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April 18, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

CD-4 Money Update

  • by: Colorado Pols

Democrat Angie Paccione has as much ground to make up as Republican Scott Tipton does in CD-3, but Tipton won’t have the same big interest groups spending money on his behalf if he can stay competitive.


Marilyn Musgrave (R)
$1,014,401 cash on hand after Q4 2005
$275,383 raised in Q1 2006
$208,265 spent in Q1 2006
$1,081,519 cash on hand?



Angie Paccione (D)
$165,495 cash on hand after Q4 2005
$152,665 raised in Q1 2006
$83,245 spent in Q1 2006
$234,916 cash on hand?



16 thoughts on “CD-4 Money Update

  1. Tipton will have a group called the National Republican Campaign Committee and they are good for all the money he needs to fund this race. Angie does not have Emily’s List, Angie does not have the Human Rights Campaign Angie does not even show up on the AFL-CIO target list. Kiss this one goodbye for the Democrats and John Boy Salazar better not be complacent.

  2. So I’m adding this up in my head, and it seems that after Marilyn spends all her hard-bought cash, she has a net intake the same as Angie’s.  Maybe I don’t get all the news, but what did Musgrave spend $208,000 on this quarter, and did it get her anything?

  3. Looks like Marilyn is spending like crazy to buy her email spam lists. Looks like their rule is to keep it above $1m, but other than that they are spending like drunken sailors. No discipline.

    As for Angie. How much did Stan even raise TOTAL? I think it was about $800k. And Marly pulled a squeaker 51%. Heck, Angie’s got almost a quarter million on hand in April – probably almost all from individuals.

  4. Has anyone at Colorado Pols taken a second to look at the voter registration numbers in the 3rd and 4th District?

    There are 18,000 more registered Republicans in the 3rd than Dems. There are over 60,000 more registered Republicans than Dems in the 4th.

    You guys are absolutely kidding yourselves if you think that Paccione has a better shot than Tipton.

  5. Angie lacked the discipline to focus on her campaign.
    Of course this is the last time anyone will kiss up to her the way lobbyists now do. Angie had her priorities in order. It was more important for her to be a big shot at the Capital than to have the focus to stay on the phone and raise the funds necessary to be a serious candidate. Compare this with John Salazar who wanted to really be a Congressman

  6. Uh, Huh? She lacked discipline because she focused on doing her job? Your line of reasoning defies logic. Okay, we get the picture–you’re not a fan. Got it. But at least offer a legitimate reason for it.

    Personally, I would have been far more concerned if she spent the last four months on the phone raising money and hadn’t focused her efforts in the State House, where she is being paid by the voters to represent us. You said “Angie had her priorities in order”. Indeed she did and I’m pleased that Angie takes her job seriously.

    Maybe you prefer a candidate such as Musgrave, who in HER spare time, would rather send out taxpayer sponsored “faux” progressive reports (that are nothing more than thinly veiled campaign promotions).

  7. Hey, Huh! 

    Why don’t you tell us more about Marilyn’s “acheivements” that are going to keep her doing nothing in DC? Sucking up to Tom DeLay for four years isn’t much of a record.

    Heck, Angie raised only $30k less than John Salazar did in his 1Q 2005. And Angie sits on a couple of committees. Didn’t John leave his committees too?

  8. What did Musgrave spend $208,000 on this quarter?  The same as every quarter.  Full-time staffers to do nothing but play “Serbian Militia” in party politics.  Did it get her anything?  A bunch of pissed off Bosnians.

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