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December 08, 2017 03:35 PM UTC

Saine's talk-radio-host lawyer does a bad job of convincing us his client is a responsible gun owner

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

“Do you see why people are concerned that a state lawmaker walked into a security check point with a weapon?” asked Channel 7 reporter Jaclyn Allen.

“Well, I would hope more people would feel sorry for her for forgetting she had [the loaded gun] and being in custody here [in jail] for going on 30 hours,” replied State Rep. Lori Saine’s (R-Firestone) attorney Randy Corporon, who moonlights as a conservative talk-radio host on KNUS-710 AM.

That’s one of a number responses Corporon gave Allen about his client’s bad behavior with guns at the airport, where she was arrested after her gun was discovered this week.

During the unusual interview, Corporon repeatedly downplayed the security risks posed by someone who tries to run a loaded weapon through airport security, saying such a move does not translate into irresponsible gun ownership.

Told by Allen that a lot of people can relate to forgetting a bottle of water but not to forgetting a loaded weapon, Corporon said, “I think responsible gun owners who conceal carry don’t have to think about it as some special nuclear-powered weapon or something.”

“You have to be responsible as a gun owner,” Corporon told Allen. “[Saine] was. She has the proper licensure. There were no bullets in the chamber, according to the probable cause affidavit. She was in a hurry. It was in a purse and she didn’t realize she sent through TSA. I think it’s about as simple as that.”

“They just made a mistake in a hurry,” said Corporon of the 106 people who got caught carrying a weapon through a security check point this year. He asserted, without citing evidence, that none of the 106 intended to “take down a plane” or “cause a stir.”


14 thoughts on “Saine’s talk-radio-host lawyer does a bad job of convincing us his client is a responsible gun owner

  1. Spinmeister Corporon: "You have to be responsible as a gun owner. Saine was. " Really? Taking your loaded gun through security checkpoints is being responsible?

    How does that work with "forgetting" you have a loaded gun in your purse? That's either dementia or sociopathy, but it isn't "being responsible. "

    Corporon asserted that none of the 106 other people taking a gun through a security checkpoint intended to take down a plane or cause a stir.  He knows this because….

  2. Nope. You pretty much lose your “responsible gun owner” card, or at least you should, whenever you “forget” where you’ve left your unsecured gun and bullets . . . 

    Responsible owners who conceal carry know exactly where their deadly weapon is, or where they’ve secured it, at all times.  All times.  All times.

    . . . I guess in Coperon’s world an “irresponsible” gun owner is only that guy who shoots himself in the johnson when his loaded gun falls out of his waistband and onto the nightclub dance floor??

    P.S. Does this fool have any minor children in here household? Any grandchildren, nieces, or nephews?

  3. Besides just knowing that you can't take guns on airplanes, just how many signs do you pass by that remind you of that? And what the hell did Lori Saine think she was going through the security check for?  To get one of those great full body images?  To check to see if she was carrying to much toothpaste? or water? 

    Sorry.  No one can be that forgetful.  I suspect she was attempting to get away with it.

    Since she was going to the ALEC conference, I expect she felt she needed the semiautomatic to protect herself.   We certainly need something to protect our nation from the destructive ALEC agenda.

  4. "It wasn't some nuclear powered weapon"

    Well that was a big relief. 

    When these folks talk about gun safety, I think back to that other idiot, Bob Barr, the former Georgia congressman who ran for U.S. Senate in 2002. A group of ammosexuals were hosting a fundraiser for Barr.

    To demonstrate his commitment to gun rights and their knowledge of gun safety, someone took a firearm out, they started passing it around, and sure enough, the damn thing went off. No one was hurt but so much for their knowledge of gun safety.

    It was about as much fun as going on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

    1. I’m not sure that a nuclear powered weapon is even on the TSA exclusion list?

      I can’t tell you how many times they’ve allowed me to carry mine, sometimes as many as two or three, past their checkpoints without so much as a single word . . . 

  5. if you forget you're carrying and that Made for TV opportunity arises to kill a Terrorist/Criminal, preferably with brown skin, ummmmm, then you've forgotten that you have your gun. 

      1. 4 bullets, none in the chamber, bottom of her purse, couldn’t even remember it was there . . . 

        . . . I know that all sounds odd to your average law-abiding citizen, . . .

        . . . but you have to keep in mind the wierd ghetto world these people live in, . . . 

        . . . it’s not that these GOP street punks need a weapon, or intend to use a weapon for defense, view a gun as a weapon, or even know the first thing about owning one . . . 

        . . . to these sad, incorrigible miscreants a gun is a kind of gang totem used to establish street-cred among other gang members.  Mostly their “need” to carry guns around in public is to make a display of showing their RWNJ peeps just how OG (Original GOPer) they are too!

        See also: Cowboy Boots, MAGA hats, Shorty Brophy . . . 

          1. My feeling is that unless your occupation represents a constant threat requiring a concealed weapon at all times, the only reason to carry is to fulfill your inner Bruce Willis fantasies.

    1. People do forget, sometimes even forget if their gun is loaded or not.

      Just last week a 95 yo WW2 vet in Patton's army told me he had captured a German soldier and took him back to his line at gunpoint with his rifle at his head. His CO asked the 18 yo soldier if the German had been searched and he told him no since he had captured him alone and had to keep his rifle on him. The CO then searched the German and found a 9mm Luger. The CO asked the German if the Luger was loaded and he replied "Nein". The CO pointed the Luger at the Germans head, pulled the trigger, and blew his brains out. 

      Remember, its always the unloaded weapon that kills, so always check your piece boys and girls since you may forget.


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