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January 13, 2018 06:57 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“No speech can stain what is noble by nature.”



38 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Something for you nice liberal folks to ponder over the long weekend. Is "Moderatus" possibly a pen name for Jon Caldara?  There seem to be some similarities in writing styles. 

    1. There could be some writing similarities (you really expect people to voluntarily read either?  On a weekend?),

      . . . but they’re very incredibly stupid in much different ways . . .

    2. CHB — Moldy parrots the party line, including Caldara's nonsense.  He's not capable of an original thought.  But to answer your question, no — he was outed some time ago.  Two different people.

    1. I'm pretty sure Ige will be losing in the primary to Hanabusa. His odds weren't good to start with. But in this case they went over 30 minutes after they knew it was a mistake before they broadcast an all-clear. People were panicing with everyone trying to get home to be with their families and driving as fast as they could, running red lights, etc.

  2. SFL Bennet needs to quit thinking about his posterity and get his posterior in gear in calling out this administration for its thorough and dangerous corruption.

    He needs to spike his chronic urge to be bipartisan with a bunch of bullshitters.

    He needs to be ready to dump some of his BFF’s in the senate, in private and in public. He needs to stomp on the throat of Senate Decorum

    He needs to dump his Conventional Centrst act and vigorously defend all Coloradans, all citizens, all voters – especially those who put him in office.

    He should quit playing too cute for partisan politics. The other side is attacking every norm and has obviously chosen party over principle in a way that must have a strong Democratic (and democratic) response that highlights Republican failures, transgressions and aggressions against our democracy.


    1. Oh by the way, if he does much of this he’d easily win re-election. But, of course we know he won’t, and we may never know what an Unafraid Democrat can be in Colorado. 

        1. For a political blog, not one of the damned fools here  has any idea but: raise money, suck up to elected D’s,   make fun of stoopid Repubs. 

          Sorry guys, but that’s not good enough. 

          1. You know darn well that there's also advocacy for plenty of marching, protesting, occupying, lobbying, caucusing, organizing, advocating, social service, artistic projects, letter writing, etc.

            And there are people on here who do those things on a daily basis, either as professionals or volunteers. Then there's the rest of us who work a day job and do these activities for  social change when we can.

            What's your plan?


    1. I guess she figured that if Danica Roem could win a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates with much less fame, she should easily be able to take a Senate seat. Ben Cardin will eat her for breakfast and still be hungry.

    1. As I said, Cardin's going to chew her up and spit her out. She's far too tainted to get a Senate seat. They're not supposed to behave badly until they’re actually seated.

  3. Look out traitorous transgender bathroom demons, Chappie’s thinking about a comeback!  From that site.

    Colorado Democrats already fundraising off chance Gordon Klingenschmitt could run for office again

    But homosexuality is a combat divider, dividing one's reason to live while taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels.

    – G. Chappypants, "Reverend"

    1. I really wish that man would just go camp out in a truck stop restroom until he finally finds the love of his life, releasing all of us from having to suffer through his obsession with bathroom sex.

      Chappie was probably going to be rejected by the voters of CD15 after his proclamation that Michelle Wilkins sort of deserved to be assaulted, because the Bible said so, because abortion.  When his legislative colleagues removed him from his committee assignment, he decided that "God wanted him to run for SD17" instead.. Then the EPCO GOP also rejected him in the primary, in favor of relative moderate Bob Gardner.

      I don't think Chappie has a prayer of winning, either a primary nomination, or in the general, even in CD17. And, he makes much more money bilking old people out of their savings. But if the Democratic party wants to pass the plate using Chappy's name in vain, then amen to that.

  4. The Curse of Bipartisanship

    The bipartisanship fable is one with a real, if superficial appeal. For one thing, one part of its critique is true: the talking heads on cable news clearly do spend a lot of time stoking division for its own sake and tying themselves into knots to defend their chosen side. But it also offers temptingly simple solutions to what ails American politics: if powerful people’s lack of collegiality and compromise is the problem, the fixes are obvious. Washington’s grownups merely need to pull up their sleeves and use their indoor voices; cable news pundits need only become a bit less shrill; campaign cycles less reliant on attack ads. Then we could reach the hypothesized bipartisan promised land: a place where most people agree on all the big questions and every national debate is as high-minded as a friendly joust at the Oxford Union.

    And all of this could come about while changing absolutely nothing about the fundamental structures underpinning America’s politics or economy.

    The most glaringly obvious hole in the anti-partisanship story is that those at the top of American politics and culture already, often visibly, get along pretty well. They exchange banter at the same awards dinners, appear on the same late night talk shows, occupy the same area codes, and tend to pay the same, criminally low, rates of income tax. They even enjoy the same shitty musicals.

      1. Colorado already has a model. I've written in other threads that last year, an unlikely coalition of progressives and common sense conservatives took back the Colorado Springs City Council from the minions of the bloated plutocrats. Read about it in "Hightower Lowdown." 

        1. Good article, CHB.  I wasn't aware of the "Strawberry Fields" public land theft, and I try to follow Springs news.

          It looks as though the Banning Lewis ranch housing communities are booming. I wrote an article on the sweetheart deal between the tax assessor, Mark Lowderman, and the developer, David Jenkins. 

          Does it look as though any of the 12,000 acres of open space which were supposed to be preserved on the Banning Lewis Ranch will be left as open space? Is that a promise that will be kept?

          Colorado Springs is a gorgeous area. It's a shame that its inhabitants seem determined to develop or exploit every last square foot of it, even when over-development leads to loss of life and property from disastrous fires and flooding.

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