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“All men should have a drop of treason in their veins, if nations are not to go soft like so many sleepy pears.”

–Rebecca West

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  1. Pseudonymous says:


    ….Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames. I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star…..

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 6, 2018

    ….to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 6, 2018

  2. MADCO says:

    Football causes brain damage.  We all know it.
    This is why NFL ratings are down. 

    And I have strong doubts about Alabama. And Georgia. And the "South"




  3. Davie says:

    Politico is getting a good laugh out of all of Trump's nonsense:


  4. MichaelBowman says:

    Frederick Douglas FTW 

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      But, . . . 

      . . . can he stand up to Trumpy Bear?


      (ps.  This if for real, just like some bad 1970’s acid flashback . . . being advertised on television.)

      • mamajama55 says:

        This was nauseating. I wanted to say that it was more disgusting than any toy that had been made for previous Presidents.

        Instead, I found a whole sub-niche of political toys – action figures, bobbleheads, and yes, the Obearmas.

        The original "Teddy" bear was, of course, named after Teddy Roosevelt. When Teddy R refused to shoot a tied-up bear cub, the story went, his foes mocked him for being a wuss. It became a symbol of TR’s project to preserve the American wilderness – starting the National Parks system.

        In the good old capitalist tradition, some enterprising toymakers made a bear to preserve Teddy's honor. The rest is history. My godmother actually had one of these antique bears – she was cremated with it, as it was very precious to her.

        The Trump teddy bear, however, was the only one that really capitalized on children's insecurities, encouraging them to "wrap themselves in the (included) flag blanket" to feel safe.

        If /when Trump is forced out of office, he'll have a whole new world of selling his brand name to explore.

        I expect Trumpy to be tweeting any day now about how he’s invented the greatest new stuffed bear toy.

    • Duke Cox says:

      It occurs to me, skinny, that this move by AG Sessions may be somehow connected to a larger plan to start the process of nationalizing the market by the big players. 

      If any state AG decides to do so, he could shut down the major statewide companies for any one of many contrived charges and allow international corporations like Phillip Morris to move in to a developed market, purchasing beleaguered companies at bargain prices. 

      I think, perhaps, it is nearing that long awaited time when the banks, insurance companies, and giant corporate growers like ADM and Cargill are going to redefine U.S. policy to create a carefully controlled industry. Controlled, not by our government, but by the industry itself.

      There are billions of dollars to be made by national corporations on the sale of Cannabis products. Using the power of the Justice Dept. to extort or cripple an existing legal business in order to help a competitor take over is certainly in keeping with the way Republicans, particularly this lot, do business.

      They aren't really going after users it seems. Maybe it is just more repression sponsored by Big Pharma. Statistics show opiod use declines when legal pot is available.

      In any case, it is further evidence that any purported ideological stand or promise on principle made by anyone in the Trump administration is subject to change, without notice.

  5. mamajama55 says:

    The New York Times take on our Governor's race:

    The State Where Everyone Wants to Be Governor

    ( the x to get out of the comments screen is on the top left of the comments window. Annoying.)

    • gertie97 says:

      Just lost respect for Bruni. Anybody who takes Penry seriously without apparent challenge for stupid shit, i.e. “death spiral,'' is suspect in my book.


      • itlduso says:

        Also, he merely noted Cary Kennedy's name, while he promoted Cynthia Coffman's bizarre comment about the electorate wanting a female governor because they're disappointed we didn't elect a woman as president.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Humorous to read the comments section — after several mentions, I searched for mentions of Hickenlooper, and found lots of people touting him for President. "He's not a coastal elite." "He's an entrepreneur." "He is moderate and able to be bipartisan." "He's socially liberal and economically moderate."

      No mention of his inability to push elections toward other Democrats. Nor his famous "moderate" view on capital punishment. Nor his lack of ties to other areas of the country or support of other governors. No negative mention of his flirtations with Kasich, and both of them showing an inability to influence any members of Congress.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Thanks for the link, MJ.

  6. Davie says:

    If Mueller's investigation reveals criminal behavior such as obstruction of justice or conspiracy to collude with the Russians on the election, the political charge for purposes of impeachment would quite simply be failure to carry out his oath of office:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

    This article in HuffPo is devastating: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/our-narcissist-in-chief_us_5a51b157e4b089e14dbb67fa?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

  7. Zappatero says:

    This New Year is the time to be bipartisan with a bunch of anti-democratic anti-Rule-of-Law borderline Authoritarian senators.

    I expect SFL Bennet to lead the charge into the bipartisanshippiness that can Maga again (like it never wasn’t) and for Dear Leader Trump to take the credit. 

  8. Zappatero says:

    More of you, especially this site’s Proprietors and FP-ers need to get out more, read Digby, Atrios, Kos, and quit relying on Conventional right- leaning pundits like Cillizza. 


    (My gawd this editor is a piece of shit. )

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