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February 07, 2018 05:44 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“There are all kinds of stupid people that annoy me but what annoys me most is a lazy argument.”

–Christopher Hitchens


26 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. That's because Manchin is in a desperate struggle to prove himself as a DINO. He was usually the only Democratic Senator to rise and clap for any of Trump's statements. It must have been embarrassing.

      Apparently, he wants his colleagues to join him in sucking up to power.

      Just FYI, no mention of Senator Bennet in the article you cited. No evidence that Bennet will sign Manchin's "pledge". When/ if he does, I'll be happy to join in criticizing him. Until then, might as well assume positive intent – or at least, take 1 minute and write to Bennet to ask him not to sign it.

    2. Zap.  Can you take a break once in a while and write something cogent about the world that doesn't include snide comments about Bennet?  Tough ask I know but maybe stretch your literary wings a little and figure out some creative to say today that isn't a slam about B.  I know you can do it.

      1. I outline policy and strategic hints all the time. I offer my ideas free and clear to any (D) wiling to listen, and, despite the bizarre refusal of this blog’s proprietors to seriously address Democratic and Progressive policies, I cajole our elected representatives to follow long-held and deeply rooted Democratic principles. 

        Call me all the names you will, but I want only one thing: bold and brave Democrats in the mold of FDR, JFK, or Harry S Truman. 

        And if you don’t think Manchin ran his little idea by Bennet, you’re living in a purple haze. 

        1. Yet it all comes off as a screed calling for purity and finding ANY excuse to whine about "SFL" Bennet.  Because, better more Cory Gardners than moderate Democrats.

          1.  Because, better more Cory Gardners than moderate Democrats.

            Absolutely, because that way in Zappo World, the Democratic Senators – all 15 of them – will stand for something. They will give beautiful speeches while the 85 Republicans run over them.

            But they will stand for something. Until they are lying flat on the pavement.

            P.S. And John F. Kennedy as some kind of paragon of the left? Give me a break. “A rising tide raises all boats” was what he said when he proposed a big tax cut which would stimulate the economy and trickle down to the poor. (In fact, that’s been cited in 1981, 2001, and even last December to justify bigger tax cuts.)

            And his escalation in Vietnam? Another liberal policy? And what about the assassinations of foreign leader whom we did not like?

            Kennedy gave nice left wing speeches which were inspiring but his policies did not quite track the speeches.

  1. I'm wondering why more people aren't asking if our lax gun laws have contributed to the deaths of law enforcement officers.  If I remember correctly, is was the association of sheriffs that sued to keep large capacity magazines available to mentally unstable people.  No comments on the need to fund community health care clinics to treat those who would contemplate suicide by cops.  What we are getting is commentary on how to build better body armor.  These deaths are tragic but so are all the other gun deaths.

    1. What is most troubling is that these high velocity rounds from assault weapons (including apparently the .45 caliber handgun) go right through standard police vests.  This requires military-grade ceramic armor plates, which are impractical in many civilian encounter situations, and a serious impediment for the officers performing their normal duties.

      In the escalating battle against powerful guns and armor-piercing ammo, police departments will be constantly playing a costly game of catch up.

      No matter how much police departments spend on defense, the NRA will defend the rights of criminals and lunatics to have the best weapons money can buy (or can be stolen from gun shops), all in the name of ammosexual self-gratification.

      1. Wouldn't it be interesting if some local law enforcement agencies just "went on strike" or stood down because they can no longer provide security for our communities without risking almost certain death for themselves?

        1. I don't think that is in the DNA of the brave officers that voluntarily put their lives on the line in service to their communities.  More likely is that there will be accelerated attrition in the ranks (early retirements, transfers to less violent departments, or complete career changes), and difficulty in recruiting high quality candidates in the first place.

          Our legislators (especially Republicans) need to find the courage to take the bogus arguments of the NRA and RMGO off the table when discussing public and police safety legislation.

      2. In general, Davy, a .45 is a heavy, slow, round that can't penetrate a vest, especially if it is a hollow point round.   If you're talking about the recent Arizona case, the bullet apparently entered at the armpit,  which is unprotected.  However, Kevlar deteriorates and after five years is less protective.  And officers are always at risk of head and leg shots.

        Even a .45 stopped by a vest can cause terrible harm, from blood clots.  But failure to outlaw cop killer bullets is outrageous by any standard.

        1. I read in the Jan 26th, Friday Denver Post (now behind a paywall for me, although I can bring it up via my electronic subscription), that Adams County Deputy Gumm was shot multiple times in the chest with a handgun.  I thought it was a .45, but I might have conflated that with another shooting (there are so many).

          But you are probably correct that one or more of the rounds managed to find a vulnerable spot in or around the officer's vest.

          We need to do whatever we can to lower the risk to both police and the general public.  This isn't the wild west anymore, and guns have little place in a modern city.

          1. Absolutely agree with you and I don't want to let the minutiae crowd out the main point.  Every time I see my son in law strap on that vest, I ask what kind of country I'm leaving to my grandkids.  Thanks to the likes of Dudley Doowrong and RMGO it is a more violent, hate-filled state than the one I grew up in.

      3. My students from Mexico and Central America say that the police in their countries are armed and armored "like in the movies" just to try to stay ahead of the cartel thugs and gangsters. Unfortunately, there aren't that many of these hyper-armed police, except in the downtown and touristy – rich areas, leaving much of the rest of the country to be protected by mercenaries and hired guards. And everyone can be bribed.

        Is this Trump/Putin's vision of "law and order"?


      4. Even good vests are prone to denting which can break ribs and injure soft tissue. 

        This issue isn't about better equipment.  It is about reducing the level of violence that our police officers are confronted with.  How do we transition a society which currently makes body armor required for every shift an officer takes.  How do we create a more peaceful society where a knock on the door is tense with the expectation that gunfire could erupt from the other side.

        It is unfortunate that the deaths of unarmed minorities at the hands of police has created a hair trigger response out of would be suspects.  Movies like Hunger Games (which I liked BTY) portray the police s corrupt and brutal.  The sheriffs association should be ashamed that they sued to make it more dangerous for their deputies to do their job.

  2. Two reasons to stay upwind:

    Who Said It: Pepé Le Pew or Donald Trump?

    “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.”

    “She thinks that by running away she can make herself more attractive to me. How right she is!”

    “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet.”

    “I am stupid, no?”

    “I’m like, smart!”

  3. Another ludicrous, money wasting, self-promoted idea to stroke Trump's fragile ego:

    Members of Congress from both parties joined retired military leaders and veterans in heaping scorn Wednesday on President Donald Trump’s push to parade soldiers and weaponry down the streets of the nation's capital — calling it a waste of money that would break with democratic traditions.

    "I think confidence is silent and insecurity is loud,” Sen. John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, told reporters in expressing opposition to the idea. “America is the most powerful country in all of human history; you don’t need to show it off.”

    One commenter has a much better idea, and will save tens of millions of dollars:

    Damon Lewis

    He had his parade last year in Charlottesville, or have we all so quickly forgotten his Tiki Torch carrying Fred Perry poloshirt wearing "army" marching and chanting?

    Look, I get that the draft-dodging, Gold Star family attacking, POW insulting ersatz Il Duce wants to massage his fragile ego, but instead of spending millions of dollars and forcing REAL soldiers to march for hours, couldn't we just buy him some G.I. Joe action figures he can play with in the Oval Office?

  4. Let trump eat coal . . . 

    Why a Big Utility Is Embracing Wind and Solar

    The bids have come in so low that the company will be able to build and operate the new plants for less money than it would have to pay just to keep running its old, coal-burning power plants.

    You read that right: In parts of the country, wind and solar plants built from scratch now offer the cheapest power available, even counting old coal, which was long seen as unbeatable.

    The same trend is occurring all over the world, even in countries that do not offer subsidies, with renewable projects routinely beating fossil-fuel projects in countries like Mexico and India. We are confident more price declines are coming.


    Meanwhile, Grammyratus (. . . “5X More Likely to Contract and Spread the Flu”) unleashes her next brain(less)fart . . .

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