Harassment Scandal Makes Grantham’s ‘Stache All Droopy

With his one-seat Republican majority in the Colorado Senate receiving daily unwanted attention as the Colorado General Assembly’s sexual harassment scandal continues to escalate, Senate President Kevin Grantham’s Old West pointy mustache–a recent fashion upgrade for the once-frumpy lawmaker–has gotten much more exposure than we expect the honorable Senator from Cañon City ever intended:

The above photo was taken in happier times, before the harassment allegations against numerous sitting lawmakers including at least three Republican Senators began to dominate the headlines from this year’s legislative session. Contrast that to today, in a photo released by Senate Republicans, in which we find President Grantham’s whiskers have gone…for lack of a better word, flaccid:

It would appear that Grantham’s bristles no longer stand erect now that Democrats in the House have expelled one of their own members for harassment and Grantham’s inexplicable running of cover for offenders in his own caucus has worn disastrously threadbare.

Whether the metaphor was intentional or not, it fits perfectly. Let’s all keep our pointy bits safely stowed.

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  1. unnamed says:

    He looks like an Old West villain barber.  Along with Senator "committed acts of sexual impropriety as a Republican" Randy "Black Bart" Baumgartner

  2. RepealAndReplace says:


    Grantham really needs to lance this boil which is a pustule on the backside of the GOP majority.

  3. spaceman65 says:

    He looks exactly like the clown he is


  4. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    I guess if you're already a cartoon character, why not animate your facial hair ? I'd be interested in seeing what he could do with the unexpressive thatch on the chin.

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