Tom Tancredo Quickly Becoming 2018’s Hard-Rightie Du Jour

Tom Tancredo.

National liberal info-clearinghouse Media Matters for America gave Tom Tancredo a thorough once-over today, making sure journalists nationwide who consult MMFA as a resource (admittedly with a particular leaning) have all the links they need to properly explain Colorado’s GOP far-right gubernatorial candidate-to-beat to a jaded world–those who don’t already know about him, that is:

Tancredo has a long history of racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric. He suggested that the United States bomb “the holy sites in Mecca and Medina” in Saudi Arabia; said that Miami, FL, had “become a Third World country” because of its Spanish-speaking population; and claimed that undocumented immigrants are “coming here to kill you and to kill me and our families…”

Tancredo was also a board member of the white nationalist group VDare until he recently stepped down to focus on his political career. He was scheduled to speak at VDare conferences in 2017 until the hosting venues cancelled them when they learned about the group’s white nationalist ideology. After Tancredo announced his candidacy, The Denver Post noted that he had begun “to explore a run after being outraged that Republicans didn’t speak out against the cancellation” of the VDARE conference.

Tancredo has repeatedly defended VDare. He recently claimed, “It is not a white supremacist group. Go on their website, they talk about who they are. They believe in stopping illegal immigration, they believe in preserving the culture, it’s got nothing to do with race.”

Among Democratic campaign strategists sizing up the 2018 GOP gubernatorial field, there’s a significant split emerging: between those who would be delighted for Tancredo to win the GOP nomination anticipating an easy victory, versus others who remember how they tried that with Donald Trump, and now we have President Trump.

Republican insiders have correctly surmised that Tancredo is the candidate with the most built-in support in their primary, and are similarly divided over a combination of pre-existing loyalties and apprehension–versus that fleeting hope of Tancredo tapping a Trumpian populist vein and riding a gusher of low-information ichor to glorious victory.

Either way, he’s the one everybody is talking about. And we expect that suits Tancredo perfectly.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    I've been saying it for some time now, this is Tom Tancredo's moment.

  2. MADCO says:

    Don Maeze, secret agent man, was the single best Republican ever nominated to lose in Colorado. ever

  3. mamajama55 says:

    VDARE has 779 articles about, interviews with, or positive mentions of Tom Tancredo on their website, going back to 2002.The common theme is Tom Tancredo promoting conspiracy theories about Mexicans and Muslims taking over America.

    Good luck disassociating with that record, Tank.

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