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January 30, 2018 06:13 PM UTC

State of the Union Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Tune in, turn on, trigger warning.


11 thoughts on “State of the Union Open Thread

  1. Here's the video feed from the White House (will be live at 7:10 pm MDT)


    Many of my friends are boycotting it. I'm going to watch it, because I have a strong stomach, and I want to hear the Yammer's propaganda firsthand and not spun.

    My students watching it are in two camps:, either they're watching it by default because their parents always have Fox on, or their parents are anxiously watching it to find out if a family member or two are going to be deported right away.

  2. Gawd. Somebody ought to tell Trump not to applaud his own statements in front of the microphone. It's like one of those mechanical monkeys clanging cymbals. His affect is …sedated. He's trying so hard to enunciate.

    (cliche statement) CLAP CLAP clap clap clap CLAP

    24 minutes in, a call for unity and finding common ground.

    Here come the lies:

    *Unemployment is at a 45 year low.

    African-American and Hispanic unemployment is at the lowest levels in history.

    Is he tilting his head like a snarky 7th grader because he is trying to see the teleprompter?

    “The era of economic surrender is finally over. We expect our agreements to be fair, and…..RECIPROCAL.” he seems really proud of himself for pronouncing that word

    The tax cut will save the average American family $4000. Unless you’re poor, in which case it will give you $200, then start making you pay more and more year after year.

    Privatizing the VA will give veterans a “choice” of health care (they have that now – the program doesn’t work well.

    Now he’s getting into the immigration stuff. He makes a valid point that all communities are harmed by having no bottom on the wage scale.

    Now he’s getting really animated talking about immigrants as violent gang members. He’s said “MS13” like 6 times.

    He did have to clap for himself.
    CLAP CLAP clap clap clap CLAP

    CLAP CLAP clap clap clap CLAP infinity……….
    …aaand at 8:03 MST, the feed goes down.


    After justifiably praising a hero who kept his fellow soldier alive, he is talking about civilians as “unlawful enemy combatants”. I think I know what the implications of that are.

    ~54:00 making some news finally, he’s talking about an order he just signed to have Secretary Mattis “reexamine detention policies and to keep open our detention facilities in Guantanemo Bay”.

    Now he’s saying that he wants American foreign assistance dollars serve American interests, and only go to “friends of America”. This seems contrary to policy since WWII.
    Generic patriotic sentiments, and….it’s over at 8:30. Lots of relief on these pink, shiny faces. Got through that without starting a war or confessing to another crime. I guess that passes for a good night in Trumpmerica.

  3. So here's the Kennedy response:


    I found it to be a well written and delivered speech, a little distracting because of the high pitch and tension in his voice. I would still rather hear from Maxine Waters, John Clyburn, Tammy Duckworth, Tulsi Gabbard, or even John McCain or Jeff Flake.


    1. I'm OK with a young man of privilege speaking up for others.  Not many people have the charisma and poise of Obama.  Even if he is an imperfect messenger, the Democratic message came across loud and clear:  E pluribus unum


  4. I didn’t watch the circus, went to the gym instead.

    Everything I need to know about the present state of our Union can be summed up in just two words:  “President” and “Trump”.

  5. I watched. I always will watch. To not watch live means I'd have to catch up later. I was surprised I was able to watch entire speech, but I'm at a hotel in Denver for a conference so couldn't walk very far away unless I left hotel. Had I been home I'm sure my irritation would have driven me to wash dishes, clean bathroom or do laundry. That's how I manage my anger and still listen

  6. Haven't paid a lick of attention to any SOTU address since the year Shrub spent fifteen minutes yammering about how steroids were ruining baseball while a recession percolated and people were dying in droves as a result of our foreign military shenanigans. Wasn't about to reverse that policy for the orange rapey shitgibbon.

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