

  16. Beauprez did not tithe the amount deemed appropriate by the Roman Catholic Church. His was at less than 5%. That bothers me to no end. It looks like he doesn’t practice what he preaches, and it offends me that he would somehow brag about his clear credit record. I EXPECT HIM TO HAVE A CLEAR CREDIT RECORD. It should be the norm in this society and not the exception.

  17. TITHE
    BeuPritter is opening a door that doesn’t need to be opened. If he had problem accounts, bill collectors would be following him around. What’s next, his appendix floating in a Mason jar?

  18. But who are we to judge what someone gives? What bothers me to no end is Bill Ritter misrepresenting the percent of his income he gave to charity.

    How much did Holtzman give? What is his credit record like? We don’t know because he won’t release it! Clearly he doesn’t want to be governor, he just wants a seat at the host table…

  19. ROFL! Did someone spill the beans on Bob Ewegen? Did that make him cry like Rhea when Cronus stole and devoured her children? Poor Bob Ewegen. Will Greg Moore run over to Bob’s office and demand to know why Bob can only muster a column or two a week, yet is on here blogging as Voyageur all day and night? Will Bob soon take a buyout? ROFL!

  20. Were you honest about this poll and voted only once?

    (a) Yes, I voted only once.

    (b) No, I voted twice.

    (c) Hahaha – this poll allowed multiple votes and I took advantage of it many times over.

  21. I’m a VietVet Douglas Cty. Republican.  I saw Holtzman in action many times when he was working for Owens.  If he is our candidate I will contribute to, and work for Ritter.  Anyone who supports Marc doesn’t know him very well.

  22. I’m a lifelong Colorado Republican. I worked with Beauprez when he was the State Chairman. If he is our candidate I will contribute to, and work for Ritter. Anyone who supports Bob is looking for a job in his administration.

  23. And I am a life long Wizzard of Middle Earth! When Frodo Holtzman wins he will finally be able to destroy the ring of power and all that is good will be restored in life!

  24. john “funny guy” marshall, did you dream up this stupid tax-returns-and-credit-records message? it certainly seems like a marshall message: the media and the voters won’t buy into it no matter how long and how hard it is pushed, because it is of no interest to them. just like your basketball game, john, it lacks a hook. back to the locker room, john. you’re not even good enough for the bench.

  25. Anyone else find it odd “voice of reason” would post at 4:00 am on a Sunday morning? Voice, you wouldn’t be posting from Virginia or Florida, would you?

  26. No, I was just an insomniac last night for whatever reason. But I don’t get the Florida remark…explain? No worries, though; I understand that not everyone can be “thinkin” on all cylinders.

  27. I know another guy who also deals with his insomnia issues by catching up on blogs. Must be the new drug-less treatment. Anyway, as to Florida, I understand members of the Beauprez campaign are also dabbling in politics down there.

  28. Bill Owens? Jesus, how did you guess.

    Anyhow, yeah, reading blogs late night if you cant sleep really does help (unless Sir Robin is posting here…then it just makes you angry and more restless). As for FL, where have you heard this? I just did a quick fundraising check (albeit not scientific, just a glance) and Holtzman has way more out-of-state funds from FL than Beauprez…for whatever that’s worth.

  29. we all know how reasonable bill is. I like the “voice of reason” moniker, though. it’s the same one campus communist groups use, making it especially fitting for bill, what with bill being such a student of the soviets. i’m sure he’s on the beach, soaking up the rays, reading the latest makeover guide–which makeup is the best for 50-and-over men, bill–and singing along to the soviet anthem as it plays on his ipod. don’t forget the sunscreen, bill. it won’t be easy to roll in the hay with the ladies if you’re sporting a burn.

  30. I’m disappointed wasting time on a poll like this.  Is there an issue that has som meat to it?  Hey, RomeFell, I do like the Beaupritter tag.  Kind of catchy.

  31. Hey VietVet Douglas County.  We all know that your a Beauprez shill in disguise.  Let me guess, did you support Bill Clinto (the Draft Dodger) also?  Must have, that’s the only eplanation for any VET to support Beauprez.

    Bob Beauprez is a card carrying member of the “You Go” and “I’ll Stay Home” Club.  Just like Bill Clinton.  If it was good enough to rip Bill Clinton and George W. about the draft, why should BB be any exception?

    BB should not get a pass.  As a Veteran, I say NO to Beauprez.  Sure you haven’t been checked out for that Agent Orange stuff? 

    How can anyone in their right mind support a guy who has a rating with Disabl;e Veterans of 0% and 33% respectively.  Someone who votes with the President, and then “Ducks for Cover” and doesn’t vote with him the second time around.  Shades of John Kerry, I supported the War before I voted against it.

  32. That’s right folks, that BB is a yellow bellied draft dodger but I am a rock ribbed conservative who answered the call to arms!  I was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution, and I single-handedly took on the Rogue City while BB was hiding in the tall grass!

  33. Alright, Mr handy im sick of your double-standard shit. You say ratings mean nothing from any solid conservative watchdog that has given Beauprez a great rating, then you pull out a rating from the DAV?

    Are you so pathetic that you have to quote liberal rating systems? The same DAV that gives Ken Salazar no negative marks on their “key” legislation? The same DAV that gives Ted Kennedy no negative marks?

    For a while I figured you were just politically inexperienced. Now I know better–you’re just an idiot who can only repeat talking points Dicky Dick gives you when patting you on the head and saying “good little intern.”

  34. Pompeius,

    Huh? Is mrhandy holtzman? Well, actually, it wouldn’t surprise me…he’s worse than Iron Mike. Where has Iron Mike gone, anyhow?

    And it seems ignoring Holtzman has worked pretty well for the Beauprez Camp…Marc isn’t even doing well enough to committ to the state convention. If he has so many delegates (remember the 2500 press release?) why in the world would he even think about needing to petition on? Maybe Marcy Marc has actually called the delegates by now and is finding out something different…

    The Post reported today that more money last quarter was raised from out-of-state donors than in state. Monetary donors from in state = votes. Monetary donors from out of state = monetary donors. Not votes. And in-state votes is what counts, let us not forget. Plus, if Holtzman is tapping his out-of-state donors that Seymor can pressure into giving already, where is he going to go for money when they have given their maximum $1000?

    You can post all the smart-ass comments and propoganda you want, but don’t be surprised when you find out that Coloradans aren’t as stupid as you must think.

  35. yeah, the beauprez campaign is doing really well. that tax-returns-and-credit-records thing took off like bill owens after a skirt. the reasons jack st. martin left are starting to show. for once, jack, you made a wise move.

  36. Hey Voice of Reason… you and Bb keep using that lame national(we’ll fudge the numbers to help our friends) endorsement of 100%.  How about the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners?  Seems, the vote you keep using is only “ONE” vote.  Imagine that, how to get 100%.  Just vote once.

    How about taxes?  Bb is so lame. Check his latest ratings with TheColorado Union of Taxpayers?  Whoops.  How about the National Tax Payers Union Foundation Ratings?  Then the TRIM On-line report?  Hell, BB was left of Mark Udall and Diana DeGette!!! Can you say ZERO% in favor of less government and spending.?  Here are the results:

    Beauprez – 0%
    Udall – 13%
    DeGette – 25%
    Salazar – Not in Office
    Musgrave – 50%
    Hefley – 86%
    Tancredo – 100%

    No matter how you dress this guy up it still looks bad.  Then his flip flop.  How about the fact that Banker Bob in his Banking Journal interview initially wanted to be on the House Banking and Finance Committee.  Then when elected, in another interview, he admitted that the RNC had advised him that Banker Bob couldn’t be on the House Banking and Finance Committee because it would be a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST.”

    WOW!! Seems John Marshall hasn’t done as much opposition research on his own guy as he should have.  Don’t worry.  If its out there, it’ll be found.

  37. The DAV isn’t the only Veterans Group that has given BB low ratings.  Unlike the “ONE” sdingle organization that youse guys keep using.  For your one, i.e. Veternas of America, Conservative Union, and Natrional Rifle Assn., I’ll raise you at least 3 to 1 that say your guy isn’t so grand.

    Not to mention the lame 85% NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) ratings for Gigi Dennis.  I’m confused, who is the conservative in that campaign organization again?  GiGi Dennis’ ratings are just as lame on taxes and government spending.  Not to mention that she attempted to take away our rights to petition, can you say SB 153? That Brain Fart of an idea would have (if passed) cost petitions upwards of $36,000.00 to get one item on the ballot.

    Gigi received CUT ratings of a whopping 40%!!!

    Go ahead, Bob.  Pick Gigi, please pick Gigi.  The files are filling and the data compiled.  Can you say…Arranging the deck chairs while the ship sinks???

  38. Hillarious guy, just a couple of weeks ago you were saying St. Marten left because he was fired.  You guys need to figure out your message on that one. Did he quit or was he fired?  Marc is skipping the convention, you guys are hovering around 10% of the delegates.  You cant make 30%, and you get on this site, your little bizarro universe and spew stuff that is so nasty and ridiculous that no one takes it seriously.  Mr. Handy Gigi is never going to be on the ticket and you guys know that.  But keep saying it, you will just have more apologies when it does not happen. 

    The truth is that you are a sad bunch over at Holtzman headquarters.  And you are going to lose and lose big.  Seymours money wont change that.

  39. Hiliarious Guy (Laura Teal and her boot-licking staff).
    Dammit, I pay you peons to buy votes for my kid, not to pimp for him on blogs where they already have their minds made up.  Keep wasting time here, Laura, and there’ll be a little something extra in your pay envelope this week _ a pink slip!

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