Child Welfare Hotline Manager Goes Down The “Shithole”

Jack Hilbert.

Over the weekend on 9NEWS, local Republican political consultant Kelly Maher caused a bit of a stir when she said on the station’s Balance of Power local politics show that last week’s comments from President Donald Trump regarding what he considers to be “shithole countries” were racist. Though we expect most of our readers will appreciate this unequivocal statement from a local Republican, Maher received some pointed criticism on Facebook from Trump loyalists:

Jack Hilbert: Kelly I was very disappointed about your stance on Trump and his recent remarks about other countries. Frankly I hav been to those countries and his description was correct. [Pols emphasis] It is not what he said that is incorrect, it is the use of harsh words to describe those conditions. That does not make him racist. You fallen into the liberal mantra trap that started the whole PC crap. So if I said I think that typical African is ugly I am a racist. No. I just do not like their clothing and it is an opinion. You need to rethink the term racist, look at the definition and adjust. I cannot repeat what my wife called you but that does not make her anti-feminist. Just an opinion in the moment that is emotionally charged. We slipping backwards into that liberal muck….

The source here is interesting: Jack Hilbert is a former Republican county commissioner from arch-conservative Douglas County. While that helps explain his talk-radio strident political views, it’s somewhat troubling to note that Hilbert now serves as the manager of the Colorado Child Welfare Protection Hotline at the state Department of Human Services.

In other words, a job where you really shouldn’t be validating Trump’s notion of “shithole countries.” We have to think that a public official’s conception of various regions of the world as “shitholes” might adversely affect their judgment, and when their job is protecting the welfare of children across the state of Colorado, that’s a big problem.

Yes, for the President of the United States too. But no less so in this case we’d say.


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  1. ModeratusModeratus says:

    Other than Colorado Pol's desire to make all conservatives pay for their thoughtcrimes, what does this have to do with Colorado kids? Answer: nothing, unless we're taking child welfare calls from Haiti now!

    More guilt by association, more speech police. Enough Pols. Nobody cares.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    What troubles me is that another Republican shithole is in a government position that requires dealing with poor and troubled people.  How do these anti-government shitholes continue to end up in cushy government jobs.  Where is the little shithole's conservative aversion to government workers who are always slacker parasites.  You figure his contempt and hatred for the people he deals with would disqualify him from the position.  No wonder our government is dysfunctional with these kinds of little shitholes running things.  Ten to one the little shithole thinks he is a 'good' Christian.

  3. kwtreemamajama55 says:

    Hilbert: "The typical African is ugly". Someone needs to make that man look in the mirror.

    It is troubling that he is in a position to make decisions about the welfare of children.

    If a child says that he/she is being sexually abused, but they are from a good Christian family, does Hilbert believe the child or the parents? If children are questioning their sexuality, or experiencing gender dysmorphia, does Hilbert assume that the child is wrong and recommend drugs, "pray the gay away" therapy?

    What about refugee and immigrant kids who are from what Hilbert considers to be "shithole countries"? Does he make decisions about their adoptions that reflect his biases?

    I understand that Hilbert would typically not be making individual client and case decisions. But he would be able to shape policy in the agency, and that's worrisome.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Breaking government seems to be the MO of this political party.

      I would be interested in how this doofus was selected for this position of responsibility.  What is his educational background and expertise in social work and providing critical social services?  My wife worked in a human services office for six years and the social workers I met were really compassionate and dedicated people.  Most were bi-lingual and had masters degrees.  Who is this clown.

  4. Genghis says:

    Well, well, well. Another fat-assed piece of shit racist Republican cracker with a public sector job. How … surprising.

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