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April 20, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Colorado GOP Outlines Voting Procedures

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Colorado Republican Party has responded to gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman’s concerns about voting procedures at the State Assembly. Click here?(PDF) to read the revised rules and voting procedures.

Click below to read the full press release from the State GOP…

“The voting delegates at the State Republican Assembly are the backbone of our party.?? The voice of our grassroots members are the fundamental building blocks of our democratic process.? It is my hope that the Holtzman for Governor campaign will make the decision to value their voices and participate in such a crucial part of the party?s nominating process.??The Colorado Republican Party feels that we have gone to great lengths to accommodate all requests made by the Holtzman campaign and we hope that since the Beauprez campaign and the state party agree, that we can all look forward to a successful convention with both sides participating.?? The lines of communication are open, and we remain committed to ensuring a fair and verifiable voting procedure for everyone involved in this year?s Republican Assembly,? said Chairman Bob Martinez.?

The Colorado Republican Party is committed to ensuring a fair and honest voting procedure at the 2006 Colorado Republican Assembly.? Chairman Martinez and staff have been working with representatives from both the Republican gubernatorial candidate?s staff in order to make sure that both campaigns feel that the voting process is completed with the utmost integrity and fairness.? It is the sincere desire of the Colorado GOP that the Assembly is conducted with the highest standards as is fitting for such an important step in the nominating process.?

In order to ensure transparency in the process to establish voting procedures, we would like to publicly outline the details as we have discussed with the Bob Beauprez for Governor and Marc Holtzman for Governor campaigns.? These details will also be available on our website.

The following voting procedures are extremely detailed and thorough.? These procedures were requested by the Marc Holtzman for Governor campaign.? Both campaigns have the option of stating their proposed changes to these procedures in writing along with an explanation and suggested solution.? Please note that these are preliminary details and that these specifics can be revised at any time leading up to the Assembly to addresses either campaign?s concerns.?


21 thoughts on “Colorado GOP Outlines Voting Procedures

  1. It has already started.  Please note, Marc is going to skip the convention.  He has already filed his petition papers.  Even though he got everything he wanted.  As I predicted yesterday, the guy is a liar and never had any intention of going to the convention and respecting the delegates wishes.  He is lucky to have 15% right now.  Go Marc Go, when you lie people notice.

  2. Did anyone notice that when the State GOP sent out it’s notice on convention rules to the two campaigns, it was addressed to two people on the Beauprez campaign, and neither of them was named John Marshall!  What’s up with That?  Sounds like there still may be management trouble in BB’s River City.

  3. I don’t care what party you’re from, this is a riot.


    Contact: Ken Gordon

    Thursday, April 20, 2006 
    DENVER-Secretary of State candidate Ken Gordon announced today that he will make himself available to assist the Republican Party in the counting of votes at their May 20th convention.

    The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Republican Gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman is considering circumventing the convention process, citing “too many unanswered questions” and “a potential for widespread fraud and manipulation” in the handling and counting of ballots. Holtzman faces Congressman Bob Beauprez in the Republican primary.

    In a news report in the Rocky Mountain News, Dick Leggitt, Holtzman campaign manager, pointed out that at the 2004 Republican convention, 400 more people voted than attended.

    “The Holtzman-Spradley campaign appears to have legitimate concerns about the ability of the Republicans to accurately count the votes in their own preference poll,” said Gordon. “In the interest of bipartisan cooperation, I am glad to offer the Republican candidates my assistance in the counting of votes at their convention.”

    “I am completely neutral in the race between Mr. Holtzman and Congressman Beauprez. I think that neither candidate is any better than the other,” Gordon added.

  4. Did you notice that the reporters use the word “convention” when they really mean “assembly.”  It would be nice is the reporters understand the difference.

  5. I wonder who “Karl Rove in Drag” has in the Holtzman – BB fight?  Better stay on her good side since she has learned from the most corrupt!

  6. I laughed, then I laughed some more.  Mike Coffman’s got a long, hard road ahead of him to keep up with Ken’s campaign.  Brilliant statement – lots of humerous jabs embedded in there, right up to the last line…

  7. Marc has assembled the best team this state has seen since Bill Owens whooped whiney Gail Schoettler. Beauprez beat Mike Feeley only because the Feeley team was lazy and incompetent. No such luck this time Bob.

  8. At the Mesa County assembly they had the same problem.  In one race – Stratton for Sheriff – Mr. Stratton didn’t get on the ballot because the Mesa County Republican Party had as many as 30 more ballots then they had certified electors (delegates).

    The only problem with allowing Democrats in to police it?  Well that is the problem.  The Republican Party in Mesa is being run by the Democrats already!

    I think Holtzman has a legitimate concern with the track record of Republican leadership in Colorado.  With their press release does any rational person believe Marc will get a fair shake?

  9. So the GOP is using Diebold AccuVote machines to count their delegates, too?  Wow, that’s brave.  Among the many documented malfunctions of this fragile Windows-based system was one in Maryland in 2002 where voters found that choosing the Republican candidate for Governor made an X appear next to the Democrat’s name.

    I think Republicans need to take Ken Gordon up on his offer to help with counting the votes.

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