BREAKING: Coffman Calls On All VA Secretaries To Resign

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora).

In a dramatic shift from his overall support for the Trump administration’s actions, today in a press release Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado called on acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie to immediately resign from the position. This follows the termination last week of the current Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, David Shulkin, which Rep. Coffman also supported.

“It is clear that no amount of oversight and investigation can solve the systemic problems plaguing the Department of Veterans Affairs,” said Coffman, the former chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation of the Committee on Veterans Affairs. “It’s time for heads to roll–and for heads to keep rolling until something good happens.”

Demonstrating his commitment to taking whatever action is necessary to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs, Rep. Coffman then called for the resignation of the new nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Adm. Sonny Jackson.

“The problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs are so severe that no one man can ever expect to solve them,” said Rep. Coffman. “That’s why I’m the first member of Congress to call on Sonny Jackson to step down as VA Secretary. Admiral Jackson may not have been formally confirmed yet as VA Secretary, but it will be obvious once he is sworn in that he is not up to this daunting task. Once that happens, Jackson must do the right thing and immediately resign.”

Finally, demonstrating his bold vision of reform for the long term, Rep. Coffman called on all future Secretaries of Veterans Affairs to resign.

“Let’s face it, America–war just plain sucks,” said Rep. Coffman. “Nobody is ever going to be happy with the nation’s care for our veterans until we stop the vicious cycle of creating new veterans with every single generation. Until we end the wars that turn veterans into veterans to begin with, the Department of Veterans Affairs will never be up to the challenge. That means every Secretary of the VA has a duty to resign once they take their oath of office.”

Additional details follow after the jump.

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    I’m picturing him dictating this release while doing airport pushups.

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    I, Four One, don’t believe this 🧐

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Additional details on this will be released at Mike Coffman's appearance at

    Town Hall For Our Lives

    Sat, Apr 7 2018 at 6:00 PM, MDT

    ThunderRidge High School
    1991 W Wildcat Reserve Pkwy
    Littleton, CO 80129

  4. MADCO says:

    It's not entirely made up

    There is, in fact, a United States House Veterans' Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and Coffman did Chair it.

    In a spectacular failure he 'Chaired' this subcommittee during the ginormous budget overruns and delays at the Denver VA Med Center.
    Then when others finally started asking why there was no oversight, Coffman (like everyone else who could have and should have) blamed someone else.  

  5. mamajama55 says:

    What's sad is how believable this is. I could easily see him making these announcements about which heads must roll, then taking it all back when he gets any pushback at all.

    "I never said that!" "It was  the LeebrulMeedja!" "I'm a Marine, darn it!" (That was Lebsock's defense, too. )

    Trump is actually trying pretty hard now to privatize the VA. Apparently, some of his friends are just drooling over those contracts to provide health care.

    Hospital companies can make money. The Koch Brothers are betting on this outcome. What veterans want doesn't matter.

    But why stop at privatizing veteran's health care? Privatize the whole military! There's big money in war for profit…Betsy Devos' brother, Erik Prince, now a consultant on Afghanistan and in the Trump – Russian cabal,  ran Blackwater, aka Xe, aka  which made billions of dollars providing services during the Iraq war.  He'd like to do it again, in Afghanistan.

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