Where Are They Now? department: Jennifer Kerns 3.0 edition

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The “Hot mess” from California just got owned by Joy Reid.

The 12/23/17 AMJoy Show featured Jen Kerns attempting to distract from the Russian collusion scandal by rehashing the Uranium One “scandal”. This was round two – after Jen Kerns U1 talking points  were dissected by Reid on October 30.

In Colorado, we’re used to Kerns lying, just making stuff up – and getting away with it, for the most part.

In 2013, Jennifer Kerns emerged as the spokesperson for the recall effort against Senators Giron and Morse. The recall,  ostensibly for the Senators’ so-called “anti-gun” votes, almost shifted control to Republicans in the Colorado Senate.

Kerns was the spox for Free Colorado, the organization which funneled $150,000 of Magpul’s money into the recall movement, and also for the Basic Freedom and Rights Defense Fund. (Photo on ammoland.com).

After the recall vote, Kerns went to California to shill for the gun industry in another “recall” (election-nullifying) effort called “Free California”. This recall effort failed.

Kerns went on to blog at a succession of far right-wing sites: TheBlaze, Daily Signal, the Washington Free Beacon, and the  Washington Examiner. She has also appeared extensively on Fox News, and was an executive editor and columnist at the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman.

Kerns is not ashamed to spout complete bullshit, and seldom gets called on it. She recently weighed in on Colorado’s Amendment 64 vote with a claim that cannabis use creates “crack babies”.

I don’t know why Kerns keeps coming back on the AMJoy show. Reid always politely, but thoroughly, decimates Kerns’ talking points by asking pointed questions about real, verifiable facts in the case.  It’s such a refreshing change… and it’s what real journalists do. Enjoy.

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  1. Jason Salzman says:

    thanks for flagging this, Mama. my word

    • mamajama55 says:

      What's scary about Kerns shopping the "Uranium One" controversy around on the talk shows is that it does seem to be a part of a coordinated Trump strategy to distract from the Russia investigation.

      Kerns herself was derisive and contemptuous about Trump before he became the nominee, when she was still writing for The Blaze. She has to know she's speaking complete nonsense.

      But because she's reasonably well-spoken, and a competent writer, and can promote proven falsehoods with a straight face,she's been recruited, evidently, into a massive GOP pushback effort using  "what about-Hillary"- ism.

      It's beyond ludicrous –  when Trey Gowdy is now pushing for a second taxpayer funded prosecutor to "investigate the FBI's investigation about Hillary's emails".

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