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November 04, 2009 08:00 PM UTC

The Governor's Energy Office: Mr. Penry gets it wrong again

  • by: Republican 36

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

In today’s Denver Post, Lynn Bartels reports that Mr. Penry was asked to name those who are part of the political silo of patronage in the governor’s Energy office. He named two, Alice Madden and GEO executive director, Tom Plant. Unfortunately for Mr. Penry, Alice Madden’s position is not funded by the GEO and she doesn’t work for the GEO.

Further, Mr. Plant, an appointee of governor Ritter, recently hired a former Beauprez campaign staffer for a position in the GEO. Hardly a silo of democrat patronage.

On the funding side for the GEO, Mr. Penry has it all wrong again. Mr. Penry is quoted as saying he can’t wait to debate the Governor on whether the GEO is more important than funding higher educaiton and keeping criminals behind bars. Unfortunately, again, Mr. Penry doesn’t know what he is talking about. Because Governor Ritter cut $14.2 million in state funds from the GEO budget, that office now receives 99% of its funds from federal funding. Gov. Ritter cut state funding to 1% of the GEO’s budget.

Seriously, Mr. Penry who has sat in the general assembly for five years and as leader for one year in the state senate should know better. His wildly misleading and false staements continue to eat away at his credibility.  


29 thoughts on “The Governor’s Energy Office: Mr. Penry gets it wrong again

  1. As was seen in 2000 with W’s election, and since, it seems to be a major plank in Republican strategists’ playbook to bend (or even ignore) the facts.  Sadly, what has held up Republican candidates (and various victories) is fear-mongering and headlines, no matter how contrary to fact they might be.  Thus, it is not surprising that Penry continues to make outlandish, baseless claims – he deftly knows that these statements (a) play to and energize his base, and (b) have at least some sway with independents and undecideds.  Moreover, these groups will naturally take any analysis from the media with a grain of salt because everyone knows the media has a ‘liberal bias.’  In short, while Penry may lie, he knows that there is nobody out there with enough credibility to convincingly disprove him with his base or those that distrust the media – there is no downside to him for saying whatever he thinks his base wants to hear.

              1. Ritter in denial on hiring freeze

                Though he did need to fill some positions, hiring thousands during a bad economy and calling it a “freeze” is misleading.

                1. And it doesn’t have anything to Penry being so out of touch that he doesn’t know his facts.

                  I don’t just pull condemnations like this out of my ass, like you apparently do with many of your posts, so perhaps that’s part of your confusion. I checked out your link before I posted what I posted, and my statement remains true while yours remains false. Your link if off topic. Learn the rules.

            1. This isn’t about a hiring freeze, particularly since the office isn’t funded by state revenue anyway.

              We’ve got no problem, Libertad, with you posting your comments about the hiring freeze. But do it in the proper threads. People shouldn’t have to scroll through irrelevant comments when they are reading comments on a post.

              1. I get your drift … If you like something from the Post its ok to post it and comment, but compare and contrast another Post piece on the same subject and we’ll deleate it.

  2. because it’s just too ironic.  You misspelled “education”

    Far as Penry, I’m happy to keep hammering the same point on this story: The fact that he’s going after one of the only bright spots to CO’s economic future, the one sector of the economy that is going to blossom here over the next two decades because of work already put in by a combination of CO’s cleantech entrepreneurs and Ritter’s coordinators, shows that Penry has no idea where CO’s bread is going to be buttered in the future.  That alone is reason enough to not take him seriously.  

  3. R-36, while I dont know this I can only asume from your posts-you support Ritter. That is and is certainly your right.

    My question is what has Mr. Penry done to  upset you, why do you always post things against him and do you think he is a threat to Ritter?

    1. I don’t claim to keep with all the posts here. R36’s or anyone’s.  I’m not sure I’ve read all mine.

      But I’ll answer part of your question”

      “…why do you always post things against him …”

      Because Senator Penry does things that make him look like an idiot. I’m not saying he is an idiot- just that he says some dumb stuff.

    2. Yes, I support Governor Ritter.

      However, beyond my support for the Governor, I was once an active Republican and witnessed over the years the degradation and imploding of the Republican Party because of people just like Senator Penry. Regardless of what he says, he is an ideologue. He is one of those Republicans who doesn’t think past his ideology. To him, facts are meaningless, including objective facts. To him if the facts don’t fit right-wing ideology just change the facts. In other words, bend reality to fit ideology. Over the past several months he has done it over and over again. How can we trust him or anyone like him. His party affiliation is not the problem, its his personal disdain for truth.

      Let me draw a comparison between Mr. Penry and Bob Schaeffer. During the 2008 U.S. Senate campaign it was revealed that the last time Bob Schaeffer ran for the U.S. House in 2000 he wrote on his campaign website the following: “Republicans believe in a clean environment. Democrats set big forest fires in New Mexico.” Does anyone in their right mind believe that any Democrat wants to torch the forests in New Mexico. Again, it didn’t matter that Mr. Schaeffer is a Republican. It mattered because anyone who thinks like that and makes wild, completely unfounded accusations like that had no business representing us in the U.S. Senate.

      In my opinion, Mr. Penry is cut from the same cloth. He makes statements which are factually just plain flat wrong and he does it on subjects he is familiar with because of his five years as a member of the Colorado general assembly. His disrespect for facts disqualifies him for public office. He has lost his credibility.  

      1. i worked on the Hill a few years ago.  i went in pretty open minded and would have worked on either side, ended up working for a moderate D but almost went to a moderate R’s office.  what I found inside the system is exactly as you describe.  The R’s and much of their staffs couldn’t give a shit less about even the most obvious facts.  That they killed the Office of Technology Assessment and tried to kill the US Geol. Survey was just emblematic of that approach.  I came out of there with the same political leanings I had going in (very centrist), but a newfound disrespect for the R party, and for the first time ever I actually registered as a D.  I still support center-right candidates but the party itself is seriously off-course.

        1. I worked on the “Hill’ many years ago and it was different in those days. Republicans respected facts and the inferences that are drawn from an honest assessment of facts.

          The so called Republicans of today love to wrap themselves in the aura of Ronald Reagan and claim they are the heirs to his tradition. I worked in Wahsington during Reagan’s administration and he respected facts. He would have never gone along with these people.

          1. This thread is exceptionally well put – thanks.

            I think I’ve said it before – from the perspective of a lawyer’s anecdote, today’s Republicans are largely resorting to pounding the table, ’cause they rarely have the facts or the law to back them up.

            Reagan raised taxes when he realized his earlier cuts had gone too far and the deficit started spiraling out of control.  This despite the fact that he truly believed in those tax cuts.  The difference between St. Ronnie and the current Church of Zombie Reagan is that today’s practitioners don’t let facts get in the way of their beliefs.

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